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Skype: umi-yuuki
DeviantArt: UmiYuuki (umiyuuki.deviantart.com)

Currently attending the Art Institute in... Somewhere land! I am studying Game Art and Design which just so happens to be the jack of all trades. I am only going into my third semester but I have become pretty good with art... Just not with colors! Haha. If I am not playing around with the RPG Maker VX Ace then I am probably playing a video game, right now my kick seems to be Dot Hack since I finally was able to find vol 1 for GU. My favorite games of all time are the Persona series, made from Shin Megami Tensei series, which I am currently collecting them~

Lots of Love,
Umi <3

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  • In The Colorless Writing Prompt: Song Fiction

    Got out of class early so finished up the story! Hopefully it isn't to bad...

    Basically I simply listened to the story, watched the video and tried to go into a bit more detail. I did end up mixing some of the lyrics with the song and replaced some of the words in a different part of the story but other than that I tried to keep it together on the time line with the song.

    Slowly a car pulled up in front of a rather small brick house. There was a few toys here and there outside in the front yard but other than that it was silent even as the car doors opened and a woman stepped out, moving around to the back seat and leading the three small boys out and towards the house.

    She called out into the silence of the house and a man walked out of the kitchen to move over to her side, a young girl peaking out around the corner who blinked at the boys. They were different, red eyes staring blankly at the couple in front of them. The woman gently took the girls hand and pushed her forward, the brown hair female staring at the boys in front of her while they stared back, bored.

    “Ayano’s your new sister now… So try to get along with her for me please?”

    The woman slowly left and the male followed, Ayano stared forward and the boys stared back before the one on the left turned away and headed over to the toys, the other two following never casting her a glance. Already they seemed to hate her but… This was a foster home so she wasn’t surprised they didn’t trust her. Each one had a past, the lady of the house warned her of it before they got there, abuse from their father, each one told they were nothing more than a monster, trash, so she didn’t push.

    She tried to play with them. Showing them book, how to build huge houses from the blocks, drawing… But they didn’t seem to take to any of them and slowly she stared to give up. Then one day as Ayano stood there cleaning the bookshelf, she saw the boys staring at each other whispering, she couldn’t help the frown that crossed her lips when the youngest boy started to cry. Walking to their side she sat there in front of the boys, the two eldest looking at her confused and on guard, but she reached forward and gently pushed the boys hair from his face, nothing could prepare for what she heard.

    “I’m a monster…”

    Looking at the boy she smiled and stood up and walked over to the bookcase, holding out a small book with a hero in red on it, “That’s not true at all just look here.” Holding the book out to them the three boys looked at the picture and she smiled, “That red you hate so much a hero wears it proud…” The boys only took the boy and started to look through it in that moment they seemed to be more of a family, closer and she started to try and teach them games and puzzles but of coarse they simply saw it as boring. Then she placed a red muffler around her mouth, working on it for days, and thus started the small barraged and the four children in the house became happy, laughter filled the house and playing, the two adults happily watching from a distance.

    Then spring came the next year and the house was silent once again. The three boys sat in front of a picture of the late woman of the house, her smiling face sitting there behind the children with the male beside her. Ayano stood there just behind them, the red muffler around her neck while she bowed her head, keeping the tears in by biting her bottom lip. The male of the house trying to do the same, trying to be strong but failing when night came and Ayano heard his sobbing from the den.

    She worked hard, cleaning and cooking, taking care of the boys and everything the man of the house couldn’t, someone she had come to know as her father. The boys followed her, looked up to her and she still managed time to play and smile with them. Then one night she walked into the den, the man of the house laying there on his desk with a cup of rum in hand past out on a few files. With a sigh she slowly started to sort them then her blood ran cold, the boys were being taken away, split up, into different homes! Her hands gripped the files and she tried not to cry, they had just started to look up to her, they just started to trust her! She couldn’t lose them… She couldn’t lose the family she just earned!

    Putting the files down she hid behind a smile the next day, sadness swimming in her eyes when she saw the boys run up to her hold their new jackets, something they made for their barraged. She watched them run and prance, play and laugh… They were happy and yet Ayano felt like she was falling into darkness, falling so far that not even the light from their smiles could get her. Gently her hands went up to the muffler and she gripped the red fabric before she smiled once again.

    The sun was shining down on the house and Ayano stood at the door placing a jacket on and slipping on her shoes, the red muffler sitting silently around her neck while a small piece of paper sat in her hand only to be placed on the table by the door. It was still early and no one was awake so with a creak of the door she slowly walked out of the house, dark clouds forming overhead at her disappearing form that stood on the edge of life before slowly falling into darkness, rain drops slowly falling down onto her form that now laid there in silence.

