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i'm chirio.. i love coffee and ice cream.. ^^

chirio joined on Feb 12th, 2011, since that has made 75 posts that are still accessible today, 11 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, chirio has given 77 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 1st, 2016.

  • In Your Favorite TWGOK girl.. [spoiler alert]

    Maybe by this time it will be pretty difficult to add more girls in Keima's life (except maybe make them the story's opponent or make them short encounters).. This is due to the number of those who fell for him (6 hosts, 1 goddess, 1 demon, 5 potential[goddess]).. What do you guys think?

  • In Your Favorite TWGOK girl.. [spoiler alert]

    I really thought that TWGOK was ending on that last arc but I was relieved it wasn't.. and now reshuffling my preference.. I add Chihiro in my list.. The heroine among heroines.. Ayumi becomes my second fave.. and Haqua still at top.. Now, I wish Tenri gets more exposure..

  • World of Tanks [Wargaming.net]

    anyone here plays World of Tanks? I play in the SEA server..


    This is a game where you (and your team) face off with the other teams tanks.. Dependent on your gameplay, you can choose the type of tank you will be using.. Heavy for those who like to take hits (maso.. lol) or Self-Propelled Gun for those who like to give divine punishment (sado, of course).. There's also the all purpose medium tank, the fast yet crispy light tanks, and lastly the dark knights=Tank destroyers.. You can also choose tanks from 4 different WW2 forces (America, Germany, France, Soviet Russia).. And the British tanks are soon to be released..

    Skill is a tool for survival.. Teamwork is the key to victory.. Ready your crew.. It's time to roll out.. o7

  • Nisekoi

    haven't posted for a while.. here's something.. Nisekoi!!! I like it cause it's cute..

    about: Raku (left) is a son of a yakuza while Chitoge (right) is the daughter of a gangster.. One day, Chitoge's gang decided to live near Raku's territory.. To avoid war, their fathers decided to make them lovers.. This and that, and Raku's long time crush on their classmate Onodera, creates a semi-harem (but not quite) genre.. A promise from ten years ago.. Who will he choose?


  • In Website Bookmarks!

    mangahere facebook ikariam google chia-anime

  • In Yozakura Quartet

    let akina send them to the "other world".. ^^

  • In Yozakura Quartet

    Damn that review I read.. Sorry..

    It works fine here..

  • In Your Favorite TWGOK girl.. [spoiler alert]

    Ayumi is on fire.. ^^

  • In KYON 2012.

    we just heard. suzumiya knows of your plans and will be changing strategies to maintain status quo..


    tatanda niyo na.. haha.. ^^