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99th percentile

Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2277 posts that are still accessible today, 16 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2380 upvotes, and was last online on May 30th, 2015.

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April **UPDATED DEADLINE** [Hikaru Nara]

    Mhmm, I'll leave the question mark up then

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April **UPDATED DEADLINE** [Hikaru Nara]

    Don't be that lazy dick.

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April **UPDATED DEADLINE** [Hikaru Nara]

    Suck it. I did. :V

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April **UPDATED DEADLINE** [Hikaru Nara]


    All three videos are the same lol. That's the beauty of the site. When one's down, the other two are still available.

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April **UPDATED DEADLINE** [Hikaru Nara]


    Ameagari no niji mo rin to saita hana mo irodzuki afuredasu
    akaneiro no sora aogu kimi ni ano hi koi ni ochita

    Shunkan no doramachikku firumu no naka no hitokoma mo
    kienai yo kokoro ni kizamu kara

    Kimi da yo kimi nanda yo oshietekureta
    kurayami mo hikaru nara hoshizora ni naru
    kanashimi mo egao ni mou kakusanaide
    kirameku donna hoshi mo kimi o terasu kara

    Nemuri mo wasurete mukaeta asahi ga yatara to tsukisasaru
    teikiatsu hakobu zutuu datte usureru kimi ni aeba
    seijaku wa romanchikku koucha ni toketa shugaa no you ni
    zenshin ni meguru yo kimi no koe

    Kimi da yo kimi nanda yo egao o kureta
    namida mo hikaru nara ryuusei ni naru
    kizutsuita sono te o mou hanasanaide
    negai o kometa sora ni ashita ga kuru kara

    Michibiitekureta hikari wa kimi da yo
    tsurarete boku mo hashiridashita
    shiranu ma ni kurosu shihajimeta
    hora ima da soko de hikaru nara

    Kimi da yo kimi nanda yo oshietekureta
    kurayami wa owaru kara

    Kimi da yo kimi nandayo oshietekureta
    kurayami mo hikaru nara hoshizora ni naru
    kanashimi mo egao ni mou kakusanaide
    kirameku donna hoshi mo kimi o terasu kara

    Kotae wa itsudemo guuzen? hitsuzen?
    itsuka eranda michi koso unmei ni naru
    nigirishimeta sono kibou mo fuan mo
    kitto futari o ugokasu hikari ni naru kara

  • [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April **UPDATED DEADLINE** [Hikaru Nara]


    Picture Deadline: May 9th, 2015

    I do have some stock pictures here for all you lazy shits out there that don't want to find 1080px height full-body images.

    Audio Deadline: May 30th, 2015

    If anyone has any concerns about the deadline, feel free to call my attention to it
    It would be preferred if audio and image are given to me through PM or Skype (pandamomi).

    Since it's been a while since anything's been really happening on CL and it's starting to become dead, actually, I'm pulling shit from my ass because I haven't been on for awhile why not have another chorus to get more members involved?


    Now, I'm pretty sure many of you guys have watched, or at least have heard of Your Lie in April. You know, that one show that showed you how useless you are as a human being compared to this 14 year old kid's depressing life. Beside the point, since the OST in general for the show's pretty great, and the first opening makes a pretty nice chorus-- why not make a chorus out of this thing?

    Here's the link to get a general idea of the song:

    Of course, we'll be doing the song to the original instrumental and to the official PV version (which are both deleted from youtube due to strict copyright issues).

    Here's the version that you should learn from

    (All three are the same)

    In terms of video and mixing, I've got it covered. No worries. I will assert my superior skills in editing upon this project to make it sound as a decent as possible and not like a clusterfuck of zombies. As per usual, if you do decide to join, please provide a picture of how you wish to appear in the video.

    However, there will be a couple rules enforced to act as limitations and to ensure that the project turns out well:

    • Participants must have already been a member for at least one month to qualify

    • Deadlines are absolute unless if discussed specifically with me

    • Please make sure that the height of the image file is at least 1080px

    • Full-body image (including shoes/feet) is preferable unless if you are willing to be an object

    • Any trolling, flaming, shit-talking, or derailment will not be tolerated

    • Please do not put your recording through any noise cancellation filter

    • Audio with background audio will not be accepted because it ultimately drags the overall quality down

    • Have Fun

    If you possess an interest or desire to become a part of this anal-wrecking weeb-quality chorus, feel free to either PM me, @Momimochi, post on the thread telling me that you want to join.
    Because I will not know if you don't tell me.
    As much of a God I am, I cannot read minds just yet.
    I offer my sincerest apologies for this flaw of mine.

    @reki (?)

  • In Skype!

    Your necroing is real.

    Though, this one has already graduated this shitty place and is in the sacred process of becoming an almighty wizard.

  • In End of the Road



    If I don't turn hella busy when this thing actually kicks off, I would not mind helping with writing/voice.

  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    I feel bad for the Yas.

    Must have been a heavy-ass load of trash to carry.