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Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2059 posts that are still accessible today, 14 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2149 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 19th, 2014.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    Someone had to do it.

    No regrets.


  • In Issues in the Cosplay Community

    Yeah, no, that's the thing. In many cases, the make up actually makes you look less offensive then if you go and burn your skin to crisps, given you have the skills. Or using Bronzer, lol. I have a friend that uses spray on bronzer. He asian. Whatever he prefers. He's not gay either. I don't know why people associate any guy who uses bronzers or make-up as gay but okay.

    I honestly think that this is more a comfortzone problem in the... err, darker colored skin people community because most these anime characters are light, if not sickly pale, shaded. Of course, based past racial discrimination (and even now because let's all admit that racial discrimination is not, at all, gone)

  • In Issues in the Cosplay Community

    I don't know what you're hearing but nowadays, people are getting into this thing called make-up? Specifically special effects/bodypaint make-up? Like Ben Nye and Snazaroo? Most people are using those now, not only because of all the health issues relating to tanning and stuff, but because it's much, much more convenient.

  • In Issues in the Cosplay Community

    prettier girls tend to have higher quality costumes I dunno why.

    Then again, make up makes girl artificially prettier as well. Remember that make-up is one of the evil forces that fools men into thinking the girl's pretty when she's actually not. And then when they get married and have children, the kids come out looking like the spawns of devil himself.

    The number one evil is plastic surgery. So no, technically you can be ugly, have expensive costume, but then use ultra make-up skills to enhance the shit outta your face to become "prettier girls often have better costumes." Make-up. It's a scary thing.

  • In Issues in the Cosplay Community

    Oh. Hey. Guess what. You guys know Reika? You know Jessica Nigri and Ya Ya Han or whatever their names are? Well, I tried getting Reika over here for a convention. Apparently she wasn't "popular enough".

    Well, I'm sorry that the cosplayers with millions of fans all flaunt their tits and vags in their photos wearing skin tight shit. I'm sorry they literally genderbend every goddamn character there is to flaunt the tits and vag. I'm sorry they choose to cosplay PIKACHU and make it as slutty as possible. I'm sorry all their millions of fans are mostly fat beer belly men with no women in their lives-- only grease. I'm sorry Reika doesn't have as much fans in this part of the world because, hey, guess what, the West part of the world only really appreciates gamer cosplayers and cosplayers that flash serious tits and vags.

    Okay. I'm done. This is why I tend to not like the more popular Western female cosplayers. It's all about the tits and vags. Might as well switch profession to being a whore or stripper. Probably will get paid more.

  • In Chat Events & Contest Idea!

    I do believe that. In fact I know that. I didn't notice anyone going over St. Patty's day in chat. I tried to make green work. Nope. Valentine's day? Pft. Maybe someone mentioned something. Most likely not. Even Easter. No one noticed 4/20 was Easter until DC mentioned something. No one makes a big deal out of those holidays. They're not nearly as big as Christmas.

    Yeah. Sure. Wait until February comes around and then ask for a theme. For sure no one's going to say SAD or Valentine's. I'm sure. Keep believing that.

    I don't see Easter as a negative thing. Nowhere in any of my post did I say that it was negative. There's just not as much variety associated with Easter as there is with Christmas. And there's not really a lot of ways to bend it. The major selling point of Easter is the bunny, the candy, and the hidden eggs. Some people tye-dye eggs. I've done that before. There's a lot of different easter candies. But there's still not a lot of variety to the themes revolving around easter.

    Never said you saw Easter as a negative thing. You're either lacking in the reading department or you seriously need to pay more attention when reading. And then again, you have just completely neglected the most important part of the conversation. The part that you failed to recognize what context we were all even talking about.

    Whatever, I'll just leave it at that. Getting a point through to you is like talking to a rock.

  • In Chat Events & Contest Idea!

    If you don't like Christmas so much then why do you keep bringing it up? o__O

    Because the same thing applies. It is the same logic. If you don't like that, take Valentine's day. Still same logic. Apply it. It's quite simple.

    It's spring not December.

    And a rock is a rock.

