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99th percentile

Hello wolfy, this is jack speaking on your profile page.

I really love @DictatorHilton

The life of animals, without self-pity and simply devoted to the time given. The life of humans, with sympathy for other living beings. If we can travel halfway between those two paths, Don’t you think our lives would be wonderful?

It's the End of the World, isn't it.

"Men of profound sorrow give themselves away when they are happy: they have a way of grasping happiness as if they wanted to crush and smother it, from jealousy - alas, they know too well that it will flee away."

_ F535AA

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  • The Genre of your Life RN

    Where do you see your life right now? I'll admit, I'm only writing this out of the boredom of my night. But if you were to put a genre to your life right now, what would it be? Genres, sub genres, or a mix of most.

    Don't fucking cheat with by saying "Slice of Life" or I'll have to call the goats on you.

    Cyberpunk, as told from a reddit page due to my lazy actions, is: a genre of science fiction and a lawless subculture in an oppressive society dominated by computer technology and big corporations.

    .>Be me

    .>Meme text

    .>PJs still on from day before

    .>Works at home, nearly poor, with high tech techs in my bedroom

    .>Just had spicy ramen & works out when i can afford more food

    The world is constantly evolving around us, tech is modern & stays modern to us. But with a closer look, we'd just seem like a concept image someone had from the 80's/90's minus the flying cars. Dates are planned online. The stock market is now out done by our crypto currencies with laughable trolls online making fun of you for hodling out to the next big thing.

    Our world is run on ideas, and working the system only mentally drains you in the end. Therefore, personally, I feel like this is a world going cyberpunk. Just I'm the dude from Choas;Head in the first episode. And instead of waiting for waifus (doe that would be nice, pls im lonely), I'm waiting for my riches in trading.


    Also if you're not a goat. GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE

  • In How would you plan if you knew you were gonna be rich?

    You guys are lame

  • How would you plan if you knew you were gonna be rich?

    Being a knowledgeable trader of the stock market & on other sources now, the question sometimes pops into the head when predicting the market for possible gains. But let's say you're like me (or like most of us), nearly dead broke, not living the plans you had for life as days & months go by. But if you cracked the code or had a very high success rate for a breakthrough for riches in instant game in the upcoming months (Let's say by the end of the year).

    How would you prepare? Not asking how you would spend a million dollars. More so of how the events will unfold, whilst putting absolute faith in a hypothesized idea & the days following such outcome.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    Waiting for wealth, living like i broke college student. Procrastinating on actual jobs that'l make me feel worse than I already am, but sacrificing mental stability for finical stability. Big things are happening for traders in November & December. So just waiting thinking I if played my cards right.. Living is such a bore when you can't do anything but wait..

  • In Lucky Nugget

    Every time i see these fucking spam bots, imma just make it interesting by adding random facts.

    @Dreaseenown In art, performance, and literature, “grotesque” refers to something that simultaneously invokes in an audience a feeling of uncomfortable bizarreness as well as sympathetic pity. More specifically, the grotesque forms on Gothic buildings, when not used as drain-spouts, should not be called gargoyles, but rather referred to simply as grotesques, or chimeras.

    The word was originally a noun (1560s), from Italian grottesco (through Middle French), literally "of a cave", from Italian grotta, an extravagant style of Ancient Roman decorative art rediscovered and then copied in Rome at the end of the 15th century. The word first was used of paintings found on the walls of basements of Roman ruins that were called at that time Le Grotte due to their appearance. These "caves" were in fact rooms and corridors of the Domus Aurea, the unfinished palace complex started by Nero after the Great Fire of Rome.

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    @DarkChaplain To be fair, I haven't set myself on fire yet.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    I got run over by a car today.. Not fun

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

  • In The Undateables

    Basic people

    Most of you normie punks. It's tiring as fuck to see people everywhere I go who's just a copy & paste of someone else I can easily find within 2 minutes of looking around

    Preppy fucks

    The person who's too trapped in the modern fad of being hassled with needless drama & rumors. So like, most of you, I could name a few. Yea I could care less about how much dick you get or need to get cause it's been a week without. Or the fact that you hate certain people fore terrible reasons, like "they looked at me funny once 3 years ago", fuck off.

    Not Enough Struggle

    Wanting struggle in a person is like a double edged sword. There's no actual positive parts to this if talking about an entire spectrum. But it's annoying dealing with people who haven't lived trouble to combat it. Instead to come to terms with you, they go out on a shopping list of sub par 'bad things' that's happened to them. I'm not saying you need to see shit like people dying or living it like I have, but struggle creates wisdom. And a person without wisdom isn't someone worth hanging around. They just laugh around to the trend of conundrums wishing to die while they enjoy their posh lifestyle like it's a meme to have struggle. Fuck off with that.

    Baseless boring self absorbed fuck brained shit stained oblivious to the fucking boring and worthless lives they live without trying to do more

    I just hate when people discard their potential, living with it as if that's all they're good for.

    Drugs? I'm okay with it, just..

    I could care less if they smoke or do drugs. Devil's advocate is a thing, figure out the safe methods of what you're doing. Just look forward to a positive outlook than drowning your brains in them. Otherwise you'll end up like 2 of my exes. Drugs ruin you if you misuse them out of proportion


    Yea.. Nah. I just don't. Don't be a fucking twig either, health is important. But it grosses me out. My preference, not yours

    I mainly vented out tbh, its 5am & I'm tired as hell.