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  • In What are you reading?

    So, I think I went and done it... wanted to do it for a while now, but never got around to it, but now... gotta go all the way.

    That's right, I have finally decided to sit down and read ALL of Terry Pratchett's DIscworld novels. There are 41 of them total, and I red 39. Then he died, and I decided not just reading the final ones, but going through all of them in order. Took long time to get to it, but now I do, and I feel I am into it, and not gonna be stopping any time soon.

    By now I have red 5 of the first ones.

    And actually these five I would consider to be the ones where Pratchett was still maybe not exactly sure what he was doing. On the other hand, he definitely knew what he was doing. First two books are actually closely tied together - second starts exactly where first one finishes - and it's a parody on heroic fantasy. Well, all books are parody on something, but here the idea felt really basic - let's take some unlikely adventurers, make it as if gods play dice that decide their fate, and make them meet a lot of epicly weird magic stuff. It's entertaining, but still very simple.
    On the other hand, there was already the whole concept of Disc, locations and continents, basic geography... the world was still rough, and things changed along the way, but the main ideas and constructs were already there.
    As Rincewind - main hero of books 1, 2 and 5 (and others further along) - was a wizard, wizards actually got a lot of attention in books 3 and 5, and some in book 4. I mena, book 3 is about wizards all being male, anf that one is a great paredy on job equality. Or inequality. Made in 1987. Death of Discworld was already there, from book one, but book 4 really introduced us to him and to where he lives and what kind of actual person he is. And then book 5 was about wizards again, and how bad nuclear war is (yes, really) and how dangerous science can be - because that's what wizards of Discworld are parody of - they are basically a university of scientists, some smart and aggressive, some just content with their position in hierarchy, who sometimes make really weird stuff which sometimes goes boom.
    Also wizards are good indicator on how uncertain Pratchett was at the time with some aspects of world building - they kept changing and main wizards died a lot and got replaced with new ones. Later there would be just one guy who would join the list of constant characters in the world.

    I can probably rant more and more, and will later, but for now, these few weeks have been a really good experience of re-introducing this world to myself. Nostalgic feeling, and all that.
    Moving to Wyrd Sisters now, which is a parody on Shakespeare plays Hamlet and Macbeth. Good stuff.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?



    I actually wrote to WB games with this, as many did, and they claim that they stopped sales due to country laws. They did not state which laws exactly, and they say that it may be subject to change, but general opinion on the internet is that it is because of this bonus outfit for one of the characters:

    And apparently restricting may come just for this due to our current anti-communist laws. Which I cannot confirm with 100% certainty, but in any case, out country somehow got retarded even on games level.

    In other - more minor news - we will have new president soon.

    Now, I haven't written here for a while, and we had an interesting event on a New Year. Normally, in new year president would address the country. Well, the presidential pre-recorded video would be shown exactly before New Year midnight. I would always watch Russian president, and sometimes I would watch Ukrainian.
    But this time, instead of address by Poroshenko - current president of Ukraine - we suddenly got addressed by Zelensky, who recorded his message both as if he's president addressing the country, and as if he's running for presidential seat on this year elections. After his message we got message by Poroshenko, but the whole thing really shown how little current president is respected even at government TV channels. Everyone feels he's going out and that's it.

    But that was not just it. Because that Zelensky guy - actor who became famous by comedy shows here and by TV series where he actually plays a guy trying to be president of Ukraine - actually went and started campaigning. And apparently we are so far from reality, that he basically got really good ratings.
    We already had 1st round of elections, where Zelensky for 30%+ of votes. Poroshenko got something like 15%+ which let him go into 2nd round. Other candidates were Timoshenko - that crazy bitch - and some politician who is actually known for close ties with Russia - that guy actually won over several of eastern regions here. But they didn't get enough voted to go on, so the second round will be between Zelensky and Poroshenko. And most everyone expect actor to win.