    It was morning, no one had heard Ayano cleaning or cooking, she possibly went to school early so they went about their day. It was only when a set of red eyes locked with the white paper on the table by the door that their world broke.

    Silently everyone gathered around the coffin that sat in front of them days later, Ayanos body found just behind the school. The three boys stood there gripping each other hands crying, clinging to the jackets they created while the bright red muffler wrapped around her neck stood out in the picture that sat there slowly becoming wet from the rain, the large black cars ready to take the boys from the house…

    “If they were my eyes, such red eyes, I wondered if I could be their one and only hero who could have saved their future. The people I love kept crying out and it was going wrong but I couldn’t tell anyone what I felt… I begged God to not destroys anymore and he simply broke us… Sending them away from us. They probably hate me now or just hurt but please tell them that this is a mission I must go alone. I know that I’m gone but wonder what the barraged is doing now… I hope that they’re smiling and getting along with each other. Please don’t tell them what happened, don’t tell them what I have done; I want them to remember our happy times when we were a family. After tomorrow breaks I hope they can find happiness again.

    I can’t help but wonder have I become their big sister by now?


  • In How To Survive Zompocalypse?

    Kinda sad me and some of my friends have already thought out a plan for this...

    If you are inside a building/room, quickly find a place that is safe, even if you are locking your self in a room. Most of the time you see people running around with their heads cut off.. Or you know bit off, this will at least allow you to gather your self and find something around you for a weapon.

    Next I would find a weapon, personally for me it would be something light and easy to swing, nothing that will take like five seconds to pick up and then another ten to hit with. Sure heavy is good since you have to crush their skulls but the speed is a problem, you need to be able to pick it up quickly and attack again if you are on your own.

    After finding a weapon, a being very silent while doing so, since if a zombie is simply relaying on the most primal instinct which is eating then they'll most likely act as a predator and react to sound. Anyway after finding a weapon I would try to remember whats around me, a store, something with supplies that is easy to get in and out of without causing to much of a scene. However, in my current position I would have to move away very quickly from some of the stores, theres a huge mall right there! So right now it would be the schools cafe', the hospital like right next door or the one on the fifth floor.

    Honestly I wouldn't worry to much about clothing but something like light leather thats thick if that makes sense. Shoes would probably be simple sneakers and I would cut my hair pretty short so it wouldn't get in the way and be quick to clean if I get a break somewhere. But for a get away Vehicle... Im kinda for a sport bike since they're small and it would be a lot easier to get through the many trashed vehicles that are mostly likely on the road but then I think about what happens if I hit something so a car would work to maybe outside of the city.

    After getting out of the city I would find somewhere thats locked down, maybe a small city far from the major ones that I can easily move through, killing the zombies I would need to without having at least a hundred after my ass. But really I would keep moving, resting for a few hours in-between the moves and that is how I would live through a Zombie apocalypse!

  • In What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

    Black Cat


    I watched this anime a while back but I remember really being into it. The main character, Train Heartnet who withdrew from an elite group of assassins called the Chronos Numbers to become a bounty hunter. After meeting Saya Minatsuki, Trains morals are completely changed and even though he is a infamous bounty hunter he doesn't kill, he simply wounds them with his gun, Hades, which was what caused problems for him in the CN. Creed, an old friend of Trains and a slight Yaoi interest, appears before Train once again after a few years with many followers and a very unhealthy connection of getting Train to join him. This leads to trouble, Train finds himself with more friends and people to look after than he really wanted but ends up finding out the dark secrets that both CN and Creed have been hiding.

    All in all this anime was very good at keeping my attention, it wasn't something that was normal with the characters always winning a fight and being a badass. Which was a plus so yes I would recommend watching this if you have free time.

    D. Gray Man


    Allen Walker was born with a 'deformed' left arm that resulted in his parents completely abandoning him, though a man named Mana which simply took him under his wing and protected him. They never rested and always traveled and his saying simply became 'Keep moving forward, never look back' which Allen Walker practiced. When Mana passes away a Evil creator named Millennium Earl comes to him in his time of depression and tells him that he could bring him back, Allen Walker being a child agrees only to find out that the father he loved had become and Akuma, demon. The power of the Akuma awakens Allens Innocence, a type of power that only a few people can manage and control, and his deformed left arm becomes a large claw, ripping Mana apart letting Manas soul rest in peace, but not without a parting gift. Mana cursed Allen, giving his left eye the power to detect Akuma, which later becomes more powerful but very painful.

