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    @ImagineBreaker i was silent for like a minute saying what when finding that out

    @break really!? how long

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  • In Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Version 3)
    thought these were worth having here
    i think i may actually re-watch this sereis since i seened he anime air on TV a few years back

    THIS ACUTALLY HAPPEND or is this fanmade? of a manga?pardoy?
  • In Top 5 most annoying types of anime fans

    i agree with you on 5,3, and 1 go where ever i go to the bookstore to read manga all i hear is bleach naruto and one-piece and my sister wont stfu about yaoi

    awesome Art here,ill just post the ones t hat caugh my eye

    Nitro+(was shocked has hell finding out that Nitro+ made this game)






    Minori (kinda disapionting)
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    hopefully the game cant be that hard to figure out to play

  • In Because this deserves a repost: iPod-controlled Cubey


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    we need a remake of ruby and sapphire

  • In Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Version 3)

    Stern (Material S) sounds vampierish in the negning then kicks of awesome Levi (Material L) remix Touhouish? shit got real track Violin^^ i would not have none it was an A's arrangment without being told 2nd charecter theme Neon Genesis Evangelionish? Vita awesome! loving shamal's theme :3 Chrono theme Jazz/Techno? ftw ViviD cast great god i got to get me a copy of battle of aces OTL in some fights i prolonge the fights with the Eternal Blaze arrangement kicks in

    Just finshed all of Strikers last 6 eps in one go and MAN shit was epic although i still wanted to see that all out battle.......

  • In Katawa Shoujo - Disability Girls

    Rin and Shizune :3