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Yotsuba joined on May 13th, 2010, since that has made 72 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Yotsuba has given 77 upvotes, and was last online on Mar 26th, 2018.

  • In Skullgirls is here!

    I'll buy it soon enough.

    It's a pretty solid tournament level fighting game, And i love the fact the training mode has an option for you to see character frame rate and hitbox.

    Shit is practicing at a whole other level.


    Once every few months is better than nothing at all imo.

    All you faggots still hold a very special part of my E-nus.

  • I always want to feel, the feels i felt back then.

  • In Phone Carriers

    Sprint 3rd rate employee plan. 3000 anytime minutes, unlimited cellphone to cellphone, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited roaming for when i travel, unlimited data. $30 a month, luckily i live in nyc and sprint has pretty decent service in the city, albeit its 4g service can still use severe improvements.

    Verizon is definitely the best carrier service wise, shit got reception nearly everywhere, sadly it is also the most expensive AND the most limiting.

    AT&T is the runner up to verizon, With good reception though not great inside cities themselves, Anywho its the inbetween, of the top 3 providers.

    After that i'd safely judge it as Atleast in the usa:

    1. Verizon

    2. ATT

    3. Sprint

    4. T-mobile (only because it has a wider reception map than metropcs, but everything else sucks when it comes to speed and its plans)

    5. Metropcs (better than t-mobile speedwise in data and well even better calls, But it needs more towers to get a wider coverage of the country)

    6. Virgin mobile

    7. Boost mobile (oh my god the customer service for these jerks... first of all.. it used to be a black guy's voice, but they changed it, EVEN THOUGH ITS STILL HORRIBLE, AND GETTING TO A LIVE ADVISOR IS DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE, OH FAWKING GOD)

  • In not so COLORLESS now are we.

    @Ecstasy You are all gay, i'm still straight, unless you're @Sushi @Dutchie @Nandaba @9mm @Acostoss and even then it's still straight cause we're all manry as fuck.


    I hope so trev, Because i was mainly dropping that in there in a sort of subliminal way.

    Don't want no bitches thinking im a GoT lover.

    which in fact i totally am, ya'll niggas missing out.


    I do not hate it, I just don't see the lasting appeal to it.

    I got to episode 6 of the first season before realizing that there are other things i could've done more entertaining than watching those episodes.

    That being said, i don't really mind glee, But you guys have to admit... Fanbases for things are usually annoying...

    I mean.... you should hear me talking about game of thrones... you'd hate me too probably.

    except not cause it is an amazing show that shows us alot of moral values, Some like, Cutting the head off of awesome badass people from the north will generally get ALL of the northeners to rally against your smugfaced Incest born son, with their direwolves at hand as you sit down getting stabbed repeatedly by the iron throne which was weaved by smelting iron swords together that are still pretty darn sharp.

  • I do personally believe they are on a magical quest, For what? I am not sure

    But there is speculation that its for very special sandwich ingredients not normally obtained.

  • In not so COLORLESS now are we.


    Conspiracy Keanu has already seen to that.

    In any case, Having A lot of colors also embodies the term "Colorless", Unless we were to be Achromatic, but thus it is not the case, and instead we are more of a monochrome themed website, which is still a form of being colorful.

  • In Who thinks the new site is awesome?

    New site layout and got rid of @kirn in one go? Sounds amazing to me.

    lol j/k, my heart always has a place for shovel wielding menaces.