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  • In Vegetarian and Vegan thread!

    Not your amigo either. I do believe you idiots think that trying to act pretentiously friendly supposed to have some effect, because I see same dumb shit all over the net, but trust me, it isn't working.

  • In Vegetarian and Vegan thread!

    @DictatorHilton not your buddy or friend, and I don't post on facebook, which should be obvious even to you, but hey, you just go and keep being retard. And hey, nice to see you identify at least one commercial gimmick. Who knows maybe you will realize few more, which you buy into, at some point.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    BlacKkKlansman (2018)

    Well, that's some for real weird shit. Can you imagine, black motherfucker becoming a legitimate (in a way) member of a KKK, with license and all? So yeah, apparently, that happened.
    So, thankfully, my usual place has some nice info on what's true here and what's not. Apparently, the core is very much true - first ever black police officer decided to try for a KKK ad in a newspaper and just happened to establish contact with the organization. Motherfucker even used his real name, because he was sure nothing proper would happen. But it did, so for face to face meeting he had to send other cop, who's real identity is still unknown. Together they were the member of KKK, with a license, for 9 months, and even were almost made a leader of the local KKK chapter. Which, honestly, is hilarious on many levels.
    Now, that, and some minor details represented in the movie, is true. However, most of the movie is actually full of dramatizations for the screen. There was no bomb plot, there was no storyline with that black power girl, we don't even know of the white guy was Jewish or not, cause, as I said, his identity remains secret. And the whole movie is structured to be very... how to say it... racial? It shows the clash of black and whites in US at the time, in a very focused way.
    There are obvious reasons why it was done - race is a hot topic even today, apparently, for US, and without all those storylines the movie, while representing interesting factual event, actually would have been quite boring. Just some undercover police work, yep. Still, the event is based on is pretty damn funny.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    This one is for good old Ouran Host Club. And the song is 'The Other Side' from The Greatest Showman. Our main hero looking for a final hire in his crazy show. Surprisingly, this is a pretty good fit and a lot of fun to watch as you make parallels between the song lyrics and the characters.

    Second one is for Seven Deadly Sins anime, with the song 'White Flag' by Daughtry. This one, inspired by the anime second season, is more serious, showing off both the show's action and some of the darker moments.

  • In What Are Your Favorite Cutscenes/Moments in Gaming?

    DmC 3 of course. And that was just the intro for that motherfucking game. Rest was even more over the top.

    Before everything got ruined by fucking WoW, Warcraft 3 had some great fucking orks. Plus, Blizzard always were making awesome cinematics.

    And then there's Halo. I love first three games of the series equally, but the 2nd one really gets you into epic mood right from the start.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    So, I picked up this game, and realized, that I have already played it!


    Alright. A bit of history here. Few years ago I saw this, as a small beta at the time, on one of them flash games site. Kongregate, possibly. Not sure now. It pretty much consisted of the tutorial level, with a small boss fight at the end. Nothing special, but thing is, it felt pretty nice. So I definitely wouldn't have minded playing more. But as I said, it was just a beta. But since then they went through few years of development and early access of sorts, and now the game is properly released.


    The game opens up with us controlling a girl who combats several weird looking enemies to reach and, supposedly, save someone. However, after she reaches that person, scene ends, and we start the game properly, as a different girl, blue-haired and with a scar on her face. Her name is Lea, she has complete amnesia, and she is mute. Not heroic mute, she literally cannot speak. Due to some bug.
    More explanations are needed. As the people who help you explain (I still have no idea why they help and who they are really), you are a character in a MMO game. This is a sci-fi level of virtual reality, where the whole game is happening on a continent of a moon of some gas giant planet, and people control their avatars made, like other game-related things, from some specific material. Now, all other players can log in and out as they please, of course, but Lea is special for some reason, as she can only play, and for her logging out means a sort of a sleep. Oh, yeah, and due to some weird problem, she can't speak, other than few pre-coded words (list expands eventually), so most of the time she communicates with gestures and elaborate combinations of 'Hi', 'Lea' and 'Bye'.


    All that may seem like a lot of stuff, but it's just exposition you get during the first game stage. After that you are entering the MMO for real, and start doing quests and communicating with other players. Or, rather, they communicate with you, and you nod, wave and smile. Or not.
    The technical part of this is... well, it's basically a single-player game about MMO, if that makes any sense. You are on the way to perform a global story-line quest, while constantly being side-tracked by side-quests and exploration. Exploration is actually pretty big in this game - areas may look as jumbled mass of rocks and layers at first, but everything is elaborately crafted, making every area in the game into a jump puzzle. Sure, you can run through and kill a few monsters, but if you want to get that chest or those collectables, you better start thinking how to get to the high ground. It is challenging and at times frustrating, but is not tedious. Movement is very fluid, so you never feel controls problems when jumping around.


