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Trev joined on Jul 25th, 2011, since that has made 724 posts that are still accessible today, 54 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Trev has given 863 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 28th, 2015.

  • In Random facts you know about our admins

    @Lumiex False. Because you AVOID ME ALL THE TIME

    QQ MAN

    I'm like |------------| that far from level 30 you gotta TEACH ME STUFF

  • In Men and Women Just Friends: Scientific American Weighs In

    @kosukechan There's no need for personal attacks here. Let's keep this discussion at an impartial, intellectual level.

  • Men and Women Just Friends: Scientific American Weighs In

    These results suggest that men, relative to women, have a particularly hard time being “just friends.” What makes these results particularly interesting is that they were found within particular friendships (remember, each participant was only asked about the specific, platonic, friend with whom they entered the lab). This is not just a bit of confirmation for stereotypes about sex-hungry males and naïve females; it is direct proof that two people can experience the exact same relationship in radically different ways. Men seem to see myriad opportunities for romance in their supposedly platonic opposite-sex friendships. The women in these friendships, however, seem to have a completely different orientation—one that is actually platonic.

    Although women seem to be genuine in their belief that opposite-sex friendships are platonic, men seem unable to turn off their desire for something more. And even though both genders agree overall that attraction between platonic friends is more negative than positive, males are less likely than females to hold this view.

    Ohoho, beating the dead horse once again. Always a controversial topic.

    Scientific American suggest that the "just friends" problem results from men having attractions which are in reality unrequited, but these men imagine or perceive that they are. So what do you have to say about this study?

    Edit: Just to be clear, I am merely presenting the new evidence for discussion since I find it to be more substantial than the "Why Girls and Guys..." video which is reposted every so often. This is not indicative of my personal views on the matter.

  • In Skrillex VS Deadmau5

    Never mind that the two guys are actually bros and would (hopefully) never see it as a competition.

  • In [PROJECT] The Colorless DS

    Out of respect for my position as Grandpa and the complexity of my actual relationships can I please ask that no one have sex with me in this game?

  • In K the anime

    Two things.

    1) K is beautiful.

    2) This post is awful.

  • In The Last Jews in Afghanistan Hate Each Other

    @Gargron did you even read the article? They're fighting over the (very expensive) Torah in question.

  • The Last Jews in Afghanistan Hate Each Other

    Ridiculous. You'd think they'd have something to bond over, but no.

  • In Three Reasons Why Possession of Child Pornography Must Be Re-Legalized in the Coming Decade

    @Maudia has hit the nail on the head. Anything more liberal than this approach is enabling criminals and predation of children.

  • In Three Reasons Why Possession of Child Pornography Must Be Re-Legalized in the Coming Decade

    Marked this thread as NSFW. @quipna, you of all people should know that this topic is inappropriate for our younger audience.

    Additionally, I find no reason to argue for legalization of records or depictions of a grievously harmful activity, especially those which enable those who may be desirous of committing such activities to fantasize about it more vividly. But that is personal opinion.