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Mu joined on Apr 12th, 2011, since that has made 20 posts that are still accessible today, 4 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Mu has given 21 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 2nd, 2015.

  • In Your Bucketlist

    My bucket list.

    1. Work with Square Enix on one of their big Final Fantasy projects.
    2. Become a famous actor who plays The Green Lantern: John Stewart in a Justice League movie.
    3. Make passionate sweet love to a woman with the body of Gracyanne Barbosa, Michelle Lewin, or Juju Salimeni.
    4. Become an 8th Dan in Kendo.
    5. Become an expert swordsman 6.. Become wealthy enough to set my Mom and dad up in a mansion.
    6. Make a game that lasts for generations, a series that makes people fall in love with its characters and cry at the tragic endings.
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    @PureBoredom I'm not even mad, that was funny, lol.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    So much untapped POWER!

  • In Planetary Annihilation

    @CloudVariasKira And I didn't even have to do anything.

  • In Planetary Annihilation

    @Kirn: Are you only upset that I have written something more constructive and thought-involved than you ever could?

    Reads the rest of it

    Wow.....You are angry......

  • In Planetary Annihilation

    The game definitely looks interesting, but before I write it off as a scam I wanna see how it plays. If anything, the Alpha at 90 dollars can be perceived in two ways: A.) a scam B.) An investment of both time and money for those who want to turn this game into a true masterpiece.

    The question is, if the Alpha is 90 bucks, how much will the finished product be if we ever get to that point?

    I guess we would get the vanilla pack and the expansion as well?

    Not to mention, why are we investing so much money to beta test their alpha, and the only explanation was: "Our price was determined by kick starter"? It's kind of like a V.I.P club / scam odds high combination kind of thing. Honestly, I could throw money at this, but I would rather wait for more people to play the alpha and offer their opinions as a "safety net" as I currently have no job or stable income to recover that 90 bucks.

    The idea looks wonderful, but that game the WarZ may have turned fans off from kickstarting "amazing ideas" without any idea of what direction the execution will go into.

    Looked at a gameplay video, frankly there is no reason for me to buy this game. It was just a guy who took 30 minutes to build a rather mediocre army and scaling a globe for about 8 minutes to find his enemy. Honestly, Starcraft 2 does it for me right now so, I'll stick to that for my RTS needs.

    The basic idea would be to scout the enemy planet in the first phase, encroach on them in the second phase, build up your resources for your doomsday weapon in the third phase and destroy the enemy planet on the fourth. Sounds good on paper, but its execution is so easy to fuck up.

  • In Clearly the Xbone is the superior console of the next generation: Nobody Loves Mu

    @someone I think you are mistaking the definition of "opinion" and "fact"

  • Clearly the Xbone is the superior console of the next generation: Nobody Loves Mu

    Clearly the Xbone is the superior Console, just watch. It will sell more units then Ps4 will be forced to use its business model just to keep up.


    Clearly I am talking out of my arse since all I can do is use very cheap trolling tactics to get your attention again. Nobody has loved me since Tai left me for another man, so please, dear CL users, acknowledge my existence and laugh about my unfunny trolling! Just this once!
    — Translated by @DC

  • Syndra, the best ad carry in League of legends.

    She is just SO much better than Draven at everything.

  • In Are memes becoming spam?

    @Darkchaplain In a russel crowe voice OH why dontcha choke on some pigs vomit ya dirty irene barrel wankfish! Puts dukes up