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  • In Pokemon Sun and Moon

    We all need to stop and appreciate how cute Rowlet is.

  • In Persona 5 [UPDATED]

    The 4th promotional video has been released! We have a release date of September 15th.

    It looks like they have revealed more characters, which I am excited about. I thought we were only going to have the two classmates and a cat.

  • In Sakamoto desu ga?

    I found the manga a while back, but I didn't expect it to get an anime. The music just makes the ridiculous scenes so much more amusing, so I'm looking forward to the rest of it.

    Also, Sakamoto kinda reminds me of the Persona 4 Protagonist when his charisma is maxed out.

  • In Teas~!

    The image some people see when they imagine tea in England is sophisticated tea preparation with the proper use of a teapot, cute teacups and saucers, but in reality it's most likely just going to be someone in a bathrobe by the worn out plastic kettle, throwing a tea bag into a mug and dumping hot water over it.

    Despite the lack of grandeur, it's still one of the most magical things ever.

  • In The Colo(u)rless UK

    @Xyopq I think MCM Manchester was in July. MCM London is normally twice a year with one in May and another in October.

  • In The Colo(u)rless UK

    Things that may also be of interest to users from the UK:

    From Monday 24th August to Sunday 20th September 2015, Smyths Toys are distributing codes for a Shiny Rayquaza

    Also for any Londoners here, The Prince Charles Cinema show regular screenings of Studio Ghibli films.

    The cinema is in Leicester Square and is really close to Chinatown, so you can grab something to eat or check out the Asian supermarkets while you're there!

  • In UK: Meet Up for london Expo 2012 October

    For a bit, I actually believed that it was gone, but then I asked my brother. Why must you lie to me? ):

  • In UK: Meet Up for london Expo 2012 October

    You should stop by the panda shop. (If it is still there) OuO

  • In Shirokuma CafĂ©

    When I saw the picture for this, the first thing I was drawn to was the Panda with a panda bag. It was then put on my watch list.