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99th percentile

I'm a magical artist from another dimension!

Anywho, I like art, Touhou, games, and all sorts of other stuff. Add me below if you wanna play some games with me some time! Don't be shy.

3DS FC: 1676-3703-8060, Wii U: Orchid_Rothwell

Steam: Roselia Rothwell

PSN: KureguTenguri

PM me or check this thread for Skype.

MrTingles joined on Oct 3rd, 2013, since that has made 645 posts that are still accessible today, 14 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, MrTingles has given 1094 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 19th, 2018.

  • In Audio Projects and Events Planning Thread

    Behold, the official Bi-Weekly Karaoke thread!

  • The Colorless Bi-Weekly Karaoke Thread

    That's right, my dears, the Colorless Bi-Weekly Karaoke Thread is finally here!

    Our first session will be on Saturday, June 19th at 0300 GMT hosted on a Skype group run by myself and Momi. If you wish to join, let either Momi or I know.

    @Momimochi is our other host, so in case I cannot host, she will be in charge. She's far better at this music stuff anyway.

    At any rate...


  • In Fanclub

    No fun allowed

  • In The Colorless Art Book Project

    I'm looking over some more stuff, and discussing it with one of our biggest contributors, so hopefully, this might indeed be a thing.

  • In The Colorless Art Book Project

    I wish I could say I had more, but I don't. Should I extend or just cancel the project? It's not enough to be an artbook as it is, sadly.

  • In Screenshots 2

    I HAD NO CHOICE, @Itsuki

  • In The Colorless Art Book Project

    Three more days.

  • In The Colorless Art Book Project

    Just a few days left. It's looking like we won't have a proper artbook at this rate.

  • In What measure is an uncrappy item?

    Whatever fits your personal playstyle the best, I reckon.

  • In The Colorless Art Book Project

    Twenty days left.

    Lookin' like it's gonna be an art pamphlet instead.