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Ecstasy joined on Apr 29th, 2011, since that has made 2095 posts that are still accessible today, 24 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Ecstasy has given 4208 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 20th, 2014.

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    At least we had a laugh.

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    I hope you finish this one.

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    I believe someone said that there will be no characters from the DA2 DLCs and Seb is a DLC character. No proof though.

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    @Destro I agree with you though. Having to go through the same locations 3 times in your playthrough was a real let down in DA2. And all the locations pretty much looked the same. I guess DA: O locations weren't that magnificent, but you had plenty of other things to focus on and there usually was a lot of stuff to explore on the map (side quests and secrets) and they weren't repetitive. You could feel that there was a lot of thought put into every map and every character. You couldn't be indifferent even towards the secondary characters (Riordan for example), even they had something about them which was making you care about them or dislike them. And all the lore you could discover in notes in books. Combat was a lot more complex too, even on the easier difficulties. In DA2 on easy you didn't even need a tank, very little involvement in the lore, no real ultimate goal. You didn't fight no great evil, all game you were just trying to earn money and solve your own problems. And the characters? Most of them I didn't care about at all. I was getting far more excited when there were cameos of the characters from the first game.

    Oh, and Anders? He was a perfectly fine companion in Awakening, but they just had to butcher him in DA2. "Mages are oppressed, mages are oppressed, mages are oppressed, mages are oppressed, mages are oppressed" all game long. And when he doesn't talk about mages? He is creeping on Hawk even if you don't chose him as your romance option! Could they make him any more pathetic?

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    Скорее не хватает юзеров.

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    Some heady puns right there.

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    /me gasps

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    Seriously though, "we are not going to tell anyone what happened until Russia takes the blame". Wat? They basically admit that they have no official proof of Russia's involvement in the event. They just have to give Putin more breathing space, don't they?

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    Hawk is in the new trailer around 1:36, which most likely means that we are importing saves again (and I should maybe replay DAII because I don't have a save I'd actually want to use, unless someone comes up with a save generator later like it was with DA:O)