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  • In American life through the eyes of N̶o̶r̶t̶h True Korea

    This... is seriously the funniest thing I've seen all year. lololol xD I like the bit about Tuesday. And homosexuals.

  • In Your Recent Book Purchases

    I can't post any pictures of my books because I don't have a camera. Sorry about that. But, the last books I bought were some Sherlock Holmes books from a used book store. In particular, "A study in Scarlet", " The Sign of the Four" and " A Scandal in Bohemia". Honestly, I have a lot of reasons for purchasing these books in particular. For starters, I like to collect classics. I have almost every Charles Dickens book ever published. Also, I missed out on a lot of schooling as a child due to being homeless and stuff so I didn't get the chance to read a lot of books in school like many other people did. I've never read the Sherlock Holmes novels and I really wanted to give them a try. And no, it has nothing to do with the movie or the T.V. series. I've just always wanted to read them. And like I said, I really love classics. I collect Kipling, Flaubert, Eliot, etc.

    I think many of the classics are written to a much better standard than today's fiction. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter and stuff too, but I absolutely HATE the standard that those books are written to. I understand they are children's/young adult novel's but come on. I mean they are written like kindergarten books practically. I Also understand my country (and other parts of the world) are getting progressively less educated but isn't that more reason to write to a higher standard rather than dumbing everything down? I don't know. These are just my personal opinions. I can hardly sit through modern fiction anymore because I feel like all the intelligence has been leached out of it to please the uneducated masses. I don't really blame the authors, it's just the way things are these days because if they want to make money they have to write to a standard that will sell. And I understand that. But to be honest, It just irritates me to read "blah blah blah" He said. "Oh" She said. "Yea. Blah blah blah blah blah". He said. "Oh blah blah" she did. I mean come on. It's just... pathetic and annoying. Okay sorry, mini rant over. Anyway, I don't expect nor care if anyone agrees with me on all that. Just an opinion from a weary reader.

    So as far as what gets me to start a series? Not much. All I need is mild interest or curiosity. If it looks interesting I will give it a try. I love to read and I like to discover all sorts of books. That's why I frequent used book stores. You never know what treasures you will find there. As for disregarding a series, it depends. If it gets too boring or dull I usually don't finish it. And if it's just too unintelligible I usually can't finish it. This is basically what's happening to me right now with "City of Bones" in The Mortal Instruments series. I mean, the story is cliche, the characters are cliche, the writing is subpar, and it's got more drama than a soap opera. So I've yet to decide whether or not I want to even bother finishing the first book, let alone the entire series. Another thing that will get me to disregard a series or a book is if it's TOO intelligent for me. Because as much as I complain about substandard writing, I'm not a genius (obviously), or even a very good writer myself, and there are a lot of books out there that I just don't get. Like "Good Omens". Love that book. Love it to death. But I didn't understand half of it, so I never finished the entire thing. This was mostly due to the fact that I am an American and it was jam packed full of British humor that went directly over my head and out the window.

    So, I buy books at least once a month. Usually from my local used book store but also from Amazon and other places. I don't have any big chain book stores where I live. Although, our library system is amazing up here and we can check out books online and get them mailed to our houses for free (and mail them back for free) because we are so spread out up here. And the library connects to about 25 different towns spread out over 300 square miles so there's lots of books to chose from. So yea, a lot of times I just use the library rather than purchasing books. I guess it's about half and half for me.

    And uh, I actually bought my last book a while ago when I was still in New york. Probably last October. I haven't been to the book store since I've gotten back, but I plan on going really soon! Was just waiting until after the holidays because there's usually a way bigger selection then!

    Hope that answered all your questions!

  • In Where've you always wanted to go and why?

    @Ima-Chan Lol yea there are sooooo many. And like you said, different types within types and dialects and other subgroups. It would be insane to know them all. But I always though if I had one wish from a genie or something, or if I had a super power, that's the one I would chose!

    And you're absolutely right! A huge factor is the people around you. Both of my parents are trilingual. My grandfather speaks 9 languages, and my aunt speaks a whopping 17! All fluently! That's why I said earlier that I think learning languages just might be in my blood lol.

