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MrTrain joined on Jul 4th, 2010, since that has made 711 posts that are still accessible today, 18 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, MrTrain has given 916 upvotes, and was last online on May 13th, 2018.

  • In TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

    Good job everyone! It looks great!

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    What is thisssss

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  • In Dinosaur Thread

    Do you get to choose what dinosaur you will to be?

  • In Dinosaur Thread

    I love dinosaurs

  • In Fencing v Kendo

    I don't know much but I feel like using a two-handed style allows one to put in much more strength than a one handed style. In that example video as a viewer it seems like the kendo style should be able to easily knock the sword out of the fencers hand.

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  • In Tabletop Simulator

    Heya! Bumping this thread because Tabletop Simulator is back on sale! www.humblebundle.com/store/tabletop-simulator You can get it for 9.99 USD on the humble bundle store! :) Also post here if you have the game so that I can add your name to the list

  • In The Colorless News (Issue #14)

    Do you mean Ahri?

    Just making a joke here, I didn't intend to offend warlock

  • In My new Youtube Series - Spirits of Speed (Supido no Rei)

    The thing is it also looks like he is trying to recruit voice acting. If that's the case and the emphasis of this thread were on recruitment then he should be able to keep this as a seperate thread.

    Edit: What I'm trying to say is figure out your motive for this thread and work accordingly