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Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2311 posts that are still accessible today, 16 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2416 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 2nd, 2015.

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April ***COMPLETE**** [Hikaru Nara]


    You guys' video was done last night.
    And then adobe decided to crash in the middle of rendering and I didn't save whatever progress I made on it last night either so ggwp it clearly didn't want us to have the finish product.

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April ***COMPLETE**** [Hikaru Nara]

    Ahh, the video's still underway. It's a good 70% there so dw about it lol.

    I've been basically crunching work and a bunch of cosplay stuff and exams since the last update...
    And then family decided to renovate house :V

    But yeah. Project's still going. I am one man powering through this no worries.

  • In God Eater [Anime Discussion]

    Freaking thread made me think anime was released already.
    Was all like "what do you mean I didn't torrent the first episode yet"

  • In Post what you're listening to.
  • In Classical Music Appreciation Thread


    Oh right aren't you German or something. IDK, MAN, I'M JUST GOING BY THE HISTORY TEXTBOOKS AND BOOKS.


    ***Offered only in America and Canada, where no shits are given for Germanic spellings apparently.

    EDIT: Fun fact though, I used to spell it with a V until I got marks deducted off my exams for it.

  • In Classical Music Appreciation Thread

    Then again though, my standards probably differ from normal listeners just because I actually have a certificate to perform in orchestras and stuff for piano lol.

    Knowing the history and everything behind songs/composers/timeframes also skews the way you hear performances. Like, what with Liebesleid, the way Rachmaninoff played it really embraced the values back then as a musician.
    The way it was played in KimiUso was more controlled, and definitely following the music sheet to the T (which, actually, despite popular belief, isn't the best way to play any song). You can tell by the mechanical beat and systematic crescendo/decrescendo/emphases.

  • In Classical Music Appreciation Thread

    Just gonna say that the Liebesleid KimiUso had has NOTHING on actual Rachmaninoff playing it.

    And that I love that man for his brilliant pieces, but hate him to bits and pieces for having monster hands, thus rendering me unable to play his sheets.

  • In E3 2015 (Poll Added)

    Still better than last year's FFVII troll.

    Also, it's SE. I'm pretty sure they know that their fanbase is loyal enough to stick around through DECADES worth of time.

  • In The Colorless Bi-Weekly Karaoke Thread

    Alright guys, so, let's put some systematic thing into place


    If you want to join Karaoke Night, please make sure that either @SirTingles or I have your Skype account name.

    Every Karaoke Night will be held on Saturday, 03:00/3AM GMT.
    For reference:
    PST: 20:00/8:00PM
    EST: 23:00/11:00PM

    If you have any problems with the time, feel free to suggest times but take into consideration that both the hosts are North Americans (hue) and that it probably applies to like, half of the userbase anyhow.

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April ***COMPLETE**** [Hikaru Nara]


    Just give me like three more weeks to finish it hue.