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I won't be online here as much as I used to. You can still contact me through twitter.

Ecstasy joined on Apr 29th, 2011, since that has made 2117 posts that are still accessible today, 29 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Ecstasy has given 4701 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 3rd, 2015.

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    @Deftones same thing, but I was banning you.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    @Coldu shit, I always thought you were a girl.

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  • In CL Podcast #6: The Current State of CL

    Why staff decided it's a good idea to unban Kirn again?

  • In King Deus's Rock N' Roll/Metal Corner

    new single from lynch.

    this is j-rock, but technically they play metal.

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    Dear A.,

    Was really nice to finally see you here, even though you had your ass on fire and needed to run away somewhere at 4 am with the lesser human being you call your best friend. Thanks for listening to my rumbling and giving me a couple of hugs, your attention is a precious treasure that I'm going to cherish for a while.

    Do visit more often and have a good one,

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    would read again.

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    that looks like 10 years apart, not one.

  • In Is it still considered anime?

    I'd only use the word anime with Japanese cartoons. It's not only the art style, they also have some cultural differences compared to cartoons produced in other countries.

    Avatar I would call a cartoon with anime elements (note that I like the cartoon and not being elitist). They pretty much just drew the characters like they would do it in anime but the rest is done in the American style more or less.

  • In Pranks/jokes/stuff you did that were funny

    @ccc this is a very weird way to reply. it makes no sense because you can't tell who said what first. you should really just reply in a separate post like everyone else to keep the thread structured.

    To reply to a specific post, you may click the creation date above the post in question. It will direct you to a separate page for the post, on which you may reply with a sub-post, which will also be visible on the thread.

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