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Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2373 posts that are still accessible today, 18 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2480 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 25th, 2016.

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    No formalities needed.

    But, lmao stop being butthurt because you got kicked from your own behaviour, child.

    Also, seems like everyone else in the project has a much more capable mental understanding than you do. It's OK though, it's not your fault that you lack the mental intelligence to understand situations that you're not in... not that all of us didn't know that already. And stop tagging me; shit goes to my email and it only delays me more in everything else. Your existence gives me aneurysms over how much hope I have to lose in the intelligence of humanity. Then again, that's probably my fault for being stubborn in thinking that everyone on here probably has a tiny bit of common sense and sensibility so I'll have to apologize for that.

    Either way, I'm out lol, just kys man. Your life's so miserable you can't even let CL go.

  • In 【CL Chorus: Mixing stage】BRAVE SHINE 【EDIT TO ROSTER】

    Thread is thereby locked to prevent further shitposting by Kirn and Lieu.

    Feel free to PM me (no guarantee I'll get to it anytime this month) if you have any questions and so on.

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    Objectively the better ones. You can probably ask anyone on the site which ones are better, lel.

    Also anime doesn't slow down my work pace since I know how to listen to moonspeak, unlike you plebs that have to read subs.

    And I'm on the bus to school you dimwit. Transit takes 2 hours each way. I'm losing the extra sleep I could have gotten on here instead.

  • In 【CL Chorus: Mixing stage】BRAVE SHINE 【EDIT TO ROSTER】

    Reading comprehension 101: I'm saying CL projects with me on staff generally have higher quality than without. Objectively. While I do other stuff on the side for the actual youtube singers on the side, it's all during summer breaks. You know, the time where I have time.

    Also, no, I haven't had a good 5 hours of free time for myself. Most of my "free time" consists of me watching anime while, unsurprisingly, DOING HOMEWORK.

    I mean, feel free to drop out if you want. In fact, here, I'll remove you two if that takes the salt pole out of your asses.

  • In 【CL Chorus: Mixing stage】BRAVE SHINE 【EDIT TO ROSTER】

    Fun fact: I'm home approximately two hours everyday before going to sleep and these two hours are dedicated to planning either for my tutoring job or writing essays and studying for school. I know, amazing right? School taking up so much time- who would have thought that I actually have a busy life outside of weeb,

    Another Fun fact: Two jobs and full-time school.

    Even more fun facts: I actually dish out better quality things in comparison to the rest of the stuff we (CL) do for projects that doesn't have me on staff, which consequently means I'm willing to waste hours on the lag that comes with editing videos on After Effects with a 2GB RAM laptop, and spending hours tuning all you shits so that the chorus is even relatively on tune.

    Of course, it would have probably been done a lot faster if I actually held auditions for this and cut everyone that can't be on-tune - which I didn't for the sake of being inclusive.

    Again, it'll be worked on and dished out after my exams if you guys didn't spend the time to read the previous post.

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    Yeah, I severely fucked up on guesstimating my school and workload (i.e., I am pretty much only home to sleep at this point) so, y'all are gonna have to probably wait until my exams are done, considering I have a paper due almost Every. Fucking. Week.

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    I'll get it up as soon as I can but I am suffering ABSOLUTE DEATH from school/work/official projects

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    It's not me but gonna advertise this because I slaved at hours at night drawing and making the video for a friend. (Subscribe too)