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Trev joined on Jul 25th, 2011, since that has made 719 posts that are still accessible today, 54 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Trev has given 858 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 9th, 2014.

  • In Yes hello!

    @Kirn it's a touch more expensive but really we were paying this before we tried to cut costs with the move. When it's all said and done this is no big deal.

    Additionally, we seem to have found what was soaking up so much processing power. Despite the fact that we have more than enough room to minify our code when it's pushed now, I think we're going to leave it as-is for the time being, just to keep processor load at a minimum.

  • In Yes hello!

    @PigBoss @OneDollar we are aware of the issues and they will be corrected as we continue to reinstall components. Thanks for your patience.

  • In Trev Code Marathon [COMPLETE]

    For future reference -- the site went down for about 19 hours.

    It wasn't me. Burst.net blames us, we blame burst.net, and in the end we went back to VPS.net.

    VPS.net, sorry we ever doubted you.

    @Ecstasy -- Bug fixed. It's the last thing I did before the site went down.

    @DarkChaplain -- I have tentatively created a way to arrange All The Things. Mind having a look?

  • In Trev Code Marathon [COMPLETE]

    @Lycan -- I have included the two most requested features in two small links beneath the search bar. Eventually I will replace that with a link to a separate Advanced Search page.

  • In Trev Code Marathon [COMPLETE]

    @Ecstasy: I'll give it a look if I have time.

  • In Trev Code Marathon [COMPLETE]

    @Kiboune I think that will have to wait for Gargron to explain/document his methods for chat. Though it should be possible to add which channels a user is in fairly easily.

    @DarkChaplain: It's on the Trello board already, but I'll take a look and see if I can't come up with an easy way to do this.

    @Lycan: Ah, I had forgotten about this. And it was my idea, too. This will probably be the first thing I do today.

  • Trev Code Marathon [COMPLETE]

    Hi guys. It's 10am here on the East Coast of the US of A and for the next twelve hours I will be marathon coding on theColorless.net.

    Our developers have been excellent at adding new features to the site. While that certainly is important (and fun, furthermore) that means that sometimes stability or security issues get overlooked.

    So, while this thread is up, please take this opportunity to let me know what you want done on the site today. Be sure to check the site's Trello to see if what you've suggested is already on our to-do list. Thanks!


    Due to the sudden and unexpected downtime and our exodus out of burst.net, I had to call it a day at 2PM. But @Ecstasy will be happy to see that the links in the PM pages are fixed, @DarkChaplain will be able to sort his All The Things page, and @Lycan now has three different search modes to choose from. All in all, not an unproductive session.

    Hopefully this demonstrates what I was trying to convey -- we really do care what you have to say, and we listen, and put hard work into making the site what you would want it to be.

    Please send all further suggestions to the official suggestion inbox at hello@thecolorless.net. I promise I read them!

  • In sad hero of war

    ITT people who don't know the first thing about war, or the reasons it happens in the modern day, talking about it.

    The politics of the situation don't matter to a full-time soldier. Coming home in one piece does. Soldiering is an oath and a profession.

    @haystack - If you're claiming to be in the military, stop now. You're not and nothing you can say after this will convince me otherwise.

  • In the U.S army rangers

    These are definitely clips from Jarhead, a movie about Marines.

    Although I have to say, Jarhead is pretty real to what the Gulf War was like in quite a few respects.

  • In Can you Morally Clean a Gene Pool?

    Of course, in populations that select amongst themselves as mates, you end up with far more expression of recessive malignant mutations. As a CF carrier, I have done a little research on this myself.

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