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I love simple things and ima simple. experiments, anime, music and art. love'em all. you can call me emo, a sadist, or even a masochist caz im all three -YAHA! i have an DeviantArt. Marrionette12.Deviantart.com -YAY! AND I' AM TRYING OUT THIS THING CALLED TUMBLR IVE STILL NO CLUE HOW TO USE IT THOUGH LOL XD I HAVE VARIOUS OTHER THINGS BUT ILL ADD THEM LATER! ...PROBALLY XD


"Who ever appeals to this law against this fellow man is either a fool or a coward, who can not take care of themselves without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to as a sailor "If i live i will kill you, if i die you are forgiven, such as the rule of honor." Omerta by Lamb of God


TWDeath joined on Jun 9th, 2011, since that has made 220 posts that are still accessible today, 7 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, TWDeath has given 269 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 28th, 2015.

  • In Sword Art Online: New Character Contest!

    interesting stuff ^

  • In Dance of the Knights

    haha very interesting

  • In Skrillex VS Deadmau5

    i like both but i do like skrillex a bit more though.

  • In The colorless king

    i kinda hope he's the king makes the story interesting ^_^ and neko is by his side with the black hound i think

  • In K-On

    haha i just post stuff for fun and randomness lol

  • In K the anime

    this is awesome stuff i love the Black Hound and Neko... there should be another animal like Neko

  • In Minesweeper thread [+tutorial]


  • In I'd like your comments/feedback

    i tried editing it just alittle so far in the begining.

  • In Okami HD

    this is an AWESOME game i made to the end and was happy as what!

  • I'd like your comments/feedback

    If you'd like can you give me feedback.

    The Girl who traveled the Road to Darkness:

    One day, a girl was born, and grew up to be a beautiful & respected woman.When she turned 20 she went to set out on a journey. Over the years on her journey, she had a breakdown of screams and tears. The cause was of how humans acted around her. Killings, death, wars, greed, hate, and pain: All the causes of her grief. This caused her to go insane, so to get rid of the stress, she tried many things: Music And Arts, candy, and even the happiness from her freinds, all the things she loved, but none of it worked. But later, while time still flowed, she started to used her own body. First, she tried cutting her hair, it wasnt much but it relieved her alittle. As a result she thought "If i keep cutting parts of my body, will this pain and greif i have, let up?". After she thought this she tried cutting her arm, and it relieved her alittle too, every time she cut it little by little. When she finished an arm, she lastly tried a leg, but this time it was weird. Nothing felt different. Anything else she cutted didnt get rid of some of her grief. Eventually she fell into more despair... and then eventually... died. But she left this message in replace of her to her family, "Did you know? My time has ran out?