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a Halloweern story once upon a time there was a room with no mirrors to see my hansomes. oh I spook myslef.

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    https://i.imgur.com/8d4swhH.png This isn't slightly surprising.

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    Not quite my own contribution, but I guess it stands. @Qarr @Judar

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    Also, can we talk about matcha? I haven't seen it mentioned here. I was wondering if anyone drinks it? If you do, where do you buy yours? How long does it last? Do you like the way it tastes or is it something you just drink for the health benefits? I'm super interested in this stuff, but everywhere I've shopped for it really breaks the bank.

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    This thread was made for me. I like to have tea with every meal, switching between iced and hot, depending. Not a huge fan of store-bought bagged tea. Usually the flavors are fine, but I've found that drinking tea for me is more than just the flavors; it's about the experience. For anyone interested in investing in loose-leaf tea, there are a few places I'd recommend. First of all being Teavana, which you might recognize as being owned by Starbucks now. A bit pricey; I consider their tea a luxury on a college budget, but christ is it good.

    Another great place for purchasing loose-leaf is David's Tea. They are really creative with their blends, and also their teaware is decently priced if you're avoiding eBay.

    If you're overwhelmed by what to buy from there, I'd recommend these blends:

    1. Any of the blooming teas. They're little flowers wound tightly by a string, but when you drop them in hot water they bloom open and make your cup look like a whimsical garden. Here's one.

    2. Gyokuro Genmaicha. A caffeinated green tea with toasted brown genmaicha rice. I drink this in lieu of coffee every morning. It has a wholesome and nutty flavor.

    3. Caramel Almond Amaretti. An herbal blend that combines sweet cinnamon with a rich caramel flavor and notes of roasted candied almonds. This is to die for, and I often drink this with my homemade stevia sweetener as a replacement for eating dessert.

    4. Lavender Dreams. Just click the link and look at that picture. First of all the tea is beautiful. It has lavender blossoms, rose buds and sweet peach.

    But if I'm being completely honest, I haven't really been drinking green or black tea in awhile now. Ever since designing my own garden, my entire liquid diet has tended towards herbal infusions. I saw @EvoRulz ask about this earlier. I grow a 13ftx28ft garden of lemongrass (duh), chamomile, lemon balm, mint, lemon verbena, chocolate mint, two species of lavender, rosemary, and stevia. I usually dry them out over a month, hanged from the ceiling as though it were a witch's den, then grind them. Sometimes I'll even add dried roses and cilantro to give my tea extra fragrance and healing properties.

    Growing your own berries and fruits helps too, but buying them from the store isn't the end of the world. I like to bake strawberry slices and orange peels on a sheet until they're dried. That citrus infusion really makes the difference, plus you can infuse other things than just tea. With my own crop I've made lavender oil, rosemary honey, and different extracts, which can be stored in a jar and used in your tea later. Adding ginger, tumeric, and lime zest into a pot of lemongrass is basically punching your immune system with the fists of excellent health.

    However, if you can't buy these expensive teas and you can't grow them yourself, I totally support bagged grocery store teas. I'd just never drink them myself.

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    Moonrise Kingdom

    I've seen a Wes Anderson film mentioned in this thread before, but I thought I'd add one more. 'Moonrise Kingdom' is a beautiful film about two children who fall in love and run away, sending the entire town searching for them. It's clearly influenced by other popular films including 'Fantastic Mr Fox' (2009), and 'A Little Romance' (1979). There are some big name actors in the cast, as per usual with a W.A. production, but they come secondary to the central characters of the story – the children. It's a very warm, woodsy, and whimsical movie, and I usually like to watch it in the autumn while eating a caramel apple.

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