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Alright, I am a 18 year old college student, I'm majoring in Computer Science. I'm 6'3 and pretty fat. I'm here to hopefully meet interesting people that are interested in the same things as me. Those things include, but are not limited to: -Video games I like most genres, my favorite game series is Halo, but my favorite genre is RPG. I really like the new Fallout games as well as Elder Scrolls. I also play League, A LOT.

-Anime I've seen a lot of shows, not as many as some of the other on here I'm sure. Its not everyday you come across a website based around the an idea in Durararara! I'm open to recomendations from others on shows to watch, some of my favorites include: Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, Code Geass, Kill la Kill, and Tokyo Ghoul.

-Game of Thrones I've read the books, I've seen every episodes, and I read as many quality fan-fics as I can. I absolutely love the universe of the show and I will always be willing to talk about it.

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    Hey, my name is Micheal and I spend a lot of time on the internet (way more than I should) and I enjoy video games, anime, sci fi, and Game of Thrones. I'm a college student (barely passing) and I hope to meet new friends though CL. Thanks.