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99th percentile


English. Who needs English.

Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2059 posts that are still accessible today, 14 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2149 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 19th, 2014.

  • In Do you think Colorless is dead?

    You guys won't get anyone if you're all this rude, lmao. I'm surprised you've got anyone now as it is.

    Says the person who never even posted once until now. Hokay. Come back when you've actually done around 100 posts. Then we'll talk.

    haha najWa'ja

    com'ojen kid keeeeeez

    really thoj, you shouldn't talk to guests like that

    I've finally got it. You must have some kind of disorder in your gene that causes you to have such horrid spelling, namely dyslexia. Or maybe your cerebrum cortex is just damaged. I'm so sorry for the circumstances that you must face mentally everyday with the dysfunction that your brain's causing you.

  • In Do you think Colorless is dead?

    Laid back posts? Laid back? That's not laid back. The shit you type is way under 'laid back'. 'Laid back' is what people would call how the majority of the people here types their posts-- not how you type it. You just disgraced most people who frequent this site. Bow down and apologize to them.

    Of course I'm disciplining. Why the hell would I not? You're a new user that obviously have less than a great rep at the moment with the rest of the users so I don't see why not. After all, when you enroll in a martial arts course, you don't see them taking their time to get to know you before you're disciplined. As I said before (because fucking selective people be selective): When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

  • In Do you think Colorless is dead?

    you're all being surprisingly rude for no apparent reason...

    We're not being rude at all. We're just disciplining you to become a better person. Man, selective reading everywhere.

    you know i come here, like the place, and post relaxed...and even say that i'm gonna get some new members here and maybe more. so,,this is how a few posters here react to that? come on now

    If your "friends" (assuming you have any, even, seeing how we're all loners here, really) type the way you do, please don't. We're fine without them. Actually, we're faring wonderfully without them. Don't need it; don't want it.

    but hey i like this place, so a few moody posts aint gonna change that

  • In Self Intro

    I'm assuming chil = chill. I laughed.

  • In Do you think Colorless is dead?


    so come on now, thats not the way to talk to someone that you've known for like an hour

    Get used to it. 'S how we operate. Problem?

    but either way you should not evaluate a poster on his/her grammar, but if anything based on the message said poster is making clear (a grammar has nothing to do with such)

    Yes, it clear no grammar message you see i type understandable yes. Because grammar doesn't matter, amirite? Get the fuck out. You're one of the reasons why humanity's progressively getting worst than it already is

    how do yal generally feel about double posting? cuz i tend to do alot of that, but i could just as easily edit thiings in after...

    Took me about two minutes to comprehend but no. Do that, no one will be happy.

    and they are not typos, i just kinda like to mix aspects of multiple languages together to form a mish mash of phrases and sounds

    how do yal generally feel about double posting? cuz i tend to do alot of that, but i could just as easily edit thiings in after...

    oh jus a play on, that this site is different than some other sites. seems like a pretty kool place,,and i could likely help with the activity around here som, although haha gotta get to feel the place out som. so how is things around here?

    Also known as typos because that's not how they're originally spelt. Good job, you learned something new today. And this is not including how much it pains my fucking eyes to read your grammar.

    i actually wrote that pretty coherently,,but hey i can type in clear english if this place would like

    This is the funniest joke I've heard by far in January. The bullshit cannot get any better than this

    can you please stop talking like that? i like this place, if not for nothing more initially than the name of it...

    come on brah thats not how you talk to a new member

    It's something called disciplining the new members; quite a normal ritual, actually. If you're gonna be on here, get used to it. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

  • In What's your stance on your health?

    Holy son of a-- @syunfung you fag where've you been.

    Have eczema so Imma just rule out the yearly visits I have to go when my break-outs occur. I mean, I've gotta get that expensive as fuck medication lotion thing with steroids in it for my skin or else I'd be bleeding all over.

    Only time other than that that I'll ever go to the doctor's will probably when I get my asthma attacks. Never been to the doctor for anything else, really.

  • In Art Challenge! “One pencil, no fixing”

    But that face. That face. I see that face that you drew in every Robert scene during Twilight trailers. (Never watched the movies, never will)

  • In Art Challenge! “One pencil, no fixing”

    ^dood, I saw Robert Pattinson in that.

  • In Art Challenge! “One pencil, no fixing”

    Fuck pencils and pens. They're too far from me. Imma just use that tablet that's only about five inches away from my hand.

    Because BL for the faggots. No ctrl+z, lolerasing, layering was done. Hence the mess of splats everywhere. It's a mess.

  • In Self Intro

    Couldn't help but make it. 'twas the perfect opportunity. :'D