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99th percentile

             Status: Not deceased

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I play: Hearthstone - xColdu #2614 LoL (EUNE) - Coldu

Coldu joined on Apr 10th, 2014, since that has made 224 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Coldu has given 463 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 13th, 2019.

  • In If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

    @DarkChaplain I don't really care if people on this site don't like me

    ¯_(ツ)_/¯ its just fun sometimes.

  • In If CL were to disappear, what would you do?


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    I still think ur cool <3

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    am I sad??? tired??? irritated?? nobody knows, not even me.

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    This is not a meme thread.

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    you can't be this desperate for attention???? honestly

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    I have a wonderful idea! We can use also use this thread to post pictures of any vegan/vegetarian food we made. :) I'm planning to make some lentil these days, I really miss it. Maybe we could also post the recipes on how we make them, if we're not too lazy, haha.

  • In Post what you're listening to.

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    Leave his texts on read, leave his balls on blue. :} <3

  • In Vegetarian and Vegan thread!

    I have always disliked eating meat and I reaallyy love animals, but I wouldn't call myself strictly a vegetarian. I still eat meat when I visit my family, I don't want to be picky when it comes to the food. But as long as I'm by myself, then I don't really touch any meat products.

    Some good veggie meals I know are... Lentil! I love cooking lentil, it's literally sooo tasty. It's a bit tricky to make it but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it.

    Oven-roasted potatoes are amazing too, I totally love them, also with some boiled veggies * - *

    Pasta with cream sauce, garlic, mushrooms and corn is also preeettyyyyy goooodd, I usually make this with my best friend.

    I also make pancakes very often, my flatmates love them and I enjoy making them, so it's a win-win!

    My best friend knows how to make amazing pea stew, and even more amazing spinach stew, so I'm truly blessed to have friends who are also versed in vegetarian recipes, haha.