    Other aspect is of course combat. You have melee attacks, you can throw spheres, either at machine-gun rate or overcharging them, which is slower, but breaks enemy concentration on hit, and your defensive options are dash to avoid damage or putting a stationary shield, protecting you from one side. As you level up, you gain skill points, eventually unlocking special moves for each 4 options - strong mass melee attack, more rapid firing, sphere, protecting you from all sides, pushing enemies away while you dodge... there are several variations for those, and as game progresses, you also unlock more skill trees, so to say, opening up more options. Naturally, as this is RPG, you gain experience and level up, raising your stats, and also get better and better gear. Gear is pretty bland - meaning, there are no icons or visuals for it, but it provides bonuses, and that's what counts.
    Combat is hectic, often with many small enemies attacking you at once, or with huge boss attacking half the screen to get you. With just 4 basic actions to chose from you actually got a lot of variations of how you prefer to play, and you can spend your skill-points into preferred direction. And in addition to that, as part of the game story, you actually party up with people you met and befriended in game, and they provide combat support.
    Except in dungeons. By the game rules, dungeons are instanced, meaning there's one for each player, and only one player can be in one instance. meaning, they have to solve puzzles and fight alone. That's where you also meet the biggest bosses, and while if sucks to not have your party with you, it's understandable - proper boss battle should be the test of your own skill without any outside help.


    All this is good enough, but what I absolutely love about the game is that it is a story about MMO, that does MMO right. It may be hard to explain for non-MMO players, but... Low-level locations are overrun by newbies running around, there are people who are good at jump-puzzling who AFK at high places, there are AI-driven NPCs with scripted responses, there is dueling PvP mode, there are player guilds, contacts, parties, guild bases, loot grinding, raiding till morning... and you DIE AND RESPAWN IF YOU FALL IN WATER! This is as endearing MMO representation as single-player game can get.
    And with all that, dialogues are great too. Mostly it's other characters doing the job, but in addition to words, characters got a decent amount of images during dialogues, making it easy to judge their emotions. And Lea, not able to speak, got the most of them all, of course. There are even images made for her showing 1, 2, 3 or 4 fingers, for answering multiple-choice questions, which is pretty nice attention to details.


    I am still playing this game, and actually, I haven't gotten far, but I am already damn impressed with how much soul this game has. Good characters, easy controls, fast-paced combat and the small details that make an old MMO player smile.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Sometimes it's nice to start the morning with a few AMVs, eh?

    Alright, this one is for Panty and Stockings, with the song 'Na Na Na' by My Chemical Romance. And honestly, I never even seem a damn show, and I don't think I ever will, but I liked this anyways. There's good rhythm, good clean editing, and even some lip sync thrown in. Pretty fun to watch.

    Another one is for the show I seen a lot - Cowboy BeBop. Makes me glad this anime gets AMVs even 20 years after its original run. Song is 'Down The Road' by C2C. No lip syncing in this one, cause song really doesn't feature all that much lyrics, but this one got some fancy editing - both subtle and not so subtle.

  • In Guess who's back also important post

    Spammy idea from similar user. Nope.

  • Won't You Be My Neighbor? (documentary)

    Haven't watched any documentary in a while. And, honestly, this would be a weird pick for me. I mean, really. All I know about the guy is just a few cultural references... and his theme is definitely not something I am interested in, but... Well, here we go.

    So okay. Let's take a step back and look at this. This guy is ordained minister, he speaks softly, dresses up like a 50-ies pedophile and loves children. All the alarms are ringing now, right? Except, that this is what we now get, jaded with all the information we have. But imagine that this guy is... well, just what he looks like, and doesn't pretend.
    Hm. Honestly, if you want a decent write-up about this movie, go read this article, they make a better case than I would. However, here's what I can say - even though I never really knew who Mr. Rogers was before, although I never had interest in children or children shows, this documentary did get to me. It's slow, it's calm, it's consistent, and it has things that resonated with my own thoughts, memories or experiences. Which is not something I would expect. For me that was already worth it to watch.
    Now, the movie follows the events in a pretty chronological manner - establishing of the show and Mr. Rogers' TV personality, interviews from the cast, some struggles, like with senate hearing, some controversial topics and questions towards the end. It's what you would expect from movie about a person, and it's being carried by that very person. Pace is slow, as I mentioned, but the movie is very deliberate, trying to touch on important things and questions in relation to Mr. Rogers.
    In the end, I started watching it while being very jaded, as I usually am. After I finished, I feel, I was less so. So I would honestly recommend this movie to everyone, no matter if you know the show or not. Even if you might think you don't want to watch this - you actually may change your mind along the way.

  • In Underrated Anime Series: Series that you thought didn't get enough credit

    Title of this thread should be changed, at least. It's misleading and incorrect and can (and should) apply to more than one show.