    This anime was great! Beyond anything this anime kept me on my toys and even broke my heart a few times. You saw the characters you fall in love with go through hell, kiss death and then sometimes come back, sometimes you didn't. It was a generic story, it twisted what we knew and made it sound so dirty when its so clean. The only problem I honestly had with it was that because the creator got sick and missed a deadline, he stopped creating the anime so right now I believe, if I remember correctly, the manga has the rest of the story after episode 52.

    Blue Exorcist


    Revolving around Rin Okumura, a teenager possessing abnormal strength and endurance who, along with his twin brother Yukio, was raised by Father Shiro Fujimotoy, Rin learns that he is the son of Satan, the strongest of all demons. Witnessing Shiro dying to protect him, Rin ends up doing what his guardian asked him never to do: draw the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which restrains his demonic powers, from its scabbard. From that moment on, Rin not only gains permanent demonic features like fangs, pointed ears, fiery "horns" and a tail, but also the power to ignite himself into blue flames that can destroy almost anything they touch. At Fujimoto's funeral, Rin has an encounter with Fujimoto's friend Mephisto Pheles, who agrees with Rin's wish to become an Exorcist like his guardian to become stronger and to defeat Satan. Rin enrolls at the prestigious True Cross Academy, which is actually the Japanese branch of an international organization dedicated to protect the human realm, Assiah, from demons and other creatures from the demon realm.

    I just now started this anime but so far its good and funny at the same time, which is hard to do. Its kinda a generic theme to me... I mean demons and such is pretty normal now in anime and it seems that they over powered the main character just a bit in the few episodes that I watched, such as stopping a demon with a simple glance in training class. The only thing that really saved this anime for me was how interesting it got, besides the small details it makes you really think what could happen, why is he doing that, I thought they were friends! Plus you can't help but have a dirty mind in some of the scenes, Yaoi in main account for here.

    Deadman Wonderland


    A massive earthquake ravaged Japan's mainland and destroyed most of Tokyo, sinking three-quarters of the city into the ocean, ten years later, Ganta Igarashi, a seemingly ordinary student attending Nagano Prefecture's middle school who is an escapee, a survivor of the great earthquake, has no memories of the tragedy and has lived a normal life. This all changes when a strange person covered in blood and crimson armor floats through his classroom windows. Grinning madly, the 'Red Man' massacres Ganta's entire class but instead of killing him, embeds a red crystal shard in Ganta's chest. Within days of the massacre, Ganta is declared the sole suspect. Following a quick unfair trial, Ganta is sentenced to death and is incarcerated in Deadman Wonderland, a massive theme park-like prison. When he gets there he is placed in a 'game' where the two people who have the shards power try to beat the other person, the loser is then placed in a chair and a slot like machine is spun and whatever it lands on that part is cut off or cut out. Ganta is then forced to not only try to find the Red Man but fight while a girl in white bothers him saying they know each other, memories he slowly starts to remember over time.

    It was a good anime. There was little humor in it honestly but the gore and action made up for it. Sometimes its bad to have to much of that and the story wasn't really set up and knocked down. Your kinda left wondering whys this and whys that but the story is different from the other anime and thats really what gives this anime a kick off into the right direction.

  • In What's your age?

    Just turned 20 this year... V.V;

    I feel so old now that I see this thread XD

  • In Relationship Advice, Tips, & Questions

    Yes changing your self for the better is great, no problem in that. But if you are simply doing it to fit into something they like because you like them, thats not for a good cause. You can end up hurting your self and the person you're with. You say that change is good and it is, my post isnt directed at that, butif you are changing just to be something your not I dont think its healthy. Changing over time is innocent and changing in a relationship is great, but you shouldn't force a change.

  • In Relationship Advice, Tips, & Questions


    One of the biggest mistakes I've seen some of my friends do is change. When you get in a relationship or your aiming to get in one, always be your self. Don't create a false ID that you show in front of them and then pull a 360 because you know have their attention. I would like to think that when they get with you it's because of who you are, though honestly its a chemical in the brain thats makes the body react to the other just to make this less romantic. I'm not saying you cant change your clothing, takes more showers, put on more makeup and etc, just try not to change who you are and how you act because they want you to. Sooner or later someone will bump into you that is just as crazy as you are.


