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99th percentile

Mau (-ˈmau̇)

  • alternate transliteration of mỉw cat, of imitative origin
  • A 20 something year old woman of suspect descent who is often taken too seriously
  • Gorging on food with reckless abandon

I am a perpetually hungry person trying to figure out themselves while trying not to flip out as much as possible, it is currently a work in progress.

My knowledge is either approximate or from actually taking a minute to research it, but only a minute.

@evii-chii is the moon to my stars, and @SirTingles is my brother from another mother and father.

Current Interests: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Terra Battle, Puzzles and Dragons, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Bravely Default, Drakengard 3, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Vanillaware games, Jungian Psychology, Food ( A universal constant), Final Fantasy only in regards to the Ivalice Alliance, Five Nights at Freddy's, and League of Legends

Maudia joined on Jan 15th, 2011, since that has made 1408 posts that are still accessible today, 12 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Maudia has given 1667 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 17th, 2014.


    Ah, sorry about that then! I posted a small list of movies I own just for this situation.


    You guys could make some suggestions y'know, instead of just like and leave.


    Movies Suggested So Far (to be expanded)

    • Carrie (2013)

    • Carrie (1976)

    • The Room

    • Breaking Bad

    • Ringer

    • The Secret Circle

    • Under the Dome

    • Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road

    • Requiem for a Dream

    • The Yes Men Fix the World

    • Wristcutters: A Love Story

    • 300

    • Preist

    • Avengers

    • Under world

    • Kill Bill

    • Battle Royal

    • Evil Dead (Remake)

    • Strangers

    • Memento

    • Apocalypto

    • Stranger Than Fiction

    • 13 Moons

    • Free Samples

    • Knockin' on Heaven's Door

    • Prince Avalanche

    • God Bless America

    • Lars and the Real Girl

    • Europa Report

    • Beauty is Embarrassing

    • Super

    • The Breakfast Club

    • Rushmore

    • Little Miss Sunshine

    • Ruby Sparks

    • Alone in the Dark

    • BloodRayne

    • Pulp Fiction

    • Watchmen

    • 28 Days later

    • Old Boy

    • Fight Club

    • Leon: The Professional

    • A Fistful Of Dollars

    • For A Few Dollars More

    • The Good The Bad And The Ugly

    • Cowboys and Aliens

    • Shanghai Noon

    • IP Man

    • Rush Hour

    • Fast and the Furious

    • The Raid: Redemptions

    • The Man from Nowhere

    • Digimon Movie

    • Tremors

    • The Act of Killing

    • Shutter

    • DBZ Live Action

    • Angel's Egg

    • Troy

    • Labyrinth

    Movies I own (For those who can't decide on what they want to watch)


    • Akira

    • Ao no Exorcist (Movie)

    • Cowboy Bebop (Movie

    • Evangelion 2.22

    • Evangelion 3.33

    • Kara no Kyoukai 1-9

    • Kiki's Delivery Service

    • Kotonoha no Niwa

    • Metropolis

    • Paprika

    • Princess Mononoke

    • RahXephon (The Movie)

    • Saint Young Men (The Movie)

    • Sword of the Stranger

    • Tokyo Godfathers

    Non Anime (Non-Japanese animation and Live Action)

    • Big Fish

    • Gilda

    • Kick Ass

    • Princess and The Frog

    • Pulp Fiction

    • Scream Trilogy (4 never happened)

    (I have more, a lot more but they're not on my computer and these just the ones I remembered at the top of my head)

    That's about it, and remember THESE ARE JUST MOVIES I OWN, you can suggest whatever you want.

    Hello All!

    Summer has arrived, and with that Movie Night's are making a comeback.
    This upcoming movie night will the Host's Pick, meaning the host of the movie night will be choosing the movies. This could anything from sci-fi to documentaries, it's up to them, but I'm sure whatever they pick it will be an enjoyable watch!

    Now not every Movie Night will be Host's Pick, most of the time you the viewers will be doing the picking (though occasionally there will be themes such as Bad Movie Night, and Hosts Pick.). On the Sunday after every movie night a voting booth thread will be made, where you will pick what genre you want to watch. You will have until the Thursday of the week of the next movie night to vote.

    Ex.) This movie night will be on July 12th, this means this Sunday a voting booth thread will be made. The Movie Nights are every two weeks, so that means the poll will stay up until July 24th. So you have more than two weeks to decided.
    More details will be given in the first voting booth thread, so stay tuned

    I am always open to suggestions in regards to movies or opinions on how I can improve the movie nights so please feel free to give some feedback!

    I'm also looking for help with this night, as I am starting work soon, I will need somebody to cover for me or be willing to host movies for our non-EST crowds who might not be able to make the regular movie night.

    If you are interested please PM me.
    And in the PM please list your Timezone and your skype username!
    You must have a decent internet connection for streaming, and it helps if your schedule isn't too cluttered around the night time.
    I'm also looking for somebody that can host for our users outside the US, so they don't have to lose sleep or interrupt their day schedule if they want to tune in on Movie night!

    List of Movie Night Hosts:

    @SirTingles (Backup)

    @KittyCat (Backup)
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    Some of these... Aren't even of Yandere's.


  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    That was a really good game, that Fizz though after hitting level 4 he was comboing hard and kinda keeping from treading out too far from turret. Need to up my Ahri game.

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    Oh my god..
    You actually screenshot it...
  • In [Life] Message to anyone!
    Dearest Friend,

    Stop being nice to me.
    No, seriously.
    Don't do nice things for me, especially when I can't do anything of equal value, unless saying thank you a lot counts.
  • In CL Art Project: Server-tan Calendar [ORDER YOURS NOW!]

    Was a pleasure being apart of this project, and I hope to participate in another one like this soon!