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99th percentile

OneDollar joined on May 5th, 2010, since that has made 179 posts that are still accessible today, 13 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, OneDollar has given 234 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 20th, 2019.

  • In Server-kun Voting

    Thanks for the replies about my submission, I think I definitely need to improve on my overall art quality. I was very happy with the effort I put in even though I didn't make it though, however I am motivated for the next art contest!

    I love the entries that made it though, some obviously better than others but each one with a different idea. Anyways, here are picks. (Please note I may be hypocritical as I have not done some things I critic on)

    1st @TeruShinozaki Explanation: Voting it mainly for the art quality and idea behind it to be honest. Nice concept, feels like its a typical colourless user. Colour scheme relates back to site. Iconic colourless headphones like many others. Nice art quality simple and nothing over the top. Can work with posing as it feels a bit awkward, maybe he can actually look at us instead of facing away.

    2nd @Reki Explanation: Much like TeruShinozaki, I like the art quality and the concept. The idea feels like it is much more targeted towards the female demographic however. He feels like the ideal nerdy-cool guy (this satement is neither meant to be in a positive or negative way). I like how he is posed and interacting with the observer. Nice clean art, maybe a bit too clean. One reason I chose TeruShinozaki over Reki is because how TeruShinozaki's feels more gritty and down to earth. I can see Reki's being implemented straight into the site however without the need of any touch ups. Oh, I forgot, I love those glowing eyes! The colour scheme can be improved a bit, the greenish grey tone looks a bit off. I would have stuck with grey clothing as the neon blue glows give the image colour already.

    EDIT: Forgot to point out, the character design can do with improving. There is no clear iconic Colorless logo placement other than on the shoes. Unless I'm missing a really obvious colorless logo, it really needs to be incorporated into the design better.

    3rd @Kiboune Explanation: Nice slick design, leaves much to be desired however. Loving the concept of him, he is very classy and futuristic. Awesome smile and pose (love the perspective), generally full of awesome. However I feel that your design is very much like mine in the way ours both lack art quality (yours is much better imo). There is no shadow and the screenshot overlay just feel lazy. The colour scheme can also do with improving I feel that if the red visors were blue (maybe yellow) it would look much cooler. There is great potential in this one.

    To all 3 submissions, it would be nice if there was some background that the character interacted with instead of them floating in outer space.

    EDIT: just noticed, but why does TeruShinozaki and Reki have the same background and logo?

  • In The Official Server-Kun Design Contest :D !

    Here is a re submission of my previous one. Now with proper proportions and clothing!

  • In The Official Server-Kun Design Contest :D !


    same person but just different media.

  • In Playstation 4 Announcement

    Nothing happened during the stream I heard, why you no ps4?!?!?

  • In Dat Electro Swing

    C2C ftw?

    Not so much electro swing, but I think you guys will like it

    what do you think

  • In Electroswing is my kind of thing

    I accidentally the thread.

  • In Colorless Online Gaming Project

    Was gonna suggest planetside 2 since its free to play and not region restricted.... but people from other continents would get high pings and not have fun D:'

    EDIT why not . Its free, no download, quick sign up, really fun once you have a group of people, also NO GRIND.


    I played the game abit, not a lot. In my personal opinion it feels like a free version of guild wars 2 but more clunky, more anime-esque graphics. But hey its free, cant complain.

  • In [META] The Current State of CL

    Not enough people in the chat room, can you put some fake bots in which I can talk to?

  • In Official King and Queen of CL!

    @SENsei nice reverse psychology there.