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99th percentile

Hello, I'm PB. Your new clown friend. Very nice to meet you.

You'll find I'm a very laidback person who enjoys playing around. I'm also a moderator here so if you've any questions or issues, feel free to give me a poke with a stick.

Or poke me anyhow for a friendly greeting.

That is always a pleasant surprise.

Skype: pureb0red0m


PureBoredom joined on Aug 12th, 2013, since that has made 766 posts that are still accessible today, 11 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, PureBoredom has given 1802 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 21st, 2014.

  • In Blame the user above you. [GAME]

    I blame @Maudia for the many deaths that occur to me in BGO

  • In Spiral Knights: CL Knights Rise Again!

    The Colorless guild is up and running thanks to new friend Josh!

  • In Spiral Knights: CL Knights Rise Again!

    At the moment, we are without a guild until I can accumulate enough funds to create one. Until then~

  • In Spiral Knights: CL Knights Rise Again!

    Reserved for possible news and events

  • In Spiral Knights: CL Knights Rise Again!

    Those of you joining can shoot me a pm or post your IGNS here and I will add your names to the list and to the (future) guild.

    CL Members playing:

    @PureBoredom - PureBoredom

    @Kittycat - Kitty-cat-powa

    @Teil - All-Teil

  • In Spiral Knights: CL Knights Rise Again!
  • Spiral Knights: CL Knights Rise Again! Hello, PB here to talk to you about Spiral Knights.

    Just what is Spiral Knights?

    Spiral Knights is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Three Rings Design and published by Sega. The free-to-play, Java-based game was released in 2011.

    In the game, the player controls a knight of the Spiral order, which has crash-landed on the mysterious planet Cradle. Knights cooperatively battle monsters throughout the Clockworks, the dungeon that fills the planet's interior. They also battle each other in an optional player-versus-player mode.

    The Spiral Knights are a spacefaring army from the planet Isora. Their ship, the Skylark, has crashed on the planet Cradle. The interior of the planet is filled with a mechanized, continually reconfiguring dungeon called the Clockworks. Operating out of the town of Haven on the planet's surface, the knights descend into the Clockworks, with the goal of understanding the mysterious energy source at the planet's core.

    Some long time ago, the CL played Spiral Knights when it first came out. We all very much enjoyed it. As expected, they've made many tweaks and added content to the game. One of the more notable changes they've made has been the elimination of energy cost for using the elevators. With this inhibition on playing removed, this is why I'd like to bring us all together for another go!

  • In The Science Thread

    Flashing gif, seizure warning(?)

    Not everyone sees the same color when they stare at this spinning disk.

    The gif is called, “Benham’s disk" "is named after the English toymaker Charles Benham, who in 1895 sold a top painted with the pattern shown. When the disk is spun, arcs of pale color, called Fechner colors or pattern-induced flicker colors (PIFCs), are visible at different places on the disk. Not everyone sees the same colors."

    "The phenomenon originates from neural activity in the retina and spatial interactions in the primary visual cortex, which plays a role in encoding low-level image features, such as edges and spatiotemporal frequency components."

    I myself see a dull gold, how about you?

  • In Webcomic Central


    In a time where magic is forbidden, a sorceress's once peaceful life is shaken by an undefeated assassin, and grudges that are rooted deeply in time.

    Set in an era where magic is forbidden, the story follows a young sorceress who, despite possessing more power than most could even dream of, could not grasp the simple peaceful life she longed for. But all this will change, whether she is ready for it or not.

    Art is fantastic and I got hooked on the first chapter. Hihgly recommended if you're into manga since it's read in the same format.

  • In IRL Picture Thread I am sloth