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99th percentile

Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2326 posts that are still accessible today, 17 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2433 upvotes, and was last online on May 21st, 2016.

  • In Nigel Thornberry Thread




    Some sexy shit there.

  • In Shingeki no Kyojin


    This was great to look at.

    Until I noticed the big, huge, dip in the middle of the first row was still taller than me.

  • In The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D

    I will hunt you down and strangle you.

  • In The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D


    ... I'm just gonna do it during the mixing since I am mixing it lol

  • In Survey: What Projects / Contests Would CL Like To Participate In?

    Welp. Voice acting's pretty popular, judging by the tiny amount of feedback.

    Choruses are a hit or miss.

    Last writing one failed so miserably.

    But yeah, those three... Are probably the most doable ones.

  • In FLORIDA MAN! Only in Florida...

    ... What. The fuck?

    Goddamn Amurrikans.

    Man, 19, Arrested For Twice Calling 911 To Complain About Way His Mom Spoke To Him

    A 19-year-old Florida man who twice called 911 because he “didn’t like how his mom was talking to him” was arrested early yesterday for misuse of the police emergency system.

    Vincent Valvo was collared outside his Vero Beach home after a cop arrived there around 4:30 AM in response to the teenager’s second 911 call. Valvo, seen at right, complained about his mother in both calls, according to an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office report.

    After his first 911 call, Valvo was “informed about the improper use of 911 and the penalty for doing so.” Following the second call, Valvo, who smelled of booze, was arrested for abuse of 911, a misdemeanor.

    Valvo was released from jail yesterday afternoon after posting $500 bond. He is scheduled for a May 14 Circuit Court appearance.

    The sheriff’s report does not specify exactly how Valvo’s mom was talking to him.

    I would be fucking on my way to China via being slapped.

  • In Screenshots

    Oh god you actually. Oh god.

    Oh god. Oh god. Lemme just. FUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK


  • In Teaching people manners

    No, no. 19's a pretty damn accurate count for users who others will actually miss if they leave.

    Of course, 19 because I'm assuming the 20 came from you assuming you were one of those users.

  • In [Discussion] do western cosplayers hurt anime community?

    It's pretty extreme. For technologies nowadays, anyways. She'll go through with it once dimensional surgery becomes available for public use. I'm sure.


    In the geek world, cosplay is an art form. Sometimes it's just masks and colorful spandex. Sometimes it's elevated to a high level. Consider Anastasiya Shpagina, a 19-year-old Ukrainian whom some might call a goddess among cosplayers.

    Shpagina is obsessed with anime. She's so obsessed, she turns herself into a real-life anime character, complete with giant eyes and a teensy body. She probably has a secret stash of Ramune, too.

  • In [Discussion] do western cosplayers hurt anime community?

    Unless you're willing to get some extensive dimensional surgery that makes you a 2D being, then you will never be close to the original.




    .... Yeeeeaaahhhhhhh