    Now, I do not know much about Zelensky as politician. There are loud rumors going that he is actually a puppet of Kolomoyskyi - local millionaire businessman who used to own Privat bank and is a major sponsor of radical neo-nazi militant groups in the west of the country.
    Whatever Zelensky's political affiliations can be, he is obviously playing both sides - talks about peace at one point, then reassures everyone that Russia is the enemy at other talk. So it seems, he is trying to both appeal to people, who are tired of this country being fucked so much, and our actual overlords - from EU and US - who are the ones that can let him get the presidency.
    That, in turn, would mean pretty much business as usual, as we would need to comply with western demands, hate Russia and slowly dig our own grave - after Poroshenko country is still very much in total fucking ruin.

    Dollar exchange rate was somewhere around 26 hrivnas to a dollar a month ago. Final election day is tomorrow. Exchange rate already jumped to 27. And it probably would not stop there.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Vice (2018)

    Got damn, Christian Bale got so fat for this!
    Alright, so this is about Dick Cheney, him getting into politics, working under several presidential administrations, overseeing foreign policy, including war on terror and that thing when USA claimed Iraq has WMDs to get all that sweet oil. This movie got very clear anti-republican view, and it even jokes about it itself, but it doesn't make it less so.
    with movie big as it is the good site has a lot to say about it, and without even going there, you may notice a very clear theme - whole movie structured around narrative of Cheney being the main, if not sole, villain of the story. He is shown orchestrating everything else, which is just not true. He definitely made big impact on these events, and is example of why America is just bad these days, but he's not the single reason. Plus, these events are relatively recent, and too many events are shown incorrectly, and too many dialogues are made up.
    Two points I also want to mention. At several moments in the movie, narrative turns very colorful, for effect. For example, when republicans shown sitting in restaurant and selecting torture act and Guantanamo Bay from the menu. It's entertaining, but ut's weird to see stuff like that cut into what mostly tries to look like a serious movie. Second thing is, I, on personal level, cannot agree with several specific events representation - 9/11 reactions and reasoning, Bush family lack of involvements, origins of ISIS. I disagree with movie on these points, but I won't argue them here, as it's not my politics thread.
    All in all, Christian Bale is pretty good, as always, but I feel the movie itself is actually not just untrue but hurtful to understanding of real events. Very weird to see stuff like that nominated for Oscar.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Stan & Ollie (2018)

    This one is a quite sad movie, and I didn't know anything about people or events described here. Additionally, my usual site provides no info, so I have to rely on articles like this to get some bits of information.
    The movie is based mostly on their last tour together, after which they had to stop due to health reasons - that is actually true, though, apparently, health was issue for both of them. I did not find information about any really big falling out between the two, which is the big point in the movie - something that happened in their past. Even more so, from what I red, it seems these two were pretty separate outside of their work, and only after they started going on theater tours together - they really started to become close friends. Additionally, in the movie it was shown that they had personal shows and were struggling to get an audience, which was also incorrect - in post-war period variety theater was very popular entertainment, and people were pouring in well enough. And also, from what I red, this duo performed their routines as part of big show with several entertainers like that.
    So, all in all, while the movie is very emotional, a lot of truth was sacrificed to make a better movie. Which really is understandable, as the real story it quite uninteresting - they toured England three times pretty well, then stopped, and that was that. It does give some insight into entertainment of that period, though.

  • In What are you reading?

    After getting the news that there's a movie coming, by Peter Jackson, I hunted down the book. Apparently, it's a first in series of 4, and it's about world thousand years after some sort of world war, that nearly wiped out humanity, but gave birth to something called 'Municipal Darwinism'. Apparently, to escape world catastrophes, cities were made mobile, and able to 'eat' other cities - consume and process resources. Now, the idea itself is very weird, and I am actually very grateful to the movie for presenting imagery like it did - it's really hard to imagine mobile cities without some good preparation.
    The first book is, in a way, a pretty standard coming of age story - young guy gets caught up in all sorts of event, has adventures, grows from it and becomes better than he started. Happy and sad coincidences and plot contrivances are present, as they are in this sort of genre. Though, focus is not always on the hero, and in the end there's some alright character twist and some story facts that made me amused.
    The main attraction here is, of course, the world. Humanity had a whole millennium or so to rebuild after the 'end of the world', so at the time of book events there's thriving culture, there's new technologies, there are even lost technologies both from pre-war time and the ones that were created and lost after the war. To be honest, setting is not what you would initially expect, and at times it can get quite confusing.

