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99th percentile

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senkono joined on Aug 12th, 2013, since that has made 11 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, senkono has given 1449 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 3rd, 2014.

  • In The Colorless Apps

    have you opened the site on your mobile phone?

    Yes, it looks horrible. I mean, this is totally taking into consideration that my phone is not a smartphone and is something that would've been cool 7 years ago.

  • In What do you think of my new Anime Fiction Couple?

    Maybe Kouga should read up on pleasing a woman.

  • In This place still exists?

    An oldbie's thread of reminiscence somehow got turned around into a supposed Freudian field day. How even...?

  • In This place still exists?

    And what's the point of ridiculing me? Yer still green.

    I believe that with my own eyes

    I knew this guy who believed dog shit was chocolate. He was a lot like you.

    i don't fucking care.

    You care so much that Hallmark would make cards to cheer you up.

    Would that be all, ma'am?

    Wolf. Continuing to project his need for maternal affection onto other members. Male members. Geezus.

  • In This place still exists?

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You joined over a year after that was a thing.

    The ushering of the dark ages, it was.

  • In [IMPORTANT] Let's be serious

    Many of the posts here break the rules. However, in my boundless mercy, I have converted them to something more suitable. This is but a one time occasion, and the next time, I will be forced to ban you despite how much it'll hurt me.

    Except you, @Ashkachan and @Deng, you must repent for your sins, and thus, you have been banned.

  • In Happy 2 Hours, 53 Minutes, and 35 seconds anniversary

    @crazymexican: Hello, that is disrespecting staff, and I'm gonna have to ban you for making that insinuation.

  • Happy 2 Hours, 53 Minutes, and 35 seconds anniversary

    As of writing this, 2 hours, 53 minutes, and 35, 34, 33, etc seconds have passed since I became admin. Wow, it really seems like just yesterday I was given the job, huh? Time sure flies. Here's to another successful 2 hours, 53 minutes, and something seconds!

    We've really come a long way guys; I'm proud of you.

  • In [IMPORTANT] Let's be serious

    HAIL ME.

  • In [IMPORTANT] Let's be serious

    It seems that I made a mistake in muting @Kirlyte. Even I can make mistakes, and I apologized to him. In order to set things right, I allowed him to ban a member of his choice, and he chose @Maudia. I apologize, Maudia, but it was for a just reason. I hope there is no bad blood between us following your ban.