"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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99th percentile

Hello wolfy, this is jack speaking on your profile page.

I really love @DictatorHilton


The life of animals, without self-pity and simply devoted to the time given. The life of humans, with sympathy for other living beings. If we can travel halfway between those two paths, Don’t you think our lives would be wonderful?

It's the End of the World, isn't it.



"Men of profound sorrow give themselves away when they are happy: they have a way of grasping happiness as if they wanted to crush and smother it, from jealousy - alas, they know too well that it will flee away."





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    I can't really say I've done much with my low budget this year ;-; So I only ended up getting 2 games. So only now to realize when i looked into my bank account... I dodged debt by a few dollars ;A; AND I WAS ABOUT TO GET SOME EXTRA DLC. Here's what i got ; ~;

    I've yet to put any hours into them yet, but tonight i surely will!

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    @Farris if the site wasnt down that week, we would've had this done. But tomorrow i might be a bit busy for me, unless i see you online today

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    @Ladyinwaiting You're on a site consisting of around 35 active members. Probably less, looking to stop crime & help the needy. Around 10 of us are in America, let alone probably 3 or 4 in your area who have to deal with their own work and their own lives. We can't have a view on the entire state or town; only based on what we see everyday. We're not super heroes with powers who watch over the city for the face of danger. Leave that work to your local police/firefighters.

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    As a person who makes lo-fi beats.. Uhh good on you for making this thread .___. Also @shafnat, those aren't lofi songs. Debatable if you want, but that's just chill.

    If you want lofi singing, try Sophie Meiers

    Now some people like Atlas, Atwood, Samsa, ect

    ._. You'll see me posting on this all the time

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    @DarkChaplain Well it'd be a work in progress. More like a side project. And you're about the lore of towns and what not. If anything & this just turns into a normal DnD/Pathfinder group, so be it. I'm no master mind at these games. But I did expect more people like Bav, Kin, and Grinners to share their thoughts and ideas.

    Hence I'm just making the thread about this like everyone said i should, near a week ago. We'll get something going, If not a origin idea.

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    @ccc It's been a discussion in chat a couple times. But essentially we'll just have people working on different parts of the lore or maps; ect. Mostly likely in a discord or skype. The art side of things, or ideas of towns, and certain lore would be okay shared & have certain people working on a section of each role. Mainly to keep everyone from being spoiled ahead of time.

    Ever played DnD in general tho? It's quite easy and more fun than it seems.

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  • Dungeons & Dragons: TheColorless Edition (Alpha)

    Alright, this is going to be a project for creating a DnD World specifically set in a CL set universe. Everything is from now on will just be ideas and planning. But for now, let's just see how many people are up for the idea.

    To start things off, we'll have groups divided into different roles.

    • A rough copy of what the main planet will look like

    • Whether this will be a 5e or 3.5 version of the game/or even pathfinder

    • Minor quest ideas

    • Monster ideas (If anyone has any DnD books with information, that would be great too)

    • A basic lore unique to our site

    • We will have people working on different towns, maps of each town, ect.

    • A list of people participating for the role of DM (We will take turns or work something out so everyone gets a fair chance of play)

    • Rules needed to keep trolls or people not serious about this out. (Is pointing fingers at a few of you)


    Current Progress:


    Post below if you have anything to say, ideas, or want to participate in something