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99th percentile

Hiya! I'm Brian. I'm a computer science that tries to frequent CL, mostly unsuccessfully. I'm 20 and I live in Louisiana. My interests vary far and wide, but I like gaming, reading, and fitness stuff. As well as a billion other odd interests.

I play Dark Souls and Slime Rancher on Steam and Titanfall 1 and 2 on xbox one. Pm me if you'd like my GamerTags.

Clever joined on Apr 13th, 2015, since that has made 46 posts that are still accessible today, 5 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Clever has given 69 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 18th, 2019.

  • In CL Update 2019 [Retirement Edition]

    Well, it was fun guys. I've been among the least active people these last couple years, but still, thanks to the mod team that kept the site alive.

    To those of you that I met along the way, good luck in life. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

  • Modified chess ruleset

    Hi guys.

    I was on reddit yesterday and came across this cool modified ruleset for chess. Here is the permalink to the page. Check out the other modifications too.

    Enjoy, guys!

  • In Pinging the Dead Thread

    @EvoRulz @BakaHime @CQKumber I miss you guys :(

  • In Your Bucketlist
    1. Skydive

    2. Skydive and then snowboard down a mountain (I'm pretty sure this is impossible though.)

    3. Drive over 200 mph

    4. Jump into a lake from a cliff face (people do that all the time apparently)

    5. Make a video game

    6. Make an all purpose AI (I'm in computer science in college so I may get to do that one eventually)

    7. Become fluent in at least three new languages

    8. Become a pilot

    9. Own a sailboat

    10. Travel (maybe when I'm a pilot but that'd be expensive AF)

    11. Meet my idol Olan Rogers

    12. Perform a heist

    13. Become a well respected pixel artist

    This list is getting long so I'll cut it off here

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    Dark Souls!! The entire series has captivated me for the last few months, and I cannot speak highly enough of it. The lore, the frustration of dying over and over, the sense of victory when you finally succeed in defeating a boss you've been fighting for hours.... I love this game.

    I don't know why I like the story so much. Bad shit has happened in whatever land you happen to be playing in, and you start from a lowly lost soul then fight your way to the ruler of the land. You'll fight hollows (husks of people), dragons, demons, skeletons, giants, giant skeletons, up until you fight the bosses, which are the real assholes. And bless your poor soul if the boss is human sized....

    The characters of this game are certainly remarkable, both by design and by what their dialogue. Solaire the sunbro, Seigmeyer your good adventuring buddy, Lautrec the murderous cheese grater, these and several others you meet on your quest. Not all of them are friendly though, remember this is Dark Souls.....

    Also, "hollow" means that you lose all hope and become a zombie dude. When you give up playing the game, that is when your character hollows. That's just a cool thing.

    Anyway, the whole series has a lesson: Get knocked down 9 times, get back up 10.

    Don't you dare go hollow on me

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  • In Psychology: 16 Personality Types (MBTI)


    I've taken this before so I don't have to take the quiz.

  • In Funniest Thing You Saw All Day?

    All of the people in my biology class were marching in a line through the door when a girl drops her phone. It landed flat on its face with an impressive smack sound. The girl says "Shit, I mean fuck, I mean crap, hahaha". Literally right in front of the professor, who just laughed at it too.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    I want to go home. It's cold and rainy today.

  • In Cookie Clicker

    @Kirn I've been playing this game all week