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  • In Cl linux chat client

    @Gargron See makefile, it compiles and INSTALLS libpoco. You can do it manually if you doubt my intentions.

  • In Cl linux chat client

    Hello kids, I'm sorry for coming late but here it is, final version:


    and the screenshot: It looks better

    It features ( besides the obvious ) tab name/command autocomplete, hiding users and outputting full history log.

    Have fun!

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    Guide for those who need it.

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    Go for it!

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  • In Cl linux chat client

    @Neko-Chan New update will be up by tonight. It should be easy to compile and install from source the standard way ( make; make install).

  • In Cl linux chat client

    @Gargron The server chokes if you send anything that's not valid json. Maybe you could try to fix that.

  • In Cl linux chat client

    @someone Thank you

    @acostoss I forgot to supply a TODO list ( it's within the code ) but some features like logging and tab completing are under work. It basically logs everything on the screen ( right corner ) so you can look at a history from the moment you logged in. Also i think it should be able to log to file or something.

    @Trev It depends on ncurses and Poco c++ api. Umm you can use websocket implementation since it has everything you would need ( Send and Recv methods ). When i finish it fully and i "should" be done by tonight i will post code and binaries on github so you can see the code to yourself. Also it's written with c++.

    @Gargron Me too! Also, how does the server handle the quoting? Is there any other characters that should be handle specially like quots?

  • In Cl linux chat client



  • Cl linux chat client

    Hello kids,

    I've scrambled this client for all ( mostly for myself ) the linux users out there. Check it out, see if you like it, report bugs, etc, etc... Installation is pretty simple, just follow these commands:

    if you don't have ncurses installed, install it.

    cd /path/to/cl-chat-prerelease.tar.gz

    tar xvf chat-prerelease.tar.gz

    cd CL_Chat

    open README.txt and follow it ( it's just one command ).

    and then just run it:

    ./clchat -u [username] -p [password]

    Have fun, Red.

    P. S. It still isn't finished. I will be posting it on a github when it's done.