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99th percentile


by @C_Q_Kumber

by @Rebel

by @--Jack--

  • If you cut @SirTingles he will bleed burgers (be careful though or he'll ban you)
  • @C_Q_Kumber is the best sea cucumber
  • It's xtc x @Kirn, not the other way around
  • @Rinneko is innocent
  • It's technically impossible to love @Dark-B more than he loves himself
  • @DarkChaplain is the cancer of CL
  • @Cenica still doesn't know about THAT thing
  • Sometimes you gotta do something just for @Jacek
  • Beware of Yaoigu
  • It all still is @Gargron's fault

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  • In CL Chorus Villains Medley: IS OUT!!!

    We sure nailed it.

    The Villain Server-tan can be downloaded here in that unlikely case anyone wants to use her as their wallpaper.

    I guess this chorus would be the one with the most percentage of the sound files not used at all

    I blame the audio editor. Very poor job.

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    Sorry to break it to you @Teru but straight is the new weird nowadays.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    from a country he previously considered weak

    Well, yeah. They've been funded by Russia for a long time now, I can't really remember the last time Ukraine didn't have their hands in Russia's funds, most likely never. So of course Russian government don't see them as a threat. And it's not their war anymore, it's the fight for influence of bigger countries. So what you say here makes very little sense. And trust me, Putin knows the situation he is in. He just takes his time, because the longer the whole thing goes, the more he can benefit.
    Since you read a lot of internet material and mentioned sanctioning Russia (which already happens), you should read the analytics and how they prognose the hit on the world's economics once the sanctions get more severe. Sure it will be a big hit for everybody, but the countries which are going to be hit less are actually US and Japan. So Putin now buys himself time to deal with it. The faster American forces can close the whole thing down the more they can benefit and the more painfully they can slap Russia, which without this conflict would have been far out of their reach. Either way, kinda useless to explain this to you since you refuse to see the bigger picture.

    @Taro_Tanako exactly why I posted it. Same unreliable material hellstorm quotes in his every post.

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    Ahh, British media

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    dat jungle TF tho.

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    Not sure but I beat the whole thing in hour and a half. It's probably possible to do it faster but my third game was really slow. I ended up with full MR end game fantasy Leona (because all bots are AP).