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99th percentile

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break joined on Apr 29th, 2010, since that has made 734 posts that are still accessible today, 3 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, break has given 778 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 6th, 2016.

  • In How to Animu with SENsei telling you that you're a dumbass

    @SENsei agh i wanted to be called a mongrel by Gil's seiyuu too.. (wait that sounds wrong.) ...... .... i wanna be called a mongrel by Ilya's seiyuu...... ... ..that doesnt belong here. cough back to topic:agh and the PV's still havent surfaced anywhere agh... ve been waiting and waiting... lol, thats quite the interestign bathroom music yeah. btw what else was in the pamhplet and the book? i only know that the Q&A, those artworks, and that hilarious "Sensha Otoko" short were in there.

  • In How to Animu with SENsei telling you that you're a dumbass

    you lucky bastard. so, how was it? i heard gil's seiyuu called everyone a mongrel?

  • In How to Animu with SENsei telling you that you're a dumbass

    @acostoss the RSS feed thing, how does it show in the torrent program? because i use my torrent program to not forget what i still need to watch (wheni im still seeding it, i havent seen it yet. ive seen it-i put it out of the torrent and either delete or archieve it). @SENsei oh i wasnt aware. ..anyways.... you own the pamphlet.. does that mean you were there? because if you were, i will fire a beam made of pure concentrated jealousy at your home, where it will horribly mutate all canine life so that your hometown may be overrun by horrid jealousy-driven pet monsters.

  • In How to Animu with SENsei telling you that you're a dumbass

    @SENsei well shes barely in the pic, so... and the pic is from the same Pamphlet they gave out during the type-moon 10th anniversary festa that your initial opening pic is from xD btw isnt it interesting how different Warachia looks without his super-stereotypical vampire-attire?

  • In How to Animu with SENsei telling you that you're a dumbass

    if i may add my five cent. this ste is also nice for all of you who want to know exactly when what airs so that you can be even more impatient waiting for torrents and subs fro them to surface. well its at least pretty useful for keeping track of what airs during a season and what might be skipping a week due to a holiday or something.

    other than that, good thread, especially due to classy as fuck TM girls. especially Shiki and Aoko. i may add that forgetting other classy TM girls has caused you to lose points.

  • In Rest in peace Neil Armstrong

    man, and that when i was catching up on Uchuu Kyoudai today. creepy coincidence.

  • In The Colorless AMV Contest! (Recruiting Judges!)

    @sully thanks^^ ah, my original idea, you mean the Aquarion Evol idea? oh right, i almost forgot about that.. i decided to go with the Zombie Love theme instead because i couldnt find a suitable song for the Aquaion idea, and then i kinda just forgot about it altogether...

  • In Sword Art Online: New Character Contest!

    @Sensei well true, i didnt bother reading it xD lolwhut? they say it as if it was osmething desirable... too bad i wouldve liekd ot design an ALO or GGO-avatar, but designs for SAO i would come up with are rather meh...

  • In Sword Art Online: New Character Contest!

    i might join if im bored.. but did they specify which kind of character? IRL? SAO? ALO? GGO? Alicization? the 4 games have totally different settings, so....

    also regarding the prices, why so serious? if oyu dotn like soemthing, you can always sell it. thats probably what iw ould do with the scripts or posters anyways. and im sure oyu can also sell CR-memberships to people who care.

  • lol and i totally missed the whole spectacle.. i should be more active xD