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  • In If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

    I will say 'finally'. Been waiting for it to die all this time anyways.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    And another one right on the same day. Now, this one almost made me close the tab by the stupid ugly 30-second long intro added for no apparent reason whatsoever... but this FLCL AMV is actually pretty enjoyable. Song is 'Kiss Me Deadly' by Reel Big Fish, and while editing is not doing any fancy effects, what we get in the song is what we see, and it's a good match.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    And now, for obligatory xmas AMV. This one is a MEP, so there are several editors and many anime - 20 to be precise. 20, because song they use is 'All I Want For Christmas' sang by Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs youtube channel, and in that one he does that song in 20 different styles, and the video follows.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Marshall (2017)

    So, this is one of them difficult movies to judge. And yes, that is a fucking pun. Anyways. Thurgood Marshall. Black attorney, who started at the time of segregation and won some damn fine victories for his people. But this movie is not about his most prominent cases, this movie decided to take one rather bizarre case, and tell about that.
    Now, this being the high ranking popular movie, the usual place got article on it. And from it you can see, that a lot of details of the case itself are correct. Real case was a bit more elaborate, with issues of ransom note and material evidence, but it's understandable why movie went with less details. But generally, it's correct, and it's a funny case, really, if you think about it. Both parties went full retard... and to court.
    Now, the main problem of the movie is that it is obviously a movie talking about achievement of black people. Which I got nothing against, but often these films are demeaning whites in the process, and it's not exception here. Attack by stupid rednecks? Never happened. But the main victim here is Marshall's colleague on the case - Sam Friedman. That guy is shown as more of a comedic character, and the whole movie is structured to show how meeting Marshall made Friedman into a better person and attorney. Which was really not the case. So, funny enough, the movie is raising the black guy at expense of a Jewish guy.
    Still, I would recommend watching it for the case details at least. It's pretty funny.

  • In TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

    Well, few days late, I guess, cause 2018 is already here, but still, we haven't had finished projects in a while, so that's good enough. Plus, I think most of the drawings in this one are actually not bad at all. Which is an additional plus, so hey, good job. Congrats to all participants.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    So, as ridiculous as it all is... that thing with Saakashvili is still not over. Apparently, some of his followers remained in a makeshift tent camp, and protests continued. I think, they also got joined by militant fucks from 'Right Sector', so the whole thing got more volatile. There are reports of clashes with police and national guard. And at occasionally that group tries to storm different places. Like, they stormed October Palace, while there was some children concert. I do not even know why. And they also tried, in smaller number, storm hotel 'Kiev'. Because Saakashvili really wanted to take a bath. Man, that guy must smell awful, by now, and more than in just political sense.
    Even more, Poroshenko had some makeshift trial against Saakashvili, which, I believe, noone really attended, and the judge's decision was refusal to pass guilty verdict to Saakashvili, so Poroshenko now screams about treason and pro-Russian financial support to his enemies.

    And all this would have been funny, if not the fact that since Syria is now more or less lost battleground to USA, they are once again looking at the eastern border of my country as a place to fight cold war against Russia.
    Specifically, Ukrainian military is starting to use USA-provided weapons, Barrett M107A1 sniper rifles, to be exact. And at the same time, USA never 'officially' sold any lethal weapons to Ukraine. Here's how it works - Trump signed USA military budget recently, in which he allocated 350 millions for 'Ukraine support'. At approximately the same time, Ukraine added Canada into a list of countries we can ship weapons from. So now weapons from USA are being 'laundered' for Ukrainian use through Canada.
    That is not all. Apparently, CNN is showing this rubbish to people:

    Count the words 'innovation' and 'opportunity' in this bullshit. And it's full of lies - we don't have innovation, opportunities, or even 45 million of people. But western investors are being urged to support us with money, which we will fucking steal even before we put them into the local war.

    Another interesting part if EU. First of all, recently EU leaders agreed to prolong anti-Russia sanctions for the next year. They were going to end in January, so this was a routine agreement of prolongation.
    But while being against Russia, west isn't really giving us much freedom too, and rightly so. For example, just recently we almost lost the permission to enter EU without visa - something that we all 'fought for' for so many years.
    See, Europe wants to see some stability and less corruption here. After urging from the west, we established a fuckton of anti-corruption committees... which immediately started accusing each other of being corrupt, but that's beside the point. The point is, those committees are not controlled by president or parliament, and their leaders are appointed by decision of our western friends - US and Europe.
    Now, obviously, government here doesn't like that kind of lack of control, so recently we tried to pass a very misleading bill, where we had one tiny-little-itsy small print - stating that heads of anti-corruption committees can be removed by parliament majority vote.
    Well, nope. We are being watched, and Europe clearly stated, that if we pass that bill, everyone in the country will require visa to enter Europe, again. And if that was to happen, current government would stand no chance. So bill was quietly removed and never voted on.

    War on the east? Yep, still going strong. There was heavy artillery shelling quite recently, right before what supposed to be holiday cease-fire. Can't go into cease-fire without good shoot-out first.

    One good thing we have here is that winter is not harsh so far, at least in my city. So we don't really need much heating.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Dunkirk (2017)

    400000 soldiers, British and French, stranded on a beach of Dunkirk, surrounded by German forces, wanting only to get the fuck out of there. While being bombed by Nazi planes. Fun stuff.
    So, this is a big one. Made by Christopher Nolan, this is a war movie of this year, I would say, and rightly so. The Dunkirk evacuation started as absolutely hopeless thing, where they barely hoped to get back 10% of people, and in the end they did manage to return most of the soldiers home. The events historically show one of the biggest mistakes of Germany on western front.
    Now, the question of this all being the truth is not even a question at all. The usual site says, that while stage is a real historical event (obviously), and it was represented pretty damn realistically, and even was filmed on the actual location, with a few actual boats that were used in the real event (which is pretty cool, really), the characters and their struggles are completely fictional. Movie centers on 3 semi-separate stories - soldiers trying to find any chance to get home, private boat owner and his son, sailing across the channel to help with evacuation, and fighter pilot providing cover for British ships from German bombers.
    While all 3 stories are also based on actual events and behavior of different people at the time, specific details are very much made up. So it's a cinematic fiction, but the background for it is a very real event that was represented pretty accurately. All in all, good war movie, using historical event well for cinematic purposes.

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    You are a very poor entertainment.

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    Snake is hidden

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