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99th percentile

Hello wolfy, this is jack speaking on your profile page.

I really love @DictatorHilton

The life of animals, without self-pity and simply devoted to the time given. The life of humans, with sympathy for other living beings. If we can travel halfway between those two paths, Don’t you think our lives would be wonderful?

It's the End of the World, isn't it.

"Men of profound sorrow give themselves away when they are happy: they have a way of grasping happiness as if they wanted to crush and smother it, from jealousy - alas, they know too well that it will flee away."

_ F535AA

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    In Britain, until relatively recently, a wooden coffin was a post-mortem luxury, that meant that the corpses of poor people had to go coffinless, so they shrouded bodies for burial by wrapping them in a winding sheet instead.

    Although burial shrouds have been out of fashion for so long that we barely remember them, the archetype of the ghost as a supernatural being draped in sheets has remained with us, unchanged.

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    @ShowamArm @Farris

    Satan had minimal role in medieval Christian theology, but he frequently appeared as a recurring comedic stock character in late medieval mystery plays, in which he was portrayed as a comic relief figure who "frolicked, fell, and farted in the background". Jeffrey Burton Russell describes the medieval conception of Satan as "more pathetic and repulsive than terrifying" and he was seen as little more than a nuisance to God's overarching plan.

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    Adolf Frederick, king of Sweden, died in Stockholm on 12 February 1771 after having consumed a meal consisting of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, kippers and champagne, which was topped off with 14 servings of his favourite dessert: semla served in a bowl of hot milk (known as "hetvägg").

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    Even tho today was a mix of good & bad. I had a relaxing smirk on my face after this evening, and genuine joy for some change. Even had the time to talk with possible partners & investors for my future projects, I hope we work things out towards the end of the year^^

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    @--Jack--I'll put a bid on that

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    In 1915, a 30-year-old South Carolinian named Essie Dunbar suffered a fatal attack of epilepsy—or so everyone thought. After declaring her dead, doctors placed Dunbar’s body in a coffin and scheduled her funeral for the next day so that her sister, who lived out of town, would still be able to pay respects. But Dunbar's sister didn't travel fast enough; she arrived only to see the last clods of dirt thrown atop the grave. This didn’t sit well with Dunbar’s sister, who wanted to see Essie one last time. She ordered that the body be removed. When the coffin lid was opened, Essie sat up and smiled at all around her. She lived for another 47 years.

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    Making a list of people in my life I want to help, when i reach a point where I can assist when I can. Regardless of ill matters. Just a change in my way of thought really

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    @--Jack-- Detail, detail


    Oh wait, it's boring.... I gotcha~

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    @Bavalt I was about to go into the thread to see who else made a post with lack luster of or no description. But, for this I approve!