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    Happy womb-escaping-recollection day!

    To all those who have and will still, Happy Birthday!

  • In DRAMATICAL MURDER (a.k.a. that one guy gets all the D) ANIME

    I'm a little worried that DMMd will turn out like a watered down version same as Togainu no Chi. Popular yaoi anime, I have noticed, tends to be heavily censored or the story gets completely changed whereas the underground type can go super graphic.

    Edit: i have not watched the 1st ep yet.

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    Favourite anime/manga atm: Manga: Dogs: Bullets and Carnage

    Anime Wakfu, Wakfu, Wakfu, Wakfu, Wakfu, Wakfu, Wakfu, Wakfu, Wakfu, Wakfu... One Piece (if you havn't started watching this, I don't even- ...( ̄□ ̄;))

  • In What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

    why on earth did i google Boku No Pico ... and then discovered my safe search was off ... (屮゚Д゚)屮

    Anyway; anime I'm watching right now is an animation called Wakfu and I highly recommend it. "... A good-natured 12-year-old Eliatrope who only recently discovered his powers, and is on a mission to find his true family." - Thanks Wikipedia The animation is beautiful and flowing. It's also in 3D and beautifully textured; something that would look really bad on a Japanese anime ... This is a French animation but there are dubed episodes for download.

    No surprise that there are a mmorpg game out. I'm currently playing it and is totally in love with it. It's fun and addictive; the combat is turn based. Download the game here:

  • In The Must Watch list (A work in progress)

    RAINBOW ~Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin~ (RAINBOW: Seven From Cell 2-6) (Anime) This anime is one of the purest examples of Japanese Furyou (high school delinquent, think 'GTO' and 'Gokusen') drama's. Well planned character development and beautiful artwork but sometimes is a bit grphic; this is important thou as it shows you the reality of post-war Japan, the hars world of prisons and delinquents. [url]ō_no_Shichinin[/url]

    DRUAGA: The Aeges Of Uruk & DRUAGA: The Sword Of Uruk (Anime) A typical adventure story with a hillarious alteration of the 1st episode. It keeps you interested without even knowing it (I remember opening the 4th episode and suddenly I had to load the 2nd season cause i could'nt stop watching!) Again, good character development and good animation. The colours looked a bit bland thou; no exiting contrasting colours. I was not sure if maybe it was a bad download I watched. [url][/url]

    Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (Warning: echii & harm) (Anime) I like this but for the incredible textures and way this is animated. You can definitely see they put a lot of attention in the look and feel of this anime making it visually pleasing to watch. Only part I didn't like was the panty shots and riped clothing; but then again, this anime was not targeted at girls but guys. [url][/url]

    One Piece (Anime & Manga) I can't believe this has not been mentioned before but One Piece should definitely be on this list! Characters that's easy to relate to and fall in love with; stange people, powers, creatures and places that does not feel out of the ordinary; amazingly imaginative; the animating techniques gets better as animation technology improves but it doesn't lose the original feeling that was intended. The anime is exatly the same as the manga - both for the telling of the story (one or 2parts i know of that has been cut out but it was not imperative to the story line) and the artwork. Also, hardly any fillers; maybe 5-12 fillers max (which is mostly when they travel to the next island) out of 536+ eps The "bad" I can think of that would stop a lot of people from watching is the old animation/art style used during the first half of the anime (it's been going for over 12+ years anyway) and the first 30 episodes which is a bit boring. Another "bad" thing is the 4Kids dub of the anime have left it "broken" which turned a lot of potential viewers away. I recommend watching it in the original Japanese version with the subs. [url][/url]

    Vote's AIE * Baccano (anime) * Bacuman (anime) * Berserk (manga only) * Great Teacher Onizuka (manga only) * Hellsing Ultimate OVA (anime) * Full Metal Alchimist * Death Note

    Vote's NAY * Berserk (anime) * Great Teacher Onizuka (anime)

  • In unrecognized anime ب_ب

    Some anime I've watched that not a lot of people have heard of: RAINBOW: Nisha Roku No Shichinin (WARNING: graphic violence) About a bunch of delinquents who gets sent to a reform "school". There they learn to work together to survive the harsh punishments of the guards and doctor; and how they escape and try to make a living for them selves in the outside world

    DRUAGA: The Sword Of Uruk & DRUAGA: The Aeges Of Uruk (Seasons not necessarily in this order) The story has the same feel as a World Of Warcraft game. A boy lives in a city that's situated in the foot of a tall tree/tower. He is also a "climber" who's job is it to accompany anyone who wishes to climb the tower in order to protect them from monsters or to climb it to look for treasure. In his party is an archer, mage and warrior. One day the mage disappears up the tower and he is in per suite to find her.

    Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (WARNING: echii & harem) About a guy who is the assistant teacher at a school. On his night arriving at the school a naked girl falls from the sky. He gets attacked by random girls when the naked one kisses him and she transform in to a very powerful samurai and beats them with lots of panty-shots and ripped clothing. It turns out he is a master samurai who can turn chosen people (mostly girls) into samurai with a kiss.

    I like this not for the echii but the incredible textures and way this is animated.

    And can you believe it, One Piece is not that well known here where I live :O GASP

  • In A Gravity Question

    @Fieyr: i like your explanation of a falling tree. never thought about it that way.

  • In A Gravity Question

    I think that gravity is something that man made up. They told us gravity is what keeps us onto the earth. So you listen to them and you start to believe that if you roll over your bed you'd fall off it on to the floor ... BUT ... what if gravity was never "discovered"? Would you still fall? Would we have been able to fly if no one told us that something much stronger than ourselves was pulling us to earth ... :P

  • In Magicka

    OMGosh! a magicka thread! yayz! i also love magicka, actually, i'm addicted to it :P

    We run a local LAN here where i live and i'm part of the crew. Part of my responsibilities is to run game tournaments and socials. A friend of mine (who also like magicka) has built me a server so i can run Magicka, Terreria and Neuclear Dawn! Spreading the magicks! :P

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    I - Isengard (From LOTR)