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99th percentile

Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2276 posts that are still accessible today, 16 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2379 upvotes, and was last online on May 28th, 2015.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    Waitwhat. I thought my gender was clarified about a damn year and a half ago.

  • Sokumen: Your Canon as fuck Generator

    Linked up there. Basically what that generator does is take whatever you put in as the "side view" and see what the "actual" thing is as the "front-view". Why am I linking this shit? Because goddamn, it gave me some pretty legit results, for example:

    My BL OTP right now:

    The two truths:

    And my shame:

    So, get on with it; fuck around on there and post yer results.

  • In The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D

    Right, original songs has these nice harmonies. I'm just gonna assume we're gonna just ignore the descants and harmonies because ain't nobody on here can harmonize, okay.

  • In The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D

    Guys. Why is it that once these projects happen, all you people come back. What is this.

  • In The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D



    I'll help you with the audio like last time if you really need it.

  • In The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D

    I'll sing it. Fosho.

  • In High Moon Studios lays off 40 from the Deadpool team

    Shit's gonna affect the game fosho, yo.

  • In Screenshots

    Guys. It happened. It fucking happened.

  • In How to get a Gravatar/Icon - The Picturebook

    @Warlock, pin this to the first post pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

  • In [PSA] Boku no Pico

    Lol 3 hours isn't that extreme. It's CL. Not like this is the only site you go on.

    Though... If it is... Use that time to go out and do some activities that's good for you instead of lazing in front of the computer!

    You also lead a sad life if that's the case