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    some of crossdressing lesbians I know are actually calling themselves feminists.

    I'm sorry I lol'd.

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    The only time I fear my thought is when I start replacing characters in BL with real life people.

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    Quoting? >Just do this on a new line

    In that case, how about MtFs? Should be about an equal number that you know? But because of demographics... you might not know many.

    MtF don't freaking exist in my school for some reason, afaik. There's a shitload of crossdressing guys, though. Actually, I'd like to have more MtF, just sayin'. There's not many gays here either, which is quite disappointing on my part. It's even more confusing for me when I'm looking at China's demographics since there are actually more males than females (oh, lovely Chinese parents and sexism everywhere) and there's lesbians everywhere. It's like the China's literally throwing a big FUCK YOU at reproduction and preserving man-kind.

    I know some people who don't want surgery because of expenses, health conditions, and whatever opinion they have of surgery. I've definitely changed my mind though. Especially after I really cleared up some doubts. I know I'll never be cis, but it's not so much for the body than it is for the peace of mind.

    Welp. Canada. Free health-care everywhere! As mentioned before, one of my friends went through with it and well, I'm pretty sure he did it for the same reason. It's not a bad thing anyways, other than the possible side-effects. Heck, I'm for the surgery in some cases. I mean, if more people actually go through with it, it becomes just this other normal thing and "trans" would be viewed less as some kinda of outcast and more of just another person with different "preferences". Just my way of thinking, though.

    As for people coming out, I'm still putting it on the fact that Mainland China people just have balls. I mean, shit, I have near no shame and even I'd feel pressure from coming out to my friends and family. Welp, in the case of your parents not accepting, I'm on the same boat for being "bi". Last I mentioned to my parents about homosexuals, they said they were fine with them so long as I don't start dating girls. Well. Obviously I'm still closetted as fuck about my sexual orientation because I need their money for my post-secondary education and all that.

    ... And that just made me sound like a money leech. I still love my parents, k? No misunderstandings.

    I honestly think it's more of the tradition and culture that our parents grew up with that gives them the idea that once your offspring's "different" it shames the family or something. Or, at least, that's what I get from Asian cultures. Though, wanting to be the other gender probably "offends" the parents more than them objecting. Offends, since, you know, you don't "like" the body they "provided" you with and all that.

    Lol I don't think it's my school that's receptive. It's probably because our school's at like, 80% Chinese, 20% others, with probably 70% of the 80% being FoBs. And plus, Canada. We accept everything. Come at us, bruh. We accept all kinds of people! Sizes, shapes, colour, and age? What do they matter? Seriously, though. Canada accepts everything.

    brain studies have shown there are "male-like" and "female-like" brains (in terms of shapes)

    AND NOW, THIS. Because China doesn't have google, my search results are limited. (Sure as hell not gonna spend a whole day reading up articles in Chinese with hardcore asian medical terms that I've never heard of) I need to know the shape of my brain.

    EDIT: Welp, bing'd up some tests to do for the lulz and I kept getting neutral. Not sure what to think anymore.

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    Why'd you necro bump this thread of all threads. Why.

    Welp. At least the Skype chat still exists! I think.

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    hory shet I typed a lot. TL;DR it if you really want. :V

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    No, no. They have the mindset of males and two have girlfriends. I think.

    ...Unless if they just like to make-out with the same girl.

    In three cases, they changed their name and two told everyone to refer to them as a 'he' while one is officially a 'he' now. Kitty to Kenny, Angela to Alex, and Eugenia to Eugene (haha, Eugene, don't). I mean, everyone in school including the teachers call them by their new names at this point. Hell, they probably already went ahead and legally changed their name. Last one just stuck with their name since it's already unisex.

    I know Eugene went through with the surgery since, lol legal age and all that. And that was the one that's not a FoB (their senior, though!). Dunno about the process and all that, but he loves it even though his family kind of disowned him when he came out to them. Pretty sure Kenny's planning on it because Eugene got it. Also know another one's contemplating. Dunno about the last one.

    (coming out and wanting surgery probably being a very major issue for that).

    Okay, this. So, from what I've learned by meeting them and talking to them, mainland China FoBs has fucking balls of steel. They have balls, man. Every single one of them. They ain't gonna be scared of coming out with anything. And that's all probably because their parents are rich and said parents be in China anyways. In any case, it's amazing how when I look at the FoBs at my school, I'm not sure if a third of the female FoB population are actually "trans" or if they're just lesbian. The other one third being openly lesbian and the last third being straight or closet lesbian. I don't even know anymore. I gave up trying to figure it out.

    Actually, it's not surprising that there are a shitload of FtMs in the FoB group. I mean, in China, most parents wants males and I guess ever since they were a kid, it's kinda in their brains that males are always superior to females. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if their parents raised them as a male, hence them wanting sex change and feeling more comfortable as a male. I'm more surprised at the amount of lesbians when it comes to Chinese than anything else. It's almost as if they're saying that dem Ching chong males aren't good enough.

    And lesbian action's even worst in Shanghai. I think I've seen more lesbian than straight for the past two weeks.

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    Just because on topic rather than fangirling about that goddamn picture.

    Ever since I was little (think age 5-10), I would throw a helluva fit whenever my mom or anybody tried to get me to wear dresses or skirts. I absolutely refused girly things. I played with toy cars, action figures, bugs, and my childhood friends (save for one) were all boys. I despised playing dolls with my sister that she forced me to do. I loved watching all the "boy's shows" on TV.

    Fast forward! Age 13ish! All my clothes were pants and t-shirts and jacket hand-me downs. I didn't care about make-up or clothes or "girly" things. I loved video games, and honestly I had a lot of fun playing sports... but I always felt inferior. I was weaker, I couldn't throw very well, the only thing I was really good at was running. My hair grew out, but I always kept it tied. I hated shopping at the mall too. Oh and I love to draw. Every since I could pick up a pencil, really. I drew dragons and monsters and pokemon. I thought they were, y'know, cool looking back then. However, around this time I also moved, and after the move I didn't really have another close guy friend again. I always felt a little... out of place among my female friend circles despite enjoying my time with them. I would wish I could join in with the guys.

    Time skip once more! Age 15-16ish. Pardon my-- fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Puberty. I remember trying to hide the fact I got my first period (ugghhh) from my mom. I wasn't too sure why at the time, but looking back in retrospect, I suppose it was probably because it was very... loud wake up call that I was definitely a girl. Heh. I would go shopping now, and I'd always find myself looking at the boy's section with yearning. Shoot. I made myself look pretty although I still don't use make-up or wear dresses/skirts/frills/lace. I mean, I want to be attractive, who doesn't? It was really conflicting though, to look at my own reflection I mean. On one hand I'm happy to be pretty wearing in androgynous attire, on the other I wish my features weren't so feminine.

    Story of my life. Except, I don't have the same amount of conviction as dear OP so I'm just sticking to female and fucking around with both genders. Because as long as you've got a vagina, anything goes hahaha, right? Right? No. Okay.

    And you guys obviously don't live in a FoB enough place. I see FtM everywhere I go in my school. Hell, I'm friends with four of them.

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    It's over, Mau. You have cross, stomped, shat, and raped the line. It's over.

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    One more hour, guys. Or less. Until deleted <3

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    Maudia. I forgave you once. You demolished it. I'm gonna hunt down that CL ignore function add-on thing if it exists.