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99th percentile

Hello wolfy, this is jack speaking on your profile page.


The life of animals, without self-pity and simply devoted to the time given. The life of humans, with sympathy for other living beings. If we can travel halfway between those two paths, Don’t you think our lives would be wonderful?

It's the End of the World, isn't it.



"Men of profound sorrow give themselves away when they are happy: they have a way of grasping happiness as if they wanted to crush and smother it, from jealousy - alas, they know too well that it will flee away."


Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil




Wolfangle joined on May 18th, 2011, since that has made 1138 posts that are still accessible today, 37 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Wolfangle has given 2108 upvotes, and was last online on Mar 25th, 2017.

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    @Qarr Well to be fair, you can't actually put a number to all the amounts of energy/"natural electricity. Well you can for some things but not all. Some people can handle getting struck by lightning and be just fine..ish. What if like you were that 1 person who was barely affected by that and can release that electricity when they want to?

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    She beat me to it, but I'm on a phone away from my computer. There's a YouTube Whoring thread on the front page if you didn't notice. You should move your content there instead of making a whole thread to yourself. @ID_Tuner

    Aside from that I was gonna be critique to your video and say you did a good job. I'm pretty blunt and picky when it comes to people's content.

    With that being said, it had that nostalgic vibe to it. Like listening to an audio book based on a late 90's early 2000's anime. Had nice background music to fit the theme, reminded me a bit of how air gear in that sense. Also that bit of gameplay really set the tone for the story (Gran Turismo 3?). I never watched Initial-D but I'm assuming you got inspiration from that too?

    Besides that, the whole Tokyo spirit, thing is cliche. Or how I actually didn't assume "why you moved there" & just thought you'd be born there. The fact that the car "blew up" or probably just had a stall. And just somehow has an American accent or just that guy from Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift (I actually liked that movie). Also that poem was hella cheesy, "by & by".

    A few errors, but nothing to ruin your video. I give it an IGN G4TV 2006 GTO score of 8/10, well done.

  • In Weekly Super Power Discussion: Electricity

    I guess I'll go first and say that electricity has a lot of attributes to what could happen if it was a super power. I also study electricity, to uhh, yea. There's a lot of things i could see this being useful for. For 1, you're electric bill will be next to nothing & everything I own will always be charged. I guess aside from that, if it's not a power i can contain that's always lashing out electric waves from my body, that kinda limits my swimming patterns or me going into a deep study on what i could drink. Overall I'd be more interest on the big things i could do with this. Things such as the crimes i could do to make my life easier through exploits, or if i can achieve something through political gain with this.

    That's all I'll say for now, because during creation of this thread I've thought a lot about this. But I'm really interested on what you all have to say.

  • In Weekly Super Power Discussion: Electricity


    As for this first power, give your thoughts on any aspect to this power. Or write up a brief story of how it would affect you to posses the power of electricity. Media posts, memes, or anything really.



  • Weekly Super Power Discussion: Electricity

    Welcome to The Super Power Discussion Thread.

    The basics of this thread would be to discuss the super power showcased this week. Think about the advantages & disadvantages, the logical & make believe, write on how it would affect the world around you in a scenario where you're the only one with this power, and even the many science and theories that can go into it. Think of this as a thread for the creative, you comic nerds, and brainiacs with a challenge in mind

    Each week on every Friday, I'll change the topic and feature a new super power based on what you want next. I'll even create an index post for each previous power to look back on. With that being said, I look forward to what you come up with.



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  • In Two Years and Change

    So 2 years huh? Well I was away for one. But what i do know is that this year we had the discord fuckup. Also most of the Americans left, but who cares about that?

    The Discord idea was to have discussions about certain topics and voice chat about them for CL members. It turned hectic when everyone wanted their own little group. And even more when a certain group of fucks thought it'd be a great idea to invite every newbie they saw log into CL, into in their Discord group. Not to even mention the toxic users around here at that time. In truth if Kirn was on more often or dare i even say YOU of all people, was here to moderate chat and kill the vibe of everyone with their "new" stupid ideas. Maybe it would've been a little bit better here.

    Anyways, Discord happened, Discord ended, and like the many users and new users in Discord, they ended. Oh oh yea, the Americans. Umm, Kip was admin. And now she's not, due to heavy changes in life.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    Yesterday i was awake for a total of 2 maybe 3 hours & had a few depressive mental breakdowns(it's been a while since i got that bad). I woke at midnight & stayed up. Thought about life and tried to focus on my inner self. It went sorta well. I don't feel completely better, but i do feel like i've achieved something. Things are a lot confusing for me at the moment

  • In An Introduction and Beginners Guide to Warframe: Ninjas in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

    IGN - PsyroPunk

    Currently in the works of waiting for my ash prime. We should have like a CL Skype Warframe group, since it is co-op