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99th percentile

Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2248 posts that are still accessible today, 15 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2349 upvotes, and was last online on Mar 28th, 2015.

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    Best teach.

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    You ignore my dibs first? 幹你媽

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    I shed a tear for the beauty.

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    For Student Registration:

    Name: Momi

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'2" (158.4cm)

    Weight: Female therefore secret.

    Race: Da ChingChong

    Grade: Err, Junior, I think in Amurrika language?

    Transfer Student: No...?

    Appearance: ... TerufinishupthatpictureIknowyouwantto

    Tell us about yourself:

    I saw spam here and I killed it. love, Lycan

    Lycan you joykill :V

    Uhh, BL's great?

    Tell us about your past: Mediocre as fu-- err, to the core.

    Dibs on Class President 'less if Lumi goes for the place, then I go for Treasurer.

    And why's Historian even under "Student Council"?

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    then the same people expect males to pay for them at public places, lol.

    ......... Yeah. Okay. Because who needs logic?

    Fuck logic.

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    Yeah, it's the whole contradicting thing that's going on with them mentioned after that made me lol a bit. Is feminism a popular thing or something? Then again, you said the idea of manpower > womanpower's in your area so I guess that's where all the feminism jumps in.

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    some of crossdressing lesbians I know are actually calling themselves feminists.


    I'm sorry I lol'd.

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    The only time I fear my thought is when I start replacing characters in BL with real life people.

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    Quoting? >Just do this on a new line

    In that case, how about MtFs? Should be about an equal number that you know? But because of demographics... you might not know many.

    MtF don't freaking exist in my school for some reason, afaik. There's a shitload of crossdressing guys, though. Actually, I'd like to have more MtF, just sayin'. There's not many gays here either, which is quite disappointing on my part. It's even more confusing for me when I'm looking at China's demographics since there are actually more males than females (oh, lovely Chinese parents and sexism everywhere) and there's lesbians everywhere. It's like the China's literally throwing a big FUCK YOU at reproduction and preserving man-kind.

    I know some people who don't want surgery because of expenses, health conditions, and whatever opinion they have of surgery. I've definitely changed my mind though. Especially after I really cleared up some doubts. I know I'll never be cis, but it's not so much for the body than it is for the peace of mind.

    Welp. Canada. Free health-care everywhere! As mentioned before, one of my friends went through with it and well, I'm pretty sure he did it for the same reason. It's not a bad thing anyways, other than the possible side-effects. Heck, I'm for the surgery in some cases. I mean, if more people actually go through with it, it becomes just this other normal thing and "trans" would be viewed less as some kinda of outcast and more of just another person with different "preferences". Just my way of thinking, though.

    As for people coming out, I'm still putting it on the fact that Mainland China people just have balls. I mean, shit, I have near no shame and even I'd feel pressure from coming out to my friends and family. Welp, in the case of your parents not accepting, I'm on the same boat for being "bi". Last I mentioned to my parents about homosexuals, they said they were fine with them so long as I don't start dating girls. Well. Obviously I'm still closetted as fuck about my sexual orientation because I need their money for my post-secondary education and all that.

    ... And that just made me sound like a money leech. I still love my parents, k? No misunderstandings.

    I honestly think it's more of the tradition and culture that our parents grew up with that gives them the idea that once your offspring's "different" it shames the family or something. Or, at least, that's what I get from Asian cultures. Though, wanting to be the other gender probably "offends" the parents more than them objecting. Offends, since, you know, you don't "like" the body they "provided" you with and all that.

    Lol I don't think it's my school that's receptive. It's probably because our school's at like, 80% Chinese, 20% others, with probably 70% of the 80% being FoBs. And plus, Canada. We accept everything. Come at us, bruh. We accept all kinds of people! Sizes, shapes, colour, and age? What do they matter? Seriously, though. Canada accepts everything.

    brain studies have shown there are "male-like" and "female-like" brains (in terms of shapes)

    AND NOW, THIS. Because China doesn't have google, my search results are limited. (Sure as hell not gonna spend a whole day reading up articles in Chinese with hardcore asian medical terms that I've never heard of) I need to know the shape of my brain.

    EDIT: Welp, bing'd up some tests to do for the lulz and I kept getting neutral. Not sure what to think anymore.

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    Why'd you necro bump this thread of all threads. Why.

    Welp. At least the Skype chat still exists! I think.