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Call me Myogi. It's easier; trust me.

Age: 21

Occupation: Upcoming Chef who wishes he was a pro racer / animator instead. Sidelines on Voice Acting

contributions to CL: Creator of Supido no Densetsu [Speed Legend], Voice Acted For CL, made DRRR IRL videos, sung songs for CL.

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MyogiWarrior34 joined on May 31st, 2010, since that has made 158 posts that are still accessible today, 6 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, MyogiWarrior34 has given 176 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 19th, 2014.

  • In Still alive

    Is she french!? O.o Or Italian!?

    I was thinking Mirror's Edge when I saw this.

    on another note:


  • In Myogi's Supido no Densetsu Thread - In need of Voice Actors/Actresses!! SIGN UP NOW!

    Thread has been updated with the addition of the last 2 scripts. The box is now open to voice all characters. RSVP

  • In i make a large portrait of everyone based on your birthday

    Male, October 10, 1990

  • In Colorless working class

    Part time college student about to finish his term in Australia... Part time Waiter/Entree cook at Chinese-ran Japanese Teppan restaurant 'nuff said.

  • In CL Voice Dub Project: Parasite Eve (Audition Now!)

    Character Descriptions

    Lead Roles - Day 1

    Note: Unlike the supportive roles, lead roles are assigned to the voice-actors for the entire project. Please review your availabilities for this fandub before trying out for any of these characters.

    • Aya Brea: She is a police officer who works for the NYPD. In spite of her title, she must sound strong-willed and certain of herself. However, her petite silhouette and frail reactions show a more feminine part of who she is. As a result, Aya must still sound cute, while we must feel ambitious weight into her words. In other words, we do not expect a tomboy-ish voice for her, like the one that has been presented on Youtube, a few posts above. To summarize, we'd like her to sound feminine, but also strong.

    • Melissa Pearce/Eva/Actress 1: A strong-willed actress who is ready to do anything to surpass her position as the opera lead's double. While determined, she feels anguish and guilt when she hears of her double's death. Truly addicted to her medication, Melissa must sound unstable and feature a multitude of positive and negative emotions. When she speaks with Aya, it is okay to record using a single emotional objective per line. However, as you reach the reading of her diary, do not be afraid to feature her in as many psychological states as possible.

    • Eve: In order to voice Eve, it is important to understand the background of this given name, as well as how this personality has come to exist inside of Melissa. This identity is generally quite hard to comprehend, principally due to its origin. Mitochondriae being cellular compartments that hold their own DNA and that are believed, even until today, to have been able to live independently of other cells for quite a while, are the origin of the given name Eve, in this game, which symbolizes the final evolved form of this independent cellular compartment. Parasite Eve follows the path of occult science-fiction and it is assumed, according to the prequel of this game(the book and/or the movie), that mitochondriae have been using humans, in order for Eve to finally awaken. Following the horror and occult mood of this game, one must try to sound almost like a superior being when recording these lines. A personality somewhat similar to an obscure goddess who puts trust into her own ambitions, but who also does not hesitate to play a little with Aya's naivete. Certainty and ruse must be felt when recording this part.

    • Daniel Dollis/Black Man: He is Aya's partner at the NYPD. More experienced, he is always there to lend her or anyone else a hand. While having good police instincts, he tends to go overboard at times and rarely finds the necessary time to be with his family. One who can play switch between the fatherly and ironic tones, is well-fitted for this role. Obviously, an American accent is strongly encouraged for this part.

    Supportive Roles - Day 1

    Note: No profiles are directly needed for the supportive characters. Feel free to follow the mood that is given, as you watch their actions in the video. Some small precisions may be added for a few of them.

    • Aya's Date: In order to encourage more impact when he reacts to the incident, her date must be presented in a very egocentric way, before the opera. As Aya pulls out her gun after the incident, he must then seem like he is abandoning his tough facade and appear as a complete wuss.
    • Actress 2
    • Prince (Opera actor)
    • King (Opera Actor)
    • Cop 1
    • Cop 2
    • Paramedic
    • Clown (Actor)
    • Reporter: As most reporters are, he must sound ready at nothing to get the latest scoop. The reaction to Daniel's punch must also sound quite dramatic.

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  • In CL Voice Dub Project: Parasite Eve (Audition Now!)

    Script & Video - Day 1

    Record with Audacity!

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  • In CL Voice Dub Project: Parasite Eve (Audition Now!)

    Day 1

    Lead Roles

    • Aya Brea
    • Melissa Pearce/Actress 1/Eva
    • Eve
    • Daniel Dollis/Black Man

    Supportive Roles

    • Aya’s Date
    • Actress 2
    • Prince (Opera actor) - @Ipotane
    • King (Opera Actor)
    • Clown (Actor)
    • Cop 1
    • Cop 2
    • Paramedic
    • Reporter


    @HutchHutchenson @InsaneBoredGame @Ipotane @Jake @Mairu_Orihara @maelid @MrTrain @n1xx @Shirosuke @Spades

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  • CL Voice Dub Project: Parasite Eve (Audition Now!)

    Hellow fellow Colorless, both new and... well... regular members. (I would say old but I don't want you to feel THAT OLD) If you feel that the CL dub projects have died due to the site relocation... you're in for a surprise. Content of this undertaking will be below this informal greeting:

    Colorless Voice Dub Project: Parasite Eve

    What is it about? This project is in commemoration of a nostalgic Sony Playstation (SPONSOR) game from the early 2000's which had its latest sequel on the PSP Platform entitled Parasite Eve: the 3rd Birthday

    3rd Birthday

    having able to use a PSX Emulator, some of the regular members & I have agreed on creating a full length game dub featuring this game, from where it boomed in popularity - the very first PE game, PE1 (as how it is popularly abbreviated)

    What will we feature

    Although an RPG Game, we find it best to skim through the intense battles and focus more on the storyline and feature it like an RPG-formatted movie.

    Project will be supervised & edited by @n1xx Gameplay will be done by @MyogiWarrior34

    Also, to make it more movie-like, we will feature extensive voice acting from the members of the Colorless itself. This is where you come in!

    Why such an old game As mentioned above, this game was one of the pinnacle games of our modern genre and we couldn't think of a better title than this. Also, there was a previous undertaking of this by the Voice acting Alliance but was discontinued. Here were their accomplishments:

    We wish, on our own accord, to complete this in the way of Colorless of course.

    What do I need? Simply put, a computer microphone/headset with a microphone. You don't need to be an excellent actor to voice act in this project (same goes with Supido no Densetsu project) as we are here to help you get better at it, following up your takes with mindful criticisms and advices to make you stand out. You will also need a file sharing account (such as mediafire, megaupload, 4shared) to share your voice files. We will collate them into one segment for further reference and for you to share to your friends your great accomplishments too. Being part of this project is already an accomplishment so be proud.

    More details will come preceding this post. So enjoy, and be part of this project RSVP. :)

    With CL love, Myogi.

  • In Myogi's Supido no Densetsu Thread - In need of Voice Actors/Actresses!! SIGN UP NOW!

    Latest Miscellaneous work:

    Akiyama Chronicles Ep 27 ED.

    web associations/youtubers involved aside from CL: Philippine Bronies Lindsey Stirling Sean Kosiji Marshall 1mfilms - Producer of Adrenaline Street Racing Voice Acting Alliance - Supido Recruitment thread added

  • In Myogi's Supido no Densetsu Thread - In need of Voice Actors/Actresses!! SIGN UP NOW!

    Since the youtube links auto embbed now... I added a few more video links under Previous project undertakings.