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99th percentile

SlantDuffy joined on Jun 29th, 2011, since that has made 268 posts that are still accessible today, 5 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, SlantDuffy has given 329 upvotes, and was last online on Mar 27th, 2016.

  • In NIPPON DRINK ALLIANCE (にっぽんドリンクアライアンス)


  • In PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) aka the greatest thing to ever grace Korean music in recent times


    I find this video funny

  • In Would you kill your family for absolutely no reason at all?

    He's a Texan. That's why.

  • In ~ The Colorless Olympics ~ ¡FIRST CHALLENGES UP! TADA.

    @Decae, you do realize 40 oz is well over 2 pounds.

    I don't think I can keep 40 oz of anything, none-the-less wasabi, in my mouth or my stomach.

  • In Looking for some critique.

    Replace all unreadable or hard-to-read typefaces. Replace or remove graphics that interfere with readability of text. Find the harmonious balance in the text to graphic ratio.

    The first one is good, along with the second; however, the latter contained some hard-to-read typeface due to the choice in font color. The third one also has some hard-to-read text due to font and graphic color combinations. Fourth one looks like you put a business card on top of a car ad (looks like two different ads on one page), but gets the message across none-the-less.

    About FB page. You should put the Facebook page to good use by posting additional details about "WHITE PARTY" "Karaoke Night" "BLU __________" and "Members Only Mondays."

    Avoid using all-caps on the FB status updates. The Facebook page is maintained by a human being who is cordially inviting, AND NOT ANNOUNCING, people to the club for special events.

    Also, make like a calendar that has all the upcoming special events and on what days the club is closed. Then, make a bulleted list of all the special events under that calendar, in chronological order. Make it so people can click on each event for additional details, such as "What you should wear. What kind of music to prepare for. We are going to be serving this kind of food that we normally don't serve. etc."

    If enough people go to a special event, make an online photo album that shows how much of a fucking blast it was, to make people want to go to the next special event. (It seems you guys are already doing this.)

    Um...Hmm...what else. Idk. That's all I have for now.

  • In IRL Picture Thread


    you shall never see my face

    I like waterfalls

  • In Post a picture of your DOOR/WALL/INSPIRATION BOARD THINGY

    I have nothing at all.

    It's against the roolz.

  • In Screenshots

    This user killed a snake that intruded his/her home later that day!! :3

    This is what ya'll missed in the Chat because you were all TOO BUSY SLEEPING

  • In self-introduction + Free art

    Hey, I'll send you a link of a man I want you to draw. It's totally SFW. He's my role model.

  • In POs inthis theresd when your durnk OK

    getting there