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99th percentile

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break joined on Apr 29th, 2010, since that has made 734 posts that are still accessible today, 3 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, break has given 778 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 6th, 2016.

  • In Rpgmaker fate/help

    @Waelock thanks man, thats really helpful. now do you know if anyone made a script for the other two things i need for the batlesystem i have in mind? i need to have the HP and MP gauges combined into one and i need to have them giving more than one command per round; basically a gauge with points per rounds for the commands..

  • Rpgmaker fate/help

    Hey guys, i recently got around to playing aroudn a bit with the RPGmaker VX ace, and i just wanted to know if anyone else here knows some about it, and msot of all can show meto some good resources that i cna use mainly for a fate/ related project. most of the resources for the older makers dont work because of sizedifferences and general stuff, also i'd especially like it if someone has a good tutorial on side-view battle systems and on how to make sprites for that and animation pics for the moves including characters.

  • In Spring 2013 Animes (Awaiting Better Sources)

    no need to get all nervous, this happens every season, its normal. the first chart to come out is pretty much always a troll chart. most of the time its easy enough to notice so nobody really gets angry at it anymore, so calm down^^

  • In Spring 2013 Animes (Awaiting Better Sources)

    lots of these seem like a troll list, though i would really like to see Lying Mii-kun and broken Maa-chan animated, since its rather awesome.

    EDIT: just looked at the movie section, now thats rather badly made; if they wanted to make a troll list they couldve at least looked up and wouldve noticed that Berserk movie 2 has been out for ages already, and the blue-ray for part 3 comes out in less than a week already.

  • In Mad Father

    sounds good, but im actually more interested what the Wolf RPG editor is and what the differences to the RPGmaker are. also Aya Drevis is so not a german name. english/american if anything.

  • In Suzumiya Haruhi No Shoushitsu

    but of course. though really i'd hope that they would make another season already... th books are of course rather entertaining, but im craving more animation nonetheless.

  • In Vividred Operation

    more like Strike witches mixed with precure and a litttle bit nanoha (so far).

  • In K vs Code Geass

    @Darkchaplain i agree that Code Geass has some of the best "first episodes" out there, both season one and two. but trust me, CG has at leats as much, if not mre fanservice than K, also in both genders. also K coming with a prologue wouldve destroyed the whole seires since Shirou''s main motivation is to actually find out whats going on, so giving a prologue on that at teh beginnign wouldve been extremely nonsensical.

  • In K vs Code Geass

    @DarkChaplain not that i wouldnt respect your opinion, buuut.... didnt CG do the EXACT SAME THING? only with more characters. i like both, but im also well aware of both their faults. however, people, isntead of properly discussing abotu a series reduce it all to a fest of "it had so much fanservice that means its obviously bad" is kind of really tiring becaus eall ti does is dodging the issue; and honestly i wouldve thought you of all people would stand above that.

  • In What do you find attractive?

    small chest, long hair, and a personality who i can talk to, who i can joke aorund with and is generally alittle you know.