    Which is one of the reasons I never mentioned it as an issue.

    No, you wouldn't mention it regardless. Being the frugal shit I am, I will put money down on that. No one would mention it.

    The other being that Christmas is a lot more widely celebrated and commercialized than Easter. You get all kinds of advertisements around Christmas. On the radio. Christmas music. It even runs over Thanksgiving and all that turkey now-a-days.

    Yes, and I'm sure if this were March and February, everyone wouldn't be going all over pots of gold, leprechauns, and hearts for themes. Fosho. Keep believing that. Because I'm pretty sure March is Spring too. And St. Patrick's is much less celebrated around the world, much less even known. I'm sure Spring can go better to March, the month when Spring begins and the month where there's a lot less to celebrate for.

    Not really as this is what tends to show up around Easter time. The Easter bunny. Easter eggs. Chicks. Rabbits. The occasional frog. Those are Easter themes and if we're talking about themes for chat those will definitely show up if we make the theme Easter based.

    See, now you're just being uncreative. This proves my point so straight on that it actually hurt me a bit. Because if it's Christmas, it'll be primaily reindeers, presents, Santa, and snow. If it's Valentines, it'll be primarily Hearts and pink and red and white. And if it's Spring, all it'll be is happy bright fields of plants and rainbows and sparkles. It's all about the way your portray it. Obviously with the way how you're seeing making Easter a theme as a negative thing, you'll never see the endless possibilities.

    Those are all well and good but if we wanted to keep themes for year round, as an option in chat, I don't think Easter themes are all that great. There might be a few exceptions though.

    I think you're missing the point. The whole point. We weren't even talking about designs or whatever anymore; we were talking about implementing an Easter themed "find the egg" event around the site where you click on the eggs and you get a reward or whatever at the end if you find all the eggs. Please go reread the context of what we were all talking about again. You've literally got the context wrong. All wrong. So wrong. DC's post. Go. READ IT. READ ALL OUR "GOOD IDEAS" UNDER IT TOO.

  • In Chat Events & Contest Idea!

    Not everyone celebrates Easter.

    Not everyone celebrates Christmas.

    I don't want to have people feel left out of designing or feel alienated if they're not that enthusiastic about Easter. Or if they don't celebrate it or whatnot.

    Same applies with Christmas; you don't have to celebrate it to join in. What the hell are you wearing? A chastity belt like thing that prevents you from participating in a world-known holiday themed event just because you personally don't celebrate it? I sure hope not. And let's all be very fucking honest here, if this was December, everyone would be raging with fuel to make a Christmas theme and no one would be complaining at all. Even though some people don't like Christmas (me being one of those people) or doesn't celebrate Christmas. And that's not a problem because...?

    There are just as many things that you can incorporate into a Christmas theme as you can in an Easter theme so I still don't see the problem. If all you can think about are bunny, eggs, and chicks when it comes to Easter and just using those three things, you can't come up with a good theme, you are very much lacking in the creative department.

  • In Chat Events & Contest Idea!

    Let's get technical: it hasn't been that much of a religious holiday in many countries for years already. You might as well say "Oh, Christmas is a religious holiday, you know? Can't make it Christmas themed or it'd be making the site an affiliation" (I'm only using Cenica's sentence because I can kinda read it as I type huehue). I'm pretty sure most countries out there celebrate Christmas like it's a normal holiday. I'm pretty sure if you ask the younger generations in elementary school these days, they won't even know Easter's the three day revival of Christ. They'll only relate it to chocolate, bunnies, eggs, and no school.

    But, no, seriously, no one said anything about putting Jesus Christ's revival up there. All we said was to have an egg/easter bunnies hunt. Last time I checked, Jesus wasn't a bunny. He didn't give out colorful eggs in purple, green, blue, and yellow. And the amount of religion as a part of its connotation's probably only a little bit, if not the same, as Christmas-- next to non-existent.

  • In Guilty Crown

    The Animenz version, right? lol. I actually learned it at one point. Took me a week to figure out the runs and actually do it smoothly.

    But that was a year ago.

    Don't think I'm willing to relearn.