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Welp. Not much here in my opinion... Just a random person who is interested in almost everything... =.=" If I am not online, I am either translating videos and such, too busy playing some games, or programming my own games. Eh~



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RagingPeace joined on May 16th, 2010, since that has made 16 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, RagingPeace has given 19 upvotes, and was last online on May 11th, 2014.

  • In Dota 2 anyone? :D

    Mine is TheOrangeLego. I do not play that often but will if you want to and have the time for it. #:

  • In Spanish Thread

    Y pense que iban a pasar tantas locuras en este thread.

    Anyways, hi. #:

  • In Whcih 2hu would u luv tenderly?

    i wud rabu 2 bee wif shekiky, bing waifu and stuff, dawg

  • In Mash Up Thread

    Going all 'gangsta' in here.... yo!

  • In Happy New Year, Colorless!

    New Happy Year or something like that!

  • In Do you think Colorless is dead?

    It may be dead for you, but for me, nah. It has still got that sense of life, somewhere. A weird life, but better than nothing, right? #:

  • In Sex

    Socks.... Sucks.... Lucks.... Locks....

    They all rhyme, and slight foreshadowing to you, my friend. Mhm~? #:

  • In Merry Merry Barfday Today!

    @Josh_The_Mech Happy anniversary of being expelled from an organ~ #:

  • In Skype!

    Hey, this name thing > theorangelego Yeah, that is my name thingy for this Skypinging.

  • In What's your opinion on Windows 8?

    Some of the ideas in Windows 8 seem great. It would have been great, except the whole change to mobile-style interfaces. In my opinion, Windows 8 could be compared to Vista. They both had great ideas that worked, but the way they tried to implement them into the operating system somewhat ruined them. If Microsoft had made two different types of Windows 8 systems, one made especially for tablets and the other for PCs, I think that it would have been better off for them. There are just somethings on PCs that you cannot do on tablets and vice-versa. But in the end, I guess people would have to adapt to a new OS, as many did from XP to Vista / Windows 7.