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Welcome to my uninformative profile.


Remember: You are very beautiful and great! (but not as beautiful and great as me!)

O Captain! My Captain! I ain't never had a friend like you. RIP Robin Williams.

Maudia joined on Jan 15th, 2011, since that has made 1386 posts that are still accessible today, 12 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Maudia has given 1640 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 21st, 2014.

  • In Nitro+CHiRAL

    Welp, time to devastate myself emotionally again. I heard Clear's Re:Connect routes are devastating.

  • In Psychology: 16 Personality Types (MBTI)
    I decided to retake the test out of curiosity and I got INFJ...which is weird.

    The INFJ type is believed to be very rare (less than 1 percent of the population) and it has an unusual set of traits. Even though their presence can be described as very quiet, INFJ personalities usually have many strong opinions, especially when it comes to issues they consider really important in life. If an INFJ is fighting for something, this is because they believe in the idea itself, not because of some selfish reasons.

    INFJ personalities are drawn towards helping those in need – they may rush to the place of a major disaster, participate in rescue efforts, do charity work etc..

    I am now fully convinced how I answer these questions is more dependent on my mood.
    Because I am confused by these results, I know I am not this nice or altruistic.
  • In The "Ally of Justice"


    I got nothing.

  • In What do you do when you're too shy to talk to your crush?
    Take opportunity by the balls.
    (Find an excuse to talk to him about something/anything and see what happens.)
    Don't wanna make him uncomfortable? Don't try so hard to impress him, and don't be too formal/crazy/buddy-buddy with him.
    Just talk to him as you would with anyone in a casual situation.

    Also don't lie, don't pretend you give a shit about something he really likes.
    (e.g. pretending you watch a certain show and trying to make it seem like you know so much about it)
    You'll just be digging your grave then.
    Remember, he is a person, not some untouchable godly being your crush on him makes you think he is.
  • In Psychology: 16 Personality Types (MBTI)
    I like to take this tests every 6 months or so to see where I stand and usually it's in the IN--- field, it's always INFP, INTJ, or INTP.
    I personally think it has more to do with the fact that my results depend more on my mood, I'm thinking maybe I should pick my answers based on the observations from maybe a friend or a relative just to see if it's consistent.
  • In Random writing
    6 months later after a stressful delivery the Doctor gave birth to a happy baby space monster named Mort.
  • In Funny prank you would play, if you knew you would never get caught?
    I noticed a lot of people here using murder as pranks.
    Some you guys really are trying too hard (or maybe not enough).
  • In Funny prank you would play, if you knew you would never get caught?
    That's not a prank, that's just cruel and unusual punishment.

    More importantly, Bartender got an anime? Holy shit.
    Day is made.
  • In Kill la Kill
    I still don't see the hostility.
    But okay.
  • In Kill la Kill