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99th percentile

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Trev joined on Jul 25th, 2011, since that has made 736 posts that are still accessible today, 55 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Trev has given 874 upvotes, and was last online on Mar 27th, 2015.

  • In [META] The Current State of CL

    I'd like to address having more users.

    1) You guys have to stop running them off just because they type like kids when they get here or don't follow all of the rules right away. 2) The forums need to stay active. 3) Ads won't pay for themselves, but I would be happy to coordinate an ad campaign if you guys are willing to help out!

  • In [META] The Current State of CL

    @9mm I would love to advertise the site! But advertising isn't free.

    I'm gonna need bout tree fiddy.

  • In [META] The Current State of CL

    @DeathByBiscuit The thread contained an incitement to perform an illegal activity, from a user already banned, and the site could have been held legally accountable if it were left up. I do agree with its removal and banning the account of the ban evader.

    The other ban in question resulting from the event could probably have been moderated better; however, I was not present for either that event or its fallout. Any banned user could tell you that my plan of action always involves dialogue beforehand.

    I understand that the users of the site have issues with the moderation team and I intend to address those very shortly.

    Thank you for your concerns.

  • In [META] The Current State of CL


    Do I detect sarcasm?

  • In [META] The Current State of CL

    @DeathByBiscuit Actually until today for the last week there was a standing order to the moderators from me not to remove or lock anything that wasn't illegal under US law.

    As a result, November 5th was the only time we moderated anything.

    Funny how perception and reality differ, huh?

  • [META] The Current State of CL

    I want to know as of November 6-13 what the users think of the site, the community, the moderators and administrators. Let's have a civil discussion about these topics.

    Feel free to post any (legal, worksafe) content you desire in this thread that is relevant..

  • In Remember, remember the Fifth of November

    Psychically unstable? Stalking my ex-girlfriend? How do you even come up with this stuff...

    Ask @sprink yourself. No one was being stalked. And I am many things, but mentally unstable is not among them.

    Baseless accusations do not an argument make. Aside from refuting them, I find no need to even dignify this ridiculousness with a response.

    Edit: @PigBoss and anyone who wants to know why I have a problem with it: Baseless accusations are tantamount to libel. Denial of service attacks are a felony under chapter 18 of the United States Code. Also, we have Cloudflare now, so they're pointless and silly as well.

    If you want to leave the site, then leave. If you want people to leave the site, tell them somewhere else.

  • In All because of an ugly baby...

    I'm with @SENsei. Whole story seems fishy.

  • In Most painful way to die

    I've got to go with @SlantDuffy on this one.

    That or death by wasps.


    It is pretty tasteless to say "Just get this other phone instead" when someone is specifically asked to get one particular phone by an outside authority, regardless of your feelings on the matter. Things don't really work that way when it's not a matter of personal preference.