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O Captain! My Captain! I ain't never had a friend like you. RIP Robin Williams.

Maudia joined on Jan 15th, 2011, since that has made 1392 posts that are still accessible today, 12 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Maudia has given 1650 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 1st, 2014.

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    Look at my beautiful fluffy son

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    Well, to be fair the majority of mass shooters in the US are nearly all men, specifically white men, with only a few females. The majority in most cases are men, this isn't speculation, it's actually a fact. More often than not, the reason they commit these crimes are usually a part of revenge fantasies.

    “Mass murderers are almost always male (I’d say at least 98 percent), most often have a motive (e.g., revenge), and most have a definitive tie to the victims — or the victims symbolize something to the killer,” said Marissa Harrison, assistant professor of psychology at Penn State Harrisburg, citing research she’s conducted or reviewed. Evolutionary psychology suggests that a threat to status could be a trigger for extremely violent behavior, Harrison said.

    After examining 90 male mass murderers from 1996 to 2008, Harrison and a colleague found that a threat to status (being bullied or a job loss, for example) triggered the violence in 88 percent of the cases. “Anything that attacks a man’s status, then, is really a reproductive threat,” Harrison said

    Discovery Channel article

    NPR article

    An article in regards to female mass killers

    Mother Jones Article

    HuffingtonPost article

    Now, I'm not sure what the statistics are outside the US are, though I have a feeling the numbers are lower probably due to most countries outside the US having stricter gun regulation laws.

    Anita, is basically only scratching the surface, and as such isn't looking to all the aspects and is only sticking to what resonates with her ideals, which is "Everything is the Patriarchy's fault", which to a point is true,in some aspects the patriarchy does reinforce negative ideas of masculinity. She's not entirely wrong, but there is more to it than that.

    Psychological factors play into it, economic factors play into it (just as much as the idea of revenge, money is usually the second reason Men crack, while both sexes struggles in economic strife, men are stated to be more likely to crack and go to extremes).

    The patriarchy plays a part, but so do many other factors, so as usual Anita doesn't have all the facts straight. I wonder if Anita is aware that when Women commit mass murders, their go-to targets are usually their own children, and sometimes spouses.

    But anyway, my post isn't really relevant to GG, but I just wanted to give me 2 cents on this little point.

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  • In How did colorless change you!

    Before: Perfect

    After: Still perfect.

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    I guess this is gonna be the cure for people suffering from Free! ending withdrawal, it even has a mildly dramatic opening like Free!'s and Haruka's VA. The animation isn't so bad, judging by the opening.

    It looks cute, I might give it a watch.

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    He was found dead the very next day, "No more stories from him" I heard them say.

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    Is French, Is Black, Wants to die a hero, Draws a lot, talks like "......this....a lot".
    Get's irritated a lot, thinks I'm corrupt and mean.
    Is Reba McEntire's black french alter ego.
    Has a Mugen gravatar.
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    My body is a vessel for an immortal being.

    So yeah, I dunno.

    I guess if I were to somehow die, I guess I'd like it to be in my sleep?

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    You do know black people can be racist against other black people? It's called self-internalized racism, in which they internalized the racism they've been subjected to, it's actually not that uncommon. (An example on a comical level would be Uncle Rucus from the Boondocks)

    Not a good comparison.

    Anti-Feminists, don't exactly fit with that comparison, because women who aren't feminists are mostly comprised of women who are fed up with mainstream 3rd wave feminism is, and how it doesn't mesh with their beliefs, and also many of them believe that Feminism served its purpose in the first and second wave (Suffrage and Women's Rights).

    A lot of them are egalitarians, believing that feminism cannot end or resolve the issues that exist with men, as many 3rd wave feminists believe even the issues men have come from the Patriarchy. When in reality, they're actually the root of outdated gender roles, that reinforce the idea that men must act one way, and women one way.