    Some men or girls want their partner to change friends, sometimes it is understandable, but today I think I will only cover a small part of this. Most girls are attention seekers, some are doing it the wrong way by whining and hurting themselves but lets not go there. I for one am one. When I get bored with gaming or bored of the internet and my friend, which is my roommate currently, is around I'll go over to them and simply nuzzle their side or lay on them till they notice I'm there and give me some sort of attention. That, I would think, is the innocent way of going about it. However, then there are girls who do it the wrong way, they cry and yell, scream and start fights, thats not healthy for the relationship and the people, animals, around it. Don't tell your partner that you don't want them to hang out with their friends anymore because, 'You go there every weekend and party.' I personally think a guy, or girl, should have that free time to escape the stress, however, always try to make time for them. Take them to get their nails and feet done, shopping, out to dinner or stay at home and watch a movie. Don't just think that because they're allowing you a little bit of freedom you can just forget them.


    This one is a pretty easy subject to cover and yet it's really hard for some people to understand. So I'm going to start this one out real slow. Dates don't have to cost money and if they do the best dates can cost not even twenty. Surprised? You should be. When you are taken out to dinner some people expect this huge fancy place with music and great food, a hot butler... or you know waitress. Then they are disappointed to find out they are simply going to the lake or park. They get upset and depressed and their partner feels like they failed, don't do this! This is one of the great ways to end a relationship faster than the speed of light! You don't believe me? Fine, here's a example. A friend of mine had a great boyfriend, he bought her whatever her heart desired, he always helped her out with homework, driving her somewhere, her bills and he was the kindest thing someone could get. Honestly most of us were jealous. She treated him like shit though, she always complained, always wanted to go out to expensive places and etc. So one day he decided to take her to the park, large lake view, the sun just going down, dinner he had cooked sitting on the bench, it was really romantic. She, however, had got dressed up thinking they were going somewhere really expensive, got mad after finding out they were and fought with him. I suppose that he had enough and left her that night. Small things do count! It's like taking a breath of the sweet relationship, forgetting everyone else there and simply knowing they don't need to spend a lot of money on you to love you. This doesn't mean do this every time, a romantic dinner is always nice.

    Second Life

    So... We are onto internet... I am sure at this point Jack will most likely recover everything I'm stating here in more detail but oh well~ Second Life! This means the internet, gaming, role playing and etc. I do all three, the last one not meaning the sexual role play... You pervs. Anyway I have seen where people will date a shit load of people online and one person in real life, when caught they simply say, "The internet is fake, therefore I am not cheating." This is a fucking lie, pardon my French. Though it is true that the internet is something you cant touch, you cant see or feel, it is there and the people on the other side writing, talking and thinking they are together with you are real. Some take it seriously, a little to seriously. I have seen people meet someone online and fly to them just to be with them, that is love, that is affection! Don't just claim you love them and then repeat that to ten other people online, the people you believe that have hearts, they have feelings, and honestly it's a bitch move. Understand the limits. What happens online still effects everyone around you, it sets the mode for the day or night, it help you talk out things with people who will listen, its fun to joke around and be with people who care. It's not right to think you can just abuse it.

    Ending Note

    Think thats everything I can think of... Hope I did this right and explained it~ Lot of Love,

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Persona 3 FES - Ps2


    I am currently replaying Persona, which is part of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Its highly addicting. Rather than just simply being a RPG that makes you wonder around aimless doing quest, though it does have request, it'll make you time manage. It's challenging, you have to be able to make time for training and also for leveling up social links which is done during the day, unless its a special case then its at night. However, on the full moon you have a boss battle that you have to do, no leveling or social links before or after that till the next day. You gain summons by fusion or by drawing from these cards that pop into the main characters head, kinda like hes crazy, so figuring out how to fuse them, how you ?transform and progress the monsters beyond their normal stage is great! I suppose one of my favorite things are, when you find a special armor that changes one of the other characters besides the main characters appearance they'll look at you and complain about it. It's funny to see their expressions.

    Beyond the little extra things, the story is very interesting and has a few twist. Some you see coming and others you don't. While I love the first game on this disk, 'The Journey', I can't say the other game is my favorite, 'The Answer'. The main character for the second part wasn't my favorite and she was a little hard to use. I like close combat and with her combat style it just didn't go well, the second part of the game was nothing but hell and wasn't really that great of a story, it lacked very much.

