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99th percentile

Call me Myogi. It's easier; trust me.

Age: 21

Occupation: Upcoming Chef who wishes he was a pro racer / animator instead. Sidelines on Voice Acting

contributions to CL: Creator of Supido no Densetsu [Speed Legend], Voice Acted For CL, made DRRR IRL videos, sung songs for CL.

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MyogiWarrior34 joined on May 31st, 2010, since that has made 189 posts that are still accessible today, 8 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, MyogiWarrior34 has given 216 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 26th, 2016.

  • In Japan Govt's Anti-Anime-Manga-Piracy act + METI

    @DarkChaplain -dono My sentiments exactly.

    Although some companies that cater to both anime and manga alike through the movements of video game media I can think of at least two companies, if not a few who're doing a good job in enveloping the 2 sides of the world together - both east and west. And those companies are: "Namco Bandai", "Tecmo Koei". Gainax was a shoutout to the western culture's love by imitating the similar outwork of the classic PPG series and making lots of references. I really hope Gainax does not support the inclusion / animu-is-japan-only movement.

    Is the Gundam series airing by Gundam Guy on youtube duly acknowledged by Bandai, if I may ask? They seem legit enough to represent Bandai in their streaming media (like the Remaster GS/GSD and Build fighters series) or was that an overly formal facade?

  • Japan Govt's Anti-Anime-Manga-Piracy act + METI

    It never was over to begin with...

    Apparently, it is the next wave of the SOPA / PIPA issue months back / years back. Your thoughts on the matter guys on the Japanese Government's move on this?

    Wouldn't it save them the trouble of claiming ownership on some popular sites, sponsored by the government and keeping the site funded instead of Nuking every site that has content (even youtube)? The hassle is, personally too much.

    I know that the producers / writers have a right to protest but think about it, if it werent for those sites that showcase said new and old anime (permissioned or not, or in the worst case - pirated), their fan base wouldn't have reach so sky high in the first place. We're actually doing them a favor here seeing as how their economy dropped so bad at the start of the year and sometime back in 2013 too.

    Think of all the missed tourists who went to Japan who went there to witness, relive, and see the actual locations some of their favorite series were based from!

    Rather than focus on something such as a niche market like anime, won't the government be better off first working on fixing up their economy and tourism market first and not break it?

    I honestly never delved deeper into METI just yet but what are your thoughts on this, guys?

  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    Oh, I never knew that. Thanks @Ecstasy

  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    @Kip So other than Lucian, and from what I saw on the previous posts, Leona, got a list of viable champs for Doombots (at least for 2-bomb and 5-bomb levels) - ranged and melee alike?

  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    @Kip Have you tried using Dar by chance or is DBoD too much for the dunk master? I haven't tried it yet? What about Draven, Katarina, Garen?

    Speaking of Garen - Bushren lives mid game

  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    @Kip Really? I find Veigar bot easy to counter. Try a Karthus bot with the spartan aegis.

  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    Has anyone tried out Doombots yet? Call me a slowpoke but I just got into the rage and boy did that game really make me rage for the following reasons:

    1. Zyra is more painful than in regular AI
    2. Lux's Laser OMG
    3. Pulsefire Ez seals his place as Megaman X in Trunks' get up
    4. Dat tibbers
    5. Galio's tanky as f***
    6. Chogath keeps on growing

    And out of all in my list of frequently used champs - Yi, Kayle, Fiora only one survived long enough: Lucian.


  • In PROJECT: The Colorless 2015 Calendar - SALES ARE OPEN!

    Ah, okay then. Then I guess I'll take December. Any specific theme or just us showcasing our art skills as part of the calendar project?

  • In PROJECT: The Colorless 2015 Calendar - SALES ARE OPEN!

    D'oh! All slots are taken... ah well... -__-



    been a while since I was last here...