    And honestly I just think Spanish is hard in general, if only because they speak so fast! I live in a town that is about 87% Hispanic right now and the other non Hispanic people know the language (just because you can't really get a job here unless you know how to speak Spanish). But I never learned it. Fortunately though, my parents put me in Latin classes when I was very young (like age 4 through age 12). Plus, I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school and they sing a lot and do mass and prayers in Latin- so anyway, because of all that I have a strong hold on Latin and Spanish is a Latin based language so I can pretty much make out what they are saying- at least for the most part. But I never really had any interest in studying Spanish, or any of the Latin based languages (see, my mother is 100% French and I really don't like that language since that's the one I was always scolded in as a child xD). I am more interested in Asian languages, Slavik languages, and African languages. But really, deep down, I just love them all!

  • In Where've you always wanted to go and why?

    @Ima-Chan Yep ^^ Japanese can be pretty tricky like that! Trust me, I know. I worked as a translator for 4 years for an Osaka Health and Wellness group. I used to spend about 14 hours a day translating. I am pretty much fluent in Japanese (I actually minored in it in college!), but like I said, I am a bit rusty since I don't have anyone to actively speak it with. Although, once I get going it comes back to me pretty easily!

    It's really cool to be bilingual though! I love languages, and I am a natural born linguist. I think it just runs in my blood. But more so, learning new languages is just a hobby of mine. I wish I could learn all the languages of the world. Now that would be a cool gift/talent!

  • In Where've you always wanted to go and why?

    @Ima-Chan lol well, I've always been a very goal oriented person. And 2 years isn't that long. I mean, especially not for someone my age. When you're old like me, time goes by so fast xD Actually, I spent around 10 years studying Japanese, and I still haven't completely mastered it. Granted it doesn't help that I am really rusty at it now lol.

    But anyway, I think if you have a dream and a goal there's nothing wrong with giving your all to accomplish it. I am an INFP, so when I set my mind to something, I tend to just go all out for it. I guess you could say I have a very tenacious personality lol.

  • In Where've you always wanted to go and why?

    @Ima-Chan lol well yes, I wouldn't venture into the African wilderness without a guide of course, but many places in Africa are very populated and advanced. South Africa in particular has quite a few major cities.

    This is a picture of Cape Town, where I'd like to move one day.

    As you can see, it's hardly crawling with lions and antelope lol.

    And the weather and scenery are absolutely gorgeous, yes. I've always wanted to live in a warm place by the ocean. Plus well, I just have a fondness for Africa in general.

    And it's North Korea that you're thinking of. South Korea is a perfectly safe place to visit ^_^ In fact, I am studying the Korean language right now, as I have very serious plans to go there one day soon. I've been studying the language and culture for almost 2 years now!

  • In Where've you always wanted to go and why?

    South Africa. Cape Town in particular. I've always always always wanted to go visit there. In fact, I may just go retire there one of these days XD

    Also, Korea. I will make my way over to Korea if it's the last thing I do in this life.

  • In Ragnarok Online anyone?

    Oh man RO. I used to play that like 10 years ago. Way back in 2002 when it first came out. I loved that game so much. I miss it =/ I agree with @Kirn. If you get a good guild on a good server and you're dedicated then you can make some awesome memories. However, good luck getting anyone from CL to join you lol. I used to play RO with some CL people a couple years ago but even then we only played for like a month before we got bored of it.

    I don't play MMO's anymore though. I don't have enough self control. I get way too addicted way too easily.

    But have fun playing! It's a really great game ^^

  • In About Tigers

    @PigBoss D'awwwwwwww >.< I want!

  • In About Tigers

    Tigers are nice and all, but to be honest, I much prefer lions ^^

    Although there are a pair of tigers (a brother and sister) I am quite fond of, because I watched them grow up. I saw them as new born cubs sometime last winter in New York's Rosamond Gifford Zoo and then got to see them again this summer when they were much bigger. They are so cute!

    I've been pretty up close and personal to many big cats. I've walked black jaguars and cheetahs on a leash before and hand fed all species of cubs because I used to volunteer for this place called cat tales when I was younger. Best volunteer job EVER!

    But yea, lions will always be my favorite. I am a Leo after all!