    I cannot say that this is a great book, but it's amusing enough to read, and I am kinda interested in knowing more of the world there.

  • In New Zealand Shooting: Christchurch Mosque Attack

    7.5 billion more around. And the whole thing is not about people, it's about political messages around it and how it can be used.

  • In New Zealand Shooting: Christchurch Mosque Attack


    I mean, it's just 49 people.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    @mizlily they got oscar? Not bad. Well, I only saw 4 out of 8 nominated movies. KKK movie is fun, and based on really fun event, but its racial issues are actually over-exaggerated as all fuck. This movie definitely would count as less entertaining, but it's more mature. So it's a decent one for best picture.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Green Book (2018)

    I have to say immediately - holy fuck, I did not even recognize Viggo in this one. He got so fat!

    Seriously now. The story for the movie was written by Nick Vallelonga - son of Tony, played here by Viggo Mortensen. And he got the story directly from father and from Don Shirley, so... you can say, this is as good source of information as can be within one family.
    Of course, movie like that got the article on my preferred site, and interestingly enough, a lot seems to be pretty true. Tony was racist before this road trip, the green book was an actual thing, Tony REALLY did eat 26 hot dogs (amazing feat!), they really ended up in jail and had to call Robert Kennedy, and even the letters were true - for letters in the movie Nick used the real letters his father wrote to his mother.
    There are, of course, some things that were changed. Most notably, the movie crams the story in the span of 2 months, while the actual driving job last for mote than a year. Obviously, here it is done for the limits of the movie story. Another major thing is the scene in YMCA. The bribe was real, but scene with Don being handcuffed was not (at least according to the information), so this is a very clear dramatization of events.
    All in all, few things were not to the truth, but most of the movie is, and this is a great example of making real events into a good road movie with strong morals.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    But in truth, I was only getting warmed up before the other true story movie!

    Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    So, let's get this out of the way immediately - Queen is my favorite band and I will spit poison in the eyes of anyone questioning their greatness. So, of course I was both interested in seeing this movie, and worried about band representation.
    Before I would go ahead with historical accuracy talk, I do want to say that the movie looks fucking gorgeous. Fabulous. And, by definition of the theme itself, it has the great fucking soundtrack, woven into the story. I actually was pleased with how actors looked, representing the band - I didn't think they would pull off such likeness, but they did, and I am pleased by this.
    Okay, to facts now! Of course, for this movie the usual historical site got the article and... well, to be honest, there's A LOT of dramatization and changes. Meeting the band members? Not true to reality. Meeting girlfriend? Not true to reality. Asshole EMI producer? Not real. Queen splitting up? Nope. Got together for Live Aid concert? Nope, reunited before that. Meeting last boyfriend? Not true at all.
    Holy fuck, that's a lot of incorrect information. Things that are somewhat true are... well, the general timeline. Though, the AIDS diagnosis time and breakup with evil boyfriend happened at different years than in the movie. Sexuality questioning is apparently shown fairly true, though simplified.
    True thing are Mary staying as Freddie's friend thought his life, truth is Rhapsody being dangerous experimental overly long song. And it was and is fucking great! Truth is how awesome the Live Aid performance was. Truth is how much Freddie loved cats, which is something I had no idea about, and I respect him more now both as artist and dedicated cat lover.

    All in all, the movie, as a show, is majestic and impressive. I wouldn't say it's a very good true story representation, though, as a lot of changes were made for overall dramatization. Still would recommend to watch. For music and cats.