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  • In Abortion: what are your views on it

    if they dont want it either abort it or put it up for adoption

  • In do you support homosexuality?

    i dont really care if they are gay or not love is love and it shouldnt matter to anybody else

  • In Why not let a book describe your sex life?

    "What are you looking for Afro Samurai....?"

    -Afro Samurai Video Game Manual, Last Page in English

  • In Birthday Thread

    @hais Don't worry about it. This really means alot. Thank you

  • In Birthday Thread

    thanks guys

  • In Life After SOPA and PIPA pass.

    damn the cowboy bebop quote hit me hard. i will be damned when the day comes when this shit happens

  • In How did The Colorless change you!

    before CL: was always bored always stressed pissed off 24/7 read ALOT of manga i didnt know what loli and shota were

    After CL: never bored much less stressd much less pissed off am now scared of shota but not loli

  • In Durarara General

    i like izaya because ,like me, he is an evil genius, but shizuo is favorite because the guy is badass.

  • In what's your favorite anime episode?

    my most memorable episode hmmmm.............

    oh! the last episode of cowboy bebop (episode 26 Real Fold Blues)

    P.S. sadly, i cried at that episode and even worse, my sister caught me crying and told me to stop crying like a little bitch.

    I told her to shut the hell up

  • In Shizaya, Love it or Hate it?

    im creeped out by shizaya and mikadoxkida