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99th percentile

Sup this is Viral/20/M

Currently a New Media student. Hangs in Rochester. Kinda active, college and being an adult sucks. Be playing Yugioh and Magic

PSN: Viral-ttgl

Viral joined on Jun 14th, 2010, since that has made 124 posts that are still accessible today, 7 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Viral has given 151 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 18th, 2018.

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  • In Hexes!! - The Card Game

    @Kirn Yes, some stuff yesterday but it's all good and we fixed it. We took down the project to talk to the guy who made curses! game from 15 years ago and rebranded under his request

  • Hexes!! - The Card Game

    Hey guys! I've been working on this project and thought I would post it here. I've been working on the game Hexes!! a crazy whacky card game about slinging spells at each other. It's a fantastic game, and we were one of the top 5 finalists for the Hasbro Gaming Lab Competition.

    I thought I would just pop this in here and you guys can check it out. If you guys could donate or share with friends that would be awesome!

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    podcast seems funfun. I'm not up for the ladies only, but any other one if you wanna do this again I'd be up for

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    Happy birthday :D

    (omg we have the same bday month)

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    I shall definitely do this for sure, count me in.

  • In Short Story Contest (Planning): Word Count Discussion & Jury Applications on Page 7!

    If there is enough time I would love to join :D

  • In CL Summer Fitness Log

    Alrighty, I'm gonna give you guys some cool stuff to get healthy

    Cool exercise to get healthy

    • This lovely app called Zombies, Run! is a great running app. Basically you run from zombies and collect items for you base. It can be run on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Phones. It plays whatever music you have on your phone/ipod, works on treadmills, and has a 5k trainer.
    • If you don't feel like running, find a good podcast and go for a walk. I usually listen to gaming, science, and world news podcasts.
    • Geocaching is basically a world wide scavenger hunt. Requires 1 GPS. The app is okayish. I suggest getting a GPS. Basically go to this giant Geocaching website where you find local geocaches in your area, put the coordinates into your GPS, and go hunting. Usually if you do find it, you put a little something in the geocache when you find it (just go to the dollar store and get some toys/pencils/small things like that).
    • As stupid as it is, the Kinect is actually pretty good exercise tool. Get fruit ninja. Wii can also be be used but it's not as good. Also dance games.
    • USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Use treadmills while playing video games, I suggest RPGs in case you're one of those people who move with the game.
    • Replace your chair with an exercise ball. Do sit ups and balance exercises while that video downloads.
    • Do exercises during commercials
    • Do basic yoga stretches.
    • And nerdy and weeaboo feeling as it is, if you like something from a video game/tv show/whatever and it's possible within reason, learn it. I took up archery in 10th grade because I usually played as archer characters in MMOs - and learned the valuable skill of hunting things as well. (Also great upper body work out)



    • Don't constantly count calories, except when you're eating out. If your aiming for the 2000 calories a day, one meal will usually be over 1000 calories
    • The idea ratio for food is 1 meat: 2 vegetable : 1 grain/starch
    • Switch to the 6 small meals a day. If not eat a bigger breakfast and smaller dinner.
    • Organic is a very loose term. Don't trust it. Instead go to a farmer's market where you can talk to the farmers.
    • Allergies? Buy local honey may help though it's still a theory. But honey's great for you anyways and help your local farmers yay.
    • (FOR AMERICANS) We all go out for fast food, so order a kids meal instead (which is usually a european's/canadian's small). Also unsweetened ice tea.
    • Beware of whole grain, it either tastes good or it tastes like shit. If your having bad luck try finding whole wheat and white mixes.
    • Frozen fruit, soups, and vegetables are your friends
    • Have vegetarian mondays
    • Use a grill. Seriously.
    • Pork is not white meat. Venison is a leaner alternative to beef (and personally I think it's better).
    • Potatoes are a grain, not a vegetable.
    • Hate fish because of it's fishy taste? Stop getting frozen fish. And soak it in lemon juice before you cook it.
    • The "Eat This, Not That" books are actually pretty good. They come with the worst foods you can get and healthy alternatives for eating at fast food/restaurants. Their whole grain section doesn't taste like cardboard. Their recipes are pretty good
    • Eat seasonably with your veggies, cheaper and fresher
    • Genetic food has been around for centuries. Yea we made plants bigger in the 1800s just by cross pollination.
    • Learn how to read a nutrition facts guys. Yea spot the block whatever thing.


    • Stress is a killer. Some doctors say it causes cancer. Also causes stress eating. Either way try to minimize the stress in your life. Take up meditation, get more sleep, see a doctor if need be because fucking stress.
    • Mental health is just as important and physical health.
    • If something is hurting while you exercise (not the burn, like it actually fucking hurts) stop right away. See a fucking doctor.
    • More on stress and anxiety. When you're stressed you basically go into fight or flight mode. This is healthy for adrenaline purposes. If you're constantly stressed or have anxiety over something for more than a couple days talk to someone. (yes school work even counts too)
    • Get enough sleep, seriously. You'll lose weight :D

    And that's all for now.

  • In In-chat message system

    Maybe we can have a /whisper_(insert username) function instead of a whole new box?

    Personally I just use skype/occasionally another chatroom/PMs to talk to someone but there are the small few messages that I would like to send on the chat without having to boot up skype or sending a PM, waiting for them to reply/refresh, then get it.

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    I play as shibuyashadow