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Sushi joined on Apr 23rd, 2010, since that has made 33 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Sushi has given 36 upvotes, and was last online on Mar 13th, 2014.

  • In PSP or Vita?

    What the fuck, now I'm confused again.

    Then again can't the 3000 emulate Gameboy/SNes?

  • In PSP or Vita?

    @eterno I'm pretty sure that's US only. I can't even type my zip code in the box since it will only accept 5 digits.

  • In PSP or Vita?

    I am totally not browsing CL from work.

    @eterno Can you link me to that? Please?

    @DarkChaplain That seems easy enough. And I'm not sure wether or not I'll be buying a lot of stuff from the PSN, as long as I can browse stuff online and play multiplayer I'll be happy.

    @Flywalker37 They're both on my mental to-get list, Crisis Core as well. And the Persona games, FFT, MGS, Parasite Eve, BRS, Katamari, ehh, I have no idea what else. Accepting suggestions.

  • In PSP or Vita?

    @DarkChaplain I have no idea how easy it is to hack the thing myself since I've never done anything like that. I guess I can do it no problem if it's as easy as you say, if you could link me to a tutorial or something. Is there any permanent damage if I screw up?

    By the way, how does the CFW affect online conectivity? I'd rather buy a model with easy online access. Based on everyting you said I'll probably stick to the 3000.

    @eterno When I said the PSP would cost me 250 I already included taxes and shipping. Vita will be 250 without any of that, and would most likely end up costing me 2x that price. Plus no CFW. I'm not going to buy the Vita until it's hacked.

    Btw I checked amazon/eBay, new PSP 3000s usually cost around 200, not 100, and will end up costing more than 250 considering taxes and shipping. This is so annoying.

  • In Fetishes and Kinky shtuff

    protip: "suits" is not a fetish and it's definitely not kinky either.

    Might as well change thread title to "what kind of clothes do you find attractive".

  • In Homestuck
    JOHN: anyway, my point is, who even cares about all that? JOHN: romance and dating are dumb and boring. we are legendary heroes, and we have bigger fish to fry.


  • In PSP or Vita?

    Woah, woah, that's a lot of feedback. Thanks guys. Can't reply to everyone individually but here goes:

    I had no idea the Go was so sucky. Does it REALLY suck that bad that I shouldn't even consider getting it? Because it's much cheaper than a 3000 if I consider how much internal memory it has (+ the ad claims the homebrew to be permanent unless I try to update the firmware).

    I've searched for a bit and I can't find a 2000 or lower which isn't used, and I'd rather avoid those. As for the 3000, I've found a couple good offers, the cheapest being around US$ 250,00. That sounds like a lot for a PSP but that's as low as prices go in my country (just for reference, the official price for the Vita/PS3 320gb around here is US$ 879,00). I also can't buy from eBay or other international sources (sorry @Xyopq! I really wish I could) because importing eletronics is risky and I might get taxed for 60% of the value of the product.

    Anyway, one of those offers is just a vanilla hacked 3000 model with a 4gb memory stick, while the other (about 10 bucks more expensive) comes with a 2gb stick but also 3 (sucky) games and a case. And I'm guessing the latter is a better option...? I have no idea.

  • PSP or Vita?

    So I always thought I'd get a PSP at some point when I had enough money that I wasn't going to use for anything, but then I guess I waited too long and the Vita happened.

    Turns out the Vita is about 3 times the price of a PSP Go (at least in my country), which comes with 16gb to store games (as opposed to the ridiculous overpriced 2gb memory sticks the Vita offers) and it's firmware is already hacked (yeah, console games are too expensive, I plan on downloading most of my games pirated, idc).

    So, what would you guys recommend? Should I wait for the Vita's price to drop or just go for the PSP right now? Any Vita owners have experiences to share? Is it getting hacked soon? Does it play PSP games? Does it have any major flaws I should know of?)

    I'd appreciate any help.


    @Lumiex You have my sword, Ojouu-sama.

    Who am I kidding I'm just doing this to show off.

    I think @9mm should be the second shoutcaster.

    Tbh having @Yotsuba shoutcast would be epic hilarious but that would mean he couldn't play.

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