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Trev joined on Jul 25th, 2011, since that has made 722 posts that are still accessible today, 54 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Trev has given 861 upvotes, and was last online on Jan 22nd, 2015.

  • In Banned Users Appreciation Thread

    @Ecstasy -- I don't make promises I can't keep.

    Nice 666 get btw

  • In Russian thread

    @Kiboune we are working on it )

  • In Banned Users Appreciation Thread

    @Kiboune I can make all of your wildest dreams come true.

    What is it they call it, the Rembrandt effect? You get appreciated more after you die?

  • In Show off your desktops!


    New laptop.

  • In God, the Origins of Life, and the Universe

    @CrimsonAlchemist: Heat death theory would maintain that every STEM object in the universe has an expiration date. Even in a perfectly arranged logical processing unit, the beginning of that physical failure would result in fallibility.

  • In Outside

    I don't believe that this place exists but I'll allow religious discussions, no matter how silly they are.

  • In Texting buddies

    @Fieyr. If a thread is old enough that it won't show up in popularity rankings anymore then it's okay to make a new one. Nothing wrong with linking to the old one though.

    As for posting phone numbers publicly, it's not the safest thing to do and if underage folk do so we are obligated to delete them.

  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    I am Trevatos on US server, if anyone wants to add me

  • In Anybody want a laptop?

    @Flywalker37 back in the day I ran WoTLK on High

  • In God, the Origins of Life, and the Universe

    I think the best way to describe me would be as a theological noncognitivist. Because I do not believe that there is any Thing under the Sun or beyond it that meets the human definition of God, I have marked myself as atheist.

    I believe that evolution is a cornerstone of modern biology and understanding of adaptation and change in complexity. I believe that life ceases to exist meaningfully upon death and that "afterlife" defines a meaningless and mostly impossible process. I believe that it is furthermore meaningless to ask, "When did forever begin?"

    I am almost certain that none of Earth's major religions have a pinpoint-perfect view of what the Most Supreme being in the universe is like, and whatever that being is, the human concept of God or gods does not do it justice.

    The laws of thermodynamics declare the Greatest Being necessarily mortal, fallible, and limited in influence. I can't even tell you on what order of magnitude the Biggest and Baddest exists, and I can't spell out for certain what part (if any) he/she/it played in the Universe's formative years. So I have marked myself as atheist.