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98th percentile

hmmm im a hug whore. i can be ur best friend if u let me. enemies? naa to lazy to hate someone. i offer you my tacos and some good tequila!!

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  • In [CL CHORUS] Crescent Moon

    failed attempt at sing lol

  • In Artists of Colorless

    hay guys i drew some pointy ponies. any tips?

    also i made a video of it

  • In [CL CHORUS] Crescent Moon

    alright i'm in. time to memorize lyrics xD

  • In The Colorless hits YouTube!

    we need to bring this channel back to life :3

    btw this is my channel

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  • In personalized miniature pastel colored equestrians

    Any of you got pony OCs?

  • In personalized miniature pastel colored equestrians

    tho tera strong did voice bubbles XD

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    @Kip i watched it in the theaters. It was fairly good except that the music blue balls you the entire time. the music climbs and climbs approaching climax but it never drops the hammer. you get all this build up but the songs ends at the crucial point where it should be getting good. it may be due to the sheer amount of songs that are all ok without being great

    skip to 5:07 to a good exmple

  • In personalized miniature pastel colored equestrians

    @Kip Did you get a chance to go see EG: Rainbow Rocks?

  • In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    tremble at the might of my horse