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    The Benjamin Franklin Effect is just another phenomena that falls under the theory of Cognitive Dissonance since the individual is mainly trying to undergo a process of altering their existing behavior by changing or adding further cognitions to modify their thought-processes, behavior, and/or beliefs.

    Individuals usually attempt to reduce dissonance as they become more self-aware because they may be afraid to suffer the impending negative consequences that may result as a product of their actions, which can be influenced by their beliefs and/or behavior. An individual may additionally try to justify particular behaviors by focusing heavily on short-term benefits. E.g., think about the various thought processes and internal justifications/changes that can take place within an individual's mindset during a in-depth social interaction between several members of an in-group clique.

    The Ben Franklin Effect also focuses on an observation which proposes that when an individual does a favor for someone that they dislike, they are more likely to increasingly warm-up to that person over a period of time.

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    Sounds like quite the interesting story.

    Name: Spook. Weapon: I'll go with my H&K MP5SD6? Probably the best choice out of the bunch for this type of situation anyways imo (totally lucked out since the arrow pointed to my large storage closet). Appearance: Asian. Tall. Athletic. Minimalistic, usually casual-tactical hybrid since its easily daily grab&go, practical, and mobile. Best example I could find (yes, I do walk out of my house looking exactly like this when I feel like it, but I'm obviously not a bearded Caucasian and I obviously don't carry my weapon systems, bandoleer rig/backpack combo, hip-subload with me unless I'm at the range... or during a zombie situation like this): ImgurPersonality: Individualistic, humorous, positivist, knowledgeable, technical, critical, logical, adaptive, observant, and eccentric.

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    Patience is a virtue after all.

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    Most likely.

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    Hmmmm, If I'm bored and I have a time to burn, I'd probably might be down depending on the situation.

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    What headphones are you rocking?

    Imgur - Audio-Technica M50 [Modified] Professional Studio Reference Headphones paired with a mid-end Portable Amplifier and Rockbox'ed MP3 players (soon upgrading to a more expensive Pro DJ Reference Headphone with literally enough subwoofer-level bass to shake your brain from within your cranium due to the extreme basshead genres I listen to and for more accurate real-time referencing when paired with the various decks [mostly Numark], soundboards, and other DJ equipment that I play around with).

    Do you have a favorite brand?

    Personally? Probably Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Ultrasone, and Koss. MAYBE V-Moda, they are a toss-up. Top-notch stuff in my personal opinion BUT only if you really know what you are doing with your specific equipment/setups and can afford it. Digital sound quality is mostly affected by sourcing: music players, various other sound equipment, different bit rates, and music file format. Even the best headphones will sound like utter crap if you have shitty sourcing.

    If you could buy whatever you wanted, what would you get?

    Possibly a set of V-Moda Crossfade LP2 or M80. With their pricing scheme though, it seems like they are trying to become the next "Beats By Dre" trend. They make a great pair of headphones though and if you drive them through some decent hardware and an excellent grade amplifier, they'll sound pretty damn good.

    The Audio-Technica M50s and V-Moda Crossfade LPs are nearly on the same level but the M50 costs a significant $100 less. Use that extra cash to purchase a good amplifier and combine them to a set of Audio-Technica M50s, or even Ultrasone HFI-580s, and they will outperform the V-Moda Crossfade LPs for less than what the LPs cost.

    Headphone purchase decisions/choices should mainly depend on what you're trying to accomplish. Different headphones serve different purposes and headphone choice can be completely subjective due to each individual's different listening tastes/habits. There is no such thing as a one-headphone-does-it-all setup. However, if you know what you are doing, you can accomplish things like making a pair of $35 headphones sound on the same level as a ~$100 set of headphones. Different strokes for different folks.

    Yeah, I'm an Audiophile. Come at me, Bro.

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    Does the human mind create a false reality?



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