    Persona 4 - Ps2


    Another Shin Megami Tensei game, Persona 4 has only small hints or attachments to the third game. After obtaining this game I actually went back to play the third and noticed that some of the characters from the fourth were actually shown in the back grounds of the third! Just thought that was something to take note of. Unlike the third game that has an 'dark hour' where your character can fight monsters, this one you have to enter a tv where the monsters sleep, also know as shadows. You come to learn that shadows are created by the negative emotions and thoughts of the humans outside of the world and become friends with its guardian, Teddy who I love and would steal within a heart beat. Like the other game you have a time limit before the boss fights while managing your levels and social links but I kinda think this one is a little bit harder. Unlike the third one, for example, where you can play online games with the Hermit social link the Hermit in the fourth one made you complete request from the shrine in order to level his social link up. Although he was helpful since he followed you into the dungeons and made you pay to get healed, it was slightly harder. Also like the third one you can date more than one girl at a time, I got caught one my first round and they went reverse so it took me a while to get them maxed... Good thing I grind enough I didn't have to go into the tv world for leveling. Its funny with some of the events, even if you choose the wrong choices. In this game, however, every choice you make effects the game. Once you have the wanted man caught you have a series of choices which could end badly if you choose wrong, they are all the same and never change. I personally had to use a walk through for that area just to make sure I didn't fuck up, which to me is a pain. Like normal the story was great, I loved it and have already played through it three times.

    Persona - PSP


    Honestly I wasn't even sure if I wanted this game, but being a collector of Shin Megami Tensei I couldn't help my self. It's a first person view of the dungeon area which is what kinda annoys me, the story is okay but it's not really as deep as some of the other SMT that I have played. You start off seeing some kids trying to perform some sort of 'game' as they call it and it ends up summoning some girl. Everyone freaks out and things go to hell from there. I haven't ran into any social links and though this game does have it's moments there really isn't anything I have taken note of that has made me squeal. I suppose its different from some games because of the party factor. Instead of simply finding team mates and grabbing them and running, you have choices, what ever you choose, who ever you choose, determines who will be available and who wont so some thinking is in need of that. There are side quest but their a bit rare or confusing to find and complete some times. Other than that this game is okay.

    Devil Survivor - DS


    Another SMT game, I would have to say so far one of my top five. Though this game doesn't have Social Links, it does has another thing that makes you time manage, battles and events with the people around you. The story is great! The MC and his friends get locked in Tokyo for some unknown reason, everyone in there is pretty much going insane and you get stuck having to keep them together. Funny thing is that you were only there to see your cousin. Well after a night or two ya'll find out demons are running around and end up in your first fight, after that the story twist and turns making something that seemed so simple to understand clearly a lie and you have to find out whose telling the truth, who you can trust and who you cant, even if they are your friends. Each choice you chose effects everything. If you choose to do something else in a time frame that someone needs you and they die, thats it, they will not be at your ending and you will have to break the news to other characters creating a complex way of life inside of the game. Fusion is still there but instead of using cards to gain monsters or making deals with them, they went a different way this time, they started to use an auction system that levels up when the player has bought enough summons from there. They make the characters act like real people would, doubt, fear, etc. so its not like the MC is all badass and simply walks in there hitting the demons across the head and walks away, no. He doubts everything and tries to hold everything together for his friends. I think they did a great job with this game, the only down side I have is simply my person problem with it, I kinda wish they would have made the intro a little bit longer, you know get a feel for the place, perhaps even make it to where you could walk around on the map instead of using the icon, other than that, it was great.

  • In Artists of Colorless

    So I been wanting to post here for a while but there is just SO MANY great drawings that I feel so bad for abusing this page. Hopefully ya'll wont mind that they're not scanned, they're still packed from moving and... I'm to lazy to scan them now XD

    The rest of my drawings I'll scan.. These are just some I had on my computer. /o/

    Edit: Because I don't want to spam the forum I'm just going to edit this. But This is my Icon, I used gimp so theres a lot of places that the layer mask failed and the bottom layer bleeds in. Hopefully no one will notice~

    This was a picture I drew quickly on SketchBook pro on my tablet so it was kind of a pain haha but I think it turned out rather good.

  • In CL Short Story Project 3: Science Fiction FFA! Currently Editing!

    @--Jack-- Thanks! Honestly though I just write a lot of fanfictions so I'm use to writing stories in a short time span... And you know always waiting till the last minute to ACTUALLY do my English homework as well... But hopefully I'll stand a chance against everyone who entered, I think I used a generic theme for my story XD

    P.S. The Barney and Cat gif has just made my day awesome! /o/

  • In CL Short Story Project 3: Science Fiction FFA! Currently Editing!

    Cant wait to see how this goes~ /o/