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  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Front Runner (2018)

    This one got Hugh Jackman in it!
    No facts from the usual site today, so we got an article from Time instead. So... okay, to be honest, I can't say much about how true or not true the representation is. Obviously, this was a widely covered media event of sorts, so we can imagine that interviews and public appearances are probably close to truth. Personal life and personal relationships? No idea in this case.
    I do like how movie tries to stay kinda ambiguous in what happened and even drops the 'CIA' involvement idea. So I imagine movie tries to play with idea of nobody really knowing IF something happened or not, even to this day. Even though, it seems, everyone already made an opinion.
    To be honest, this story wasn't very interesting to me, but it shows the event that marked switch into journalistic ethics and practices, which is also mentioned in the movie in a way. And I wasn't aware of that, so at least I have learned something.

  • In Am I cancer?

    "Respect others within the community. Don't like a user? Ignore em'!"

    Which was never followed in 9 years, so go fuck yourself.

  • In Am I cancer?

    Hey, at least you're making threads.

    And how is this shitposting a good thing?

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    First Man (2018)

    So, this one is pretty big. Famous movie, famous events, a lot of responsibility there for the execution.
    Of course the usual site got a lot to say. Apparently, movie is based on the only official biography or Armstrong, and it does feel like it been given a lot of attention to detail. Of course, there are some things that are quite not true - the stuff left on the Moon being the biggest. But the events, the preparation, the political tension at the time, seems to be pretty close to life.
    From personal opinion - movie at times feels a bit like disaster movie. So much shit goes wrong, and it's not something I thought about before, when thinking about Moon landing before, but all the stuff that went wrong - actually went that wrong in real life too. Also there's quite a lot of drama within Armstrong's family, and correctness of that we won't ever really know, but that's obviously necessary details for a movie to have.
    All in all, strong dramatic movie pretty closely following strong dramatic real events.

  • In Eating Animals (documentary)

    @mizlily well, for me the interesting point was the effect on environment. Personally I don't mind idea of concentrated spaces dedicated to producing smth - meat in this case - but if it affects the outside... then it's a different thing. So that was the point I didn't really think of, really.

    Also there was a segment about some weird fucked up lab where they were doing strange experiments, and that part might be considered gore-y... maybe? I dunno, could be. Again, this is something that was new to me.

    Stuff about animals being genetically modified and kept in bad conditions - that's pretty much common knowledge these days, so nothing new there.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Found this little gem yesterday. Anime is Nichijou, and that one is always a great source of material. Music is 'It's A Hard-Knock Life' from Annie OST. With lyrics about poor beaten kids and strong rhythm, this is perfect for the anime about daily life of ordinary girls where amount of ass-kicking breaks all allowed norms.

  • In CL Update 2019 [Retirement Edition]

    So, first of all...


    Second of all, credit where it's due - I never had any unreasonable shit from Jack, and he was fine admin. Pulling out when you feel you should is reasonable thing to do here. Good luck with whatever you gonna do now.

    On the matter of site... fucking shit, just let the goddamn thing die. I been waiting for its death for years now, and we are as close as we can be. Plus, let's be honest, this site isn't even worth the price being paid for server upkeep. I mean, really, what we got here is about 10 retards on chat, active community of spam-bots, and DC, for whom it's obviously a last place where the fucker can have at least some illusion of self-worth. And as for me - Jack said it right, there's no activity to warrant moderation, so there's no moderation for me to warrant any fucking with the system. Meaning, site lost its usefulness. I really just stay here cause I promised to be here when this place finally goes down, and I am a man of my word.

    So yeah, pull the plug already. Those of you fuckers who want to keep contact already have each other skype and discord contacts for ages now.

  • Eating Animals (documentary)

    Well, site is up - sadly - so let's do a documentary thread, since I just watched another one few days ago.

    This is very clearly a highly critical look at how animals are raised now before they become meat that we eat. Basically, about 'factory' method and about how horrible it is and how much it affects the environment.
    As you can clearly guess, this is very one-sided view, but it's still interesting. Factory method makes money and supplies based on ever growing demand, so it's obviously a very powerful system that's in control of the meat now. And that system is show in all its ugliness, including mutated animals and cruel experiments and pollution. On the other hand we are being shown farmers who still struggle to do things the old way. I actually was impressed with the guy who raises turkeys, as his motivation is literally that if he would stop raising these birds for people to eat, these birds, as they are in nature, would completely die out. It's a nice paradox. Along the way there's also some opinions on how people should re-think their food, and how plant-based 'meat' is a thing.
    Movie, as I said, is very opinionated. That's its whole point - to show how things are bad right now. And it's being narrated by Natalie Portman who sounds super sad and judgemental, which was honestly a big turn off for me. However, they do show the current system, and how it works and what effect it has, and that is very educational from environmental point of view, and also from just knowing what you eat and how it may be created.

    Some might lose taste for meat after this movie. I obviously did not, but fair warning to those of you who are too impressionable.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    So, small update now that initial dust has settled down somewhat. I will try to be informative about the issue.

    The details of the incident actually have historical roots now, so let's start with that.

