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I am the awesome PerrySona, bow before me.

I now have Skype> PerrySona .

Quotes from chat: "If you haven't heard of Perry, then you're beyond help" -C_Q_Kumber

I got nothing

No wait I have an Instagram: Voshimo

PerrySona joined on Nov 26th, 2013, since that has made 57 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, PerrySona has given 70 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 25th, 2019.

  • 2014 FIFA World Cup
    FIFA World Cup 2014 is coming up on June 12th in Brazil.
    "We Are One (Ole Ola)" (Official Song)

    {The Teams:}

    {Group A:}

    {Group B:}

    {Group C:}
    Cote D'Ivoire

    {Group D:}
    Costa Rica

    {Group E:}

    {Group F:}
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    {Group G:}

    {Group H:}
    Korea Republic

    First Match of the Group Stage takes place between Brazil and Croatia at 12 JUN 2014 - 17:00 Local time in Arena de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

    The Official Match Schedule: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/index.html
    Group Standings: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/groups/index.html

  • In The Answer is a Question [Forum Game]

    Can we share?

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    Okay so prom pictures (or what I have so far at least)



  • In Psychology: Colors

    Your Existing Situation

    "Is stubborn and strong-willed, once her mind is made up it is impossible to change it. she does not ask for much, so she feels when she does ask her needs should be met."

    Your Stress Sources

    Tries to hold back her normal enthusiastic and imaginative self in fear that she may get carried away by it and chase after unrealistic goals. Feels betrayed and used and is staying emotionally distant to keep others from hurting her more. her is distrusting and suspicious of the actions and intentions of other people.

    Your Restrained Characteristics

    Open and emotionally involved in relationships and easily finds satisfaction through sexual activity.

    Current situations force her into compromise and placing her own hopes and desires on hold for the time being.

    Feels trapped in a helpless situation and is desperately seeking relief. she is able to find pleasure and happiness in sexual activity.

    "Insists her hopes and ideas are realistic and achievable, but needs encouragement and support. her self-centeredness can cause her to take things too personally."

    "Feels trapped in a helpless situation and is desperately seeking relief. she is able to find pleasure and happiness in sexual activity, as long as there is not a lot of conflict or emotional difficulty."

    Your Desired Objective

    "Wishes to live in a calm, peaceful, relaxing environment, where everyone gets along and there is a strong sense of belonging."

    Your Actual Problem

    "Tends to be too trusting, so she must protect herself from this or she runs the risk of being misunderstood or used by others. Searching for a relationship which provides a safe and understanding environment, one where she knows exactly where she stands with her partner at all times."

    Your Actual Problem #2

    Disappointed because her hopes have not come to pass and she fears coming up with new goals will only lead to further disappointment. These conflicting emotions lead to a feeling of anxiety and depression. she tries to escape into a peaceful and calm relationship which offers encouragement and protection from further disappointment.

    Almost exactly, few things are off but yeah. Spot on

  • In The Answer is a Question [Forum Game]

    Don't our bodies rot after life has finished?

  • In The Answer is a Question [Forum Game]

    Is there such thing as luck?

  • In Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ GIVEAWAY!

    I live in Japan. I live in Yokosuka but I can give a few other locations and what to do there. If you go to any of the shrines you can be guaranteed a beautiful view. In Kamakura there's this place where you can get awesome sausages and dough in the shape of a fish with filling. If you can you HAVE to go see a Japanese baseball game. It is AMAZING

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Winner Crowned!

    Father, Alculard is awesome but Father is a....lot of bad words I don't feel like typing. But yeah, he's a dick

  • In The Colorless Pokedex

    004 @Squareof3

    Dscription: audiogenic pokemon

    Type: Master/necrophilimon

    Entry: This pokemon has a tendency to take on the awesomest of students. This pokemon also has an unusual attraction to the dead. Can often be found in graveyards, digging up bodies.

  • In The Answer is a Question [Forum Game]

    Or is it really poop?