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  • In How Do You Fight Boredom?

    I send a wordy hatemail to some celebrity. I research about different viruses I can send to people to piss them off and play games on my pc. I can't fall asleep when I'm bored because I feel uber uncomfortable and restless. I lock my dogs outside because they always bump my arm while I'm typing or drawing. But it's hard to fit much in since I work three jobs a day most of the time

  • In Xbox One - All You Need to Know (in order to convert to PS or PC)

    Most new product models being released from gaming companies are copies of the original. The little differences they have, in hindsight of every generic gaming diva to critique them, are above all useless and unwanted features. Windows 8 was probably one of the most hated adaption since it required a major transition/adjustment from windows 7 and other systems. The Xbox one has windows 8 and as many gave stated before looks like a BLACK FRIGGIN BRICK

  • In Help with nutrition chart/daily intake!

    Avoid processed foods and transfats. Most food is fine as long as you eat it in small amounts. If your trying to build muscle, then slim down first before gaining the weight again.

  • In If you could get a wish....

    Shit is also misused quite a bit. As for cunt well there is one between my legs and at least 50% of the world have them so it's a useless insult @Deng You shouldn't guess what outcome I'm expecting because I won't be apart of whatever beuracracies remain in a desperate attempt to assume/resume rule. tribes etc.

  • In If you could get a wish....

    @Noodle agreed. On a side note: teenage misuse of the word fuck has gotten annoying. Almost as if they've forgotten what it actually means

  • In If you could get a wish....

    I understand the process but the whole point of the wish concept is to bypass cause and skip to effect. Your post was as angry a kid wish as mine in camparison; perhaps even more

  • In If you could get a wish....

    I would wish for the destruction of this society that all of these political sheeple seem so proud of. Laws would go up in flames with the burning constitution. Cities would crumble and the skies would glitter of stars and dust. Only then would I ascend into freedom hand in hand with my little sister; the remnants of a fallen civilization far off in the distance.

    Ps. My condolences for the next shallow fuck to post some dumbass wish

  • In A Thread About Spring

    The pollen count is incredibly low in Hawaii so I never get any allergies

  • In World's shortest song

    the first one can be called a chord nothing more

  • In Arisu killings

    When i looked up the Alice killings just now, i did not expect to find vocaloid characters. And not only was it a huge middle finger to my face, but a Pain in the Royal Ass for me to get up and headbang the wall