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YumiToho joined on May 13th, 2010, since that has made 146 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, YumiToho has given 152 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 24th, 2013.


    ANONSY! Let me oh my god come into my arms let me hug you let me love you down aahh <333

    Do I really need to answer those questions. Like...really?

    this is slightly exciting

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    @Matt Fireball is just a website with comics and shit. I only read like...2 of the comics there but who cares anyway.

    @PureBoredom You DO have that ability. You gotta believe!

    @Kosukechan Don't be jealous, silly.

    @Sullyangel I actually might change the title lol Wow unique touch or marking? I don't even see what's so unique about anything I do but thanks!

    @Sushi Sure, okay! Draw Draw Master Yumi! Hayatatatacha! Paint! Draw! It's all in the mind! I suck at teaching though.

    @Kagami Thank you <3

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    July 17th! UvU

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    The main program I use is Paint Tool SAI because it makes the most beautiful lines I have ever seen. I usually just play around with shit because idk what I'm doing. Sometimes I use photoshop for touching stuff up but not always.

    @Tal For the Terezi I think i used the brush tool for everything and then slapped colors over it. Oh and a texture that i grabbed off google. Luminosity and Screen layers make shit brighter.

    @Gar Don't pay attention to the last one's face just look at her legs.

    @Trzaska Not rape faces not. Thank you.

    @Mary and @Haisu Thanks sweeties <3

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    Dear loser,

    You need to check your shit before you post it and you're just jealous of my art skills. Also, that folder is virused. UvU Watch out.

    <3, Yumi

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    Hello to an obvious person,

    You're a loser. Art threads are cool. Get out. Also pirate your own god damn music i ain't doin that shit.

    Fuck you, Yumi

  • In ★★★★★Kawayy Art Dumps By Yumi Toho★★★★★
    Here's a shitty doodle thing of my friend Zuki that I did on dA Muro last week.
    I won 50 bucks for drawing this. It's the current background for
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    @NightLight This is the reason i cry myself to sleep at night.

    @Domo THANKS ORI

    @Shiro I will post more when I make more....or I'll maybe just post whatever I have premade idk

    @Settsuo It's a troll not a demon silly. But thank you~ =v=

  • ★★★★★Kawayy Art Dumps By Yumi Toho★★★★★
    Changed the title because because

    Okay so I like to make art and show it off. SOOOOOO There is now a Yumi art thread. I am here to make your eyes bleed. This'll be updated whenever I make dumb art so hopefully i won't forget about this one like i did my last one.

    Here's my dA if anybody wants to watch me there:
    I try to update it as much as I can but most of my start ends up on my tumblr before dA. So here's my blog. Just beware that it's NOT an art blog so I post other stuff there too.

    So to open this shit up, here is a hornless Terezi.
    Also here's a commission that I did like last week or whatever.
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    @Sushi for flattest chest i am so sorry they made me do it