    After events of the past years, Crimea belongs to Russia. It's connected to Russia through Kerch strait, and after getting the region, Russia has been making a bridge over it, to have direct connection. But, as you can see from the map, through Kerch strait you get into Azov sea, which is still pretty much Ukrainian territory with ports and everything. Meaning, Ukrainian ships just have to go through the territory with Russian bridge.
    As you can imagine, this is very heated place by it self, due to these reasons. Russians take the bridge very seriously, especially with threats of some Ukrainians (including politicians) to bomb the bridge. Plus, I think there were incidents with some Ukrainian fishermen trying to ram the bridge, but I am unsure about details. Let's just say, Russia keeps a close eye on the area, and not without reason.

    Now, the recent incident had 3 Ukrainian ships intercepted and taken into custody. These 3 ships went from Odessa (that's where I live) to Mariupol (on a map), and the only way to go was through the Kerch strait. There is nothing unusual in that movement itself.
    Ukraine claims, that ships were just going along their normal course, when Russia demanded they leave, and then attacked, without any provocation.
    Russia claims that ships were going into Russia territory waters, and did not respond or change course after a warning. Also, Russia claims that 2 members of Ukrainian Security Service were on board, and ship logs contained direct mention of plan to break through Russian border.
    Radio communications pieced together over these last days show that Russian side warned Ukrainian ships that the area they plan to move through is currently temporarily closed. We don't really know why the area was closed, though.
    To be honest, it's all a bit controversial, and noone looks clean here. But what happened happened, and 3 ships are now taken by Russia, along with the crew.

    This allowed the president to enable martial law. However, of course, as everything in the country, it's pretty retarded. Let me show you the map of the martial law areas.

    Red ones are the one with martial law enabled. Crimea isn't red, cause, really, it's not even Ukraine anymore, they have no power to declare it there. Donetsk and Lugansk territories are under martial law, as they are partly still controlled by Ukraine. And, as you can see, basically eastern ridge of regions is martial law zone, including my region. This, absolutely coincidentally of course, is very similar to the regions that generally don't support the current course of the government.

    That's not the only thing, though. Martial law is declared in case of invasion, for example. And I take this as an example, because that's what Ukrainian government is saying - Russia is ready for war and will attack soon. Like, tomorrow or smth. However, in case of martial law during invasion, general practice is to have it until victory or defeat. Again, until you beaten your opponent in a war or lost a war. But since there is no actual war with Russia (and if there was, it would be over in about 5 days), Poroshenko declared martial law to last 1 month.

    That is the notion that went into parliament - martial law for 1 month over specific regions. As selective as it is, there's another aspect to think about - Ukraine will have its next presidential elections in march next year. And another - after martial law is in effect, president, as commander-in-chief, can extend it. Considering that everyone yells about Russian aggression, there would be no trouble to find a reason for extension and keep 'unloyal' regions in check under martial law.

    By the way, it is really feels like the only way for Poroshenko to extend his presidency. From relatively high support in 2014 he now has less that 10% public support. Though, he isn't the only one - out of all the candidates we got now, not a single one is having over 10% support, which is a political disaster in its own right.

    In any case, along with martial law, Ukraine also restricted Russian citizens from entering Ukraine. Not to all, but to males from 16 to 60. I think, there are some stipulations to that, but generally, that's the restriction we got in effect. As means of retaliation, Russian apparently plans to... simplify traveling across border for Ukrainian citizens and also process of getting Russian citizenship. Which is a funny move, really - while Ukraine fears that other side will send soldiers, Russia welcomes people who want to fuck off from all this.

    That's where we stand right now. Currently I am waiting to see if there will be more armed incidents between the countries, and whether martial law really would be extended beyond original schedule and/or regions. Will be interesting new year, that's for sure...

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Fuck yeah, you motherless fucks, we are back in business again!

    Alright, actual news. 3 Ukrainian ships (2 artillery boats and 1 support boat or smth.) were found crossing sea borders of Russia, here in the Black Sea. Next to Crimea, of course, cause every local shittery has to be around Crimea. Now, I have no fucking idea why the fuck they went there. It is said, they did not respond to radio hailing. So, what did Russia do? The thing you do when someone quietly crosses your border - they opened fire.

    Currently Ukrainian ships are captured and crew is provided with medical help, as some apparently were wounded when shots were fired. I think they surrendered without much of a fight. As far as I know, there's UN meeting about all this buggery, though I have no idea if it had any results.

    Now, why is this important?

    First of all, this is a direct military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. I mean, sure, the was in the east of the country is going for fourth year now, but that was is not against Russia, it's against regions that separated from the country. But this one is direct - Russia, Ukraine, shots fired.
    Second of all, if I am reading this right, Ukrainian military ships went and crossed Russian border, and were shot at in retaliation. Technically, Russia can take fucking offense and finally war the fuck out of the country I live in. And right now we have no idea if there actually will be a proper war, but Kiev is already full with talk of martial law being put into effect.
    By the way, this can also just be a ruse by president Poroshenko - it's time to elect him out of the office, so the cocksucker might have decided to use this to implement martial law and stay in power. Seriously, good thing I am not in Kiev.
    And with all the talks of the martial law, hrivna already dropped today. Not by much, but it was very noticeable. Lucky me for keeping my money in USD instead of local currency, and for getting my salary in USD rates. But yeah, panic on all social levels will hit hrivna, worsening already bad financial situation. And all that in a middle of unexpectedly cold season. I keep repeating that, but the general population of the country is getting more and more fucked.

    So hey, time to keep an eye on the fucking news again!