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Just watching Animes playing Osu, League of Legends and Dark Souls tuturu :D

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    Is this information legit?

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Right now I'm playing Osu! most of the time It's a rhythm were you need to click on the circles which are showing up, and each circle makes a sound which fits to the music. After playing a song you get performance points depending on how well you played the song, and those points influence your ranking. For example this is my ranking. There are lot of differnt songs to download (most of them are anime OP/ED or jrock/pop) but you can also create own songs.

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    Totally love this anime <3 and for now it's my most favorite anime of this summer season ;D Anyone else noticed xD

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    Who is your dad?

  • In Geek Guy Avatar Creator

    That was pretty cool :D

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    @Dark-B i am also watching the stream like the others. Would be nice if you could post the download link :D

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    I totally enjoyed the first two episodes but the censoring bothered me a bit since I couldn't tell what was happening. For example

  • In Kuroko No Basket's 3rd Season Confirmed! - Now for 2015.

    It seems like it's coming out 2015

  • In Show off your desktops! Tsunaaaaa!!!!

  • In League of Legends (LoL)

    Hi i'm new here in CL and i also play lol. I main bot lane (adc and supp) but i also play other roles except of jungle. I hate it XD I am playing on EUW